Midjourney AI – Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review

Midjourney - Best For Visual Innovation, Design Exploration, And Creative Possibilities

At a Glance

  • Midjourney is an AI-powered platform designed to help you create images through its innovative AI-generated art capabilities.
  • Midjourney leverages advanced AI algorithms to bring your creative visions to life, providing a dynamic and user-friendly experience for generating unique and captivating visual content.
  • The platform's commitment to AI-generated art is evident in its ability to seamlessly translate prompts into visually stunning creations.

Midjourney AI is an advanced generative AI system and AI art generator designed to revolutionize the art industry and how images are created.

Integrated into Discord, Midjourney AI responds to text prompts, allowing users to generate captivating and unique AI images.

This innovative platform explores new mediums of thought and harnesses the imaginative powers of the human mind for art generation.

Whether you’re an artist or someone intrigued by the intersection of AI and image generation, Midjourney AI provides a collaborative space to experiment and create images.

Read on to learn more about Midjourney AI’s key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives and review to make an informed decision for your art generation needs.

Midjourney - Best For Visual Innovation, Design Exploration, And Creative Possibilities

Midjourney Key Features

Feature Name Description
Midjourney Prompts Utilizes short text prompts for AI art generation. Allows basic and advanced prompts, including image URLs and parameters, to generate AI images.
Variations Enables the creation of subtle or strong variations of images generated using buttons or tools. Offers High and Low Variation Modes for diverse AI artwork.
Vary Region Utilizes the Vary Region editor to select and regenerate specific parts of an upscaled image.
Upscalers Utilizes buttons to separate and upscale selected images. Supports Upscale (2x) or Upscale (4x) tools for increasing image size.
Version Regularly releases new model versions for improved efficiency, coherency, and quality. Users can specify model versions using parameters or settings.
Discord Interface Integrates with Discord, providing collaborative channels, support, announcements, and a supportive community. Allows direct messaging with the bot.
Direct Messages Subscribers can work one-on-one with the Midjourney Bot in Discord Direct Messages. Images created are subject to content and moderation rules.
Discord Emoji Reactions Allows users to react with different emojis to Midjourney Jobs for specific actions, such as sending images to Direct Messages or canceling a job.
Add the Bot to Your Server Enables users to add the Midjourney Bot to any Discord Server for collaborative creation.
Commands Provides a list of commands for various actions, including blending, describing, user info, settings, job display, shortening, and various parameters.
Aspect Ratios Offers the –aspect or– a parameter to change the aspect ratio of generated images.
Pan Allows users to expand the canvas of an image in a chosen direction without altering the content of the original image.
Blend Uses the /blend command to upload 2–5 images, analyze their concepts and aesthetics, and merge them into a novel new image with Midjourney AI art generator.
Image Prompts You can upload an image as part of a prompt to influence a Job’s composition, and Midjourney will give you a vivid description. It can be used alone or with text prompts.
Describe Uses the /describe command to upload an image and generate four possible prompts based on that image.
Stylize Influences the artistic color, composition, and forms of generated images using the –stylize or –s parameter.
Style Replaces the default aesthetic of some Midjourney Model Versions using the –style parameter. Enhances the creation of photo-realistic images, cinematic scenes, or cute characters.
Style Tuner Personalizes the appearance of Midjourney images using the Style Tuner. Generates sample images with different visual styles based on prompts.
Chaos Influences the variety of initial image grids using the –chaos or –c parameter. High values produce more unusual and unexpected results, while lower values provide more reliable outcomes.
Weird Explores unconventional aesthetics with the experimental –weird or –w parameter, introducing quirky and offbeat qualities to generated images.

Midjourney Pricing Plans

1. Basic Plan

It offers 3.3 hr/month GPU time, Purchasing extra GPU time at $4/hr, working solo in your direct messages, and a Maximum of 3 Concurrent Jobs with 10 Jobs waiting in the queue, rating images to earn free GPU time and use the image with general commercial terms.


It costs $10/month and $96/year($8/month).

2. Standard Plan

It offers everything in the Basic Plan plus; 15 hr/month GPU time and unlimited relax GPU time.


It costs $30/month and $288/year ($24/month).

3. Pro Plan

It offers everything in the Standard plan plus 30 hr/month GPU time, stealth mode available, and a maximum of 12 fast jobs and three relaxed jobs, with ten jobs in the queue.


It costs $60/month and $576/year ($48/month).

4. Mega Plan

It offers everything in the Pro plan plus 60 hours/month of GPU time.


It costs $120/month and $1152/year ($96/month).

Midjourney Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Diverse Styles and Emotions in Artwork
  • Innovative AI Art Generation
  • Availability on Discord and Mobile Apps
  • Supportive Community Engagement


  • No Free Tier or Trial Period
  • Some users may find the process complex as compared to other tools
  • Poor Usability, Censorship, and Limited Imagination in Art
  • Mobile App May Have Different Features than Web Version

Midjourney Alternatives

Feature Midjourney DALL·E 3 Craiyon Picsart AI Image Generator NightCafe Creator
Core Competency AI-driven image generation via prompts Highly accurate AI image generation based on text prompts Personalized AI art generation with text prompts Turns text descriptions into vibrant images in seconds using AI AI Art generation with multiple methods and community integration
Unique Feature Variation tools for creative control Precise adherence to provided text prompts without intricate engineering Advanced in-house-developed tech, 9 free images at a time, option for pro upgrade Easy generation with customization options, multiple styles and moods Multiple creation methods, community engagement, contests, and challenges
AI Technology Midjourney AI platform Built natively on ChatGPT, leveraging ChatGPT as a brainstorming partner Utilizes a proprietary AI model with continuous improvements AI-powered technology for turning text into images Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, VQGAN+CLIP, Neural Style Transfer
Ease of Use User-friendly Discord integration Seamless operation within ChatGPT, making the process straightforward Simple text prompts for AI art creation, easy interface User-friendly photo editor with AI Image Generator tool Web and mobile generators, easy creation methods, community participation
Use Cases Creative image generation, art creation Visual storytelling, concept generation, artistic exploration Diverse AI-generated images, styles, themes, and techniques Fast creation of visuals, suitable for mood boards, content creation, and business needs AI-generated art creation, community engagement, contests, and challenges
Customization Variation tools, model version choices Fine-tuning outputs through advanced prompting and parameter adjustment Negative word input for influence, avoiding specific concepts Customize images with filters, effects, and adjustments Power tools like multiple style images, bulk creation, bulk download, custom seeds
Image Quality High-quality with creative control High-quality, with improved understanding of nuances and details Constantly improving image quality, the option to upscale High-resolution images with incredible details and texture Quality AI artwork with multiple algorithms and style choices
Free Trial Not Available Available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, with API and Labs access in the fall Free basic plan with pro upgrade option, supporting continuous improvement Free AI Image Generator, option for pro upgrade Unlimited base Stable Diffusion generations, daily free credits, additional credits through community participation
Pricing Basic; $10/month, Standard; $30/month, Pro; $60/month, Mega; $120/month $20/month Supporter; $5/month, Professional; $20/month, Enterprise; Custom Pisart Plus; $5/month, Picsart Pro; $7/month, Picsart Enterprise; Custom AI Beginner: 100 credits for $4.79/month; AI Hobbyist: 200 credits for $7.99/month; AI Enthusiast: 500 credits for $15.99/month; AI Artist; 1400 credits for $39.99/month

Midjourney vs DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 — #1 Midjourney AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, DALL-E 3 is the #1 alternative to Midjouney ai.
DALL-E 3 has all the essential and advanced AI image generation features compared to Midjourney AI.
(Unlimited — AI Image Generation, Art Styles, Creativity, Customization, Complete Ownership) 🔥

DALL-E 3, OpenAI’s latest addition to the AI art scene, has significantly impacted the creative community.

Built into ChatGPT Plus, it boasts precise image generation based on text prompts, offering detailed and nuanced results.

On the other hand, Midjourney operates as a Discord bot known for its rich styles and emotional depth in images, which appeals to users seeking creative exploration using Discord.

1. Ease of Use and Cost

DALL-E 3 is easy to use and seamlessly integrated into ChatGPT Plus for $20 monthly.

Midjourney offers a medium level of ease within Discord, starting at $10 monthly.

2. Image Quality and Style

DALL-E 3 provides more nuance and detail, supporting various art styles.

Midjourney offers good image quality with support from diverse Midjourney AI art styles.

3. Creativity and Customization

DALL-E 3 demonstrates a high understanding of user intent with limited customization options.

Midjourney allows users to adjust creativity levels and provides more customization options.

4. Image Generation Speed and Realism

DALL-E 3 image generation is slower, and results are less life-like but detailed.

Midjourney generates images within a few seconds, focusing on more realistic outcomes.

5. Ownership and Copyright

DALL-E 3 users own the images they create.

Midjourney is similar to DALL-E 3; users own the images generated.

6. Strengths and Weaknesses

DALL-E 3 excels in capturing intricate details and interpreting prompt intent. However, it can produce less natural images.

Midjourney stands out in crafting realistic visuals but might not capture intricate details, as well as DALL-E 3.

Midjourney Review

Midjourney’s AI stands at the forefront of creative AI platforms, offering a unique and innovative way to generate AI art through text prompts.

The platform, integrated seamlessly into Discord, showcases a convergence of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and a commitment to artistic exploration.

Midjourney is owned and operated as a research lab, providing a glimpse into AI art and digital art creation.

1. User Onboarding

The onboarding process is intuitive, catering to a diverse user base.

Verifying a Discord account, subscribing to a plan, and joining the Midjourney server are streamlined steps.

The tiered subscription plans ensure flexibility, allowing you to choose options that align with their needs and expectations.

2. Discord Integration

The choice to operate within Discord is strategic, providing a familiar and collaborative environment.

The Midjourney community, composed of AI artists and enthusiasts, fosters an atmosphere where you can explore art styles, generate images, and help each other create unique AI art.

3. Image Generation Process With Prompts

Midjourney’s core functionality, the /imagine command, empowers you to translate text prompts into captivating visuals.

The advanced GPUs ensure efficient processing, resulting in high-quality AI-generated images.

Line art, unique AI art, and variations of up to 25 images provide diverse digital art creation options.

4. Variation and Enhancement Tools

You can select, vary, and enhance your images through tools, offering a spectrum of creative possibilities.

Midjourney and stable diffusion ensure that the generated set of images maintains quality and coherence.

Upscaled images and advanced tools like Vary (Strong) and Vary (Subtle) contribute to the platform’s ability to better the AI and offer a unique experience in the art world.

5. Model Versions and Innovation

The introduction of Model Version 5.2, with its improved understanding of prompts and responsive stylization, exemplifies the platform’s dedication to staying at the forefront of AI advancements.

Using AI to generate art opens up new possibilities, and Midjourney offers a guide to exploring these creative frontiers.

6. Advanced Prompting and Creative Tips

The platform offers a guide to Midjourney, providing everything you need about advanced prompting.

It offers the best Midjourney prompts with image URLs, variation tools like Vary (Strong) and Vary (Subtle), and creative tips for optimizing AI creation.

The claim that Midjourney is a research lab is evident in its commitment to advancing the capabilities of AI-generated art.

7. Community Support and Assistance

Providing a dedicated support channel, along with commands like /help and /ask, ensures that users have avenues for assistance.

The Midjourney community serves as a collaborative space where users contribute to the betterment of the AI and share insights into using Midjourney AI for creating digital art.

The platform’s status as a research lab indicates a commitment to ongoing innovation and exploration within the AI art community.

8. Interwoven with Core Features

The platform’s features, such as advanced prompting with image URLs, variation tools like Vary (Strong) and Vary (Subtle), and the ability to choose model versions, empower users with creative control.

Discord integration adds a layer of collaboration, and commands like /blend and /describe further enrich the creative process.

Users can add the Midjourney Discord server to their artistic toolkit, seamlessly integrating AI technology and the art world.


As a dedicated AI art generator, Midjourney stands out among the best in its class, providing users with a powerful platform to make art through innovative text prompts.

The platform’s commitment to AI-generated art is evident in its ability to seamlessly translate prompts into visually stunning creations.

Midjourney is not just a tool; it’s an artistic companion, enabling users to explore the boundless possibilities of creative expression through the lens of advanced AI.

With its user-friendly interface and a vibrant community of artists, Midjourney is one of the best AI image generators that have emerged and is a driving force in pushing the boundaries of creating AI art.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Midjourney is not a free tool. However, there is a Midjourney alternative that is quite similar and, most importantly, free! This alternative allows you to use it for up to 25 generations.
To use Midjourney AI, follow these steps: Sign up for Discord. Register for Midjourney and accept the invitation to join the Midjourney Discord channel. Go to a #newbies channel and type /subscribe. Choose your Midjourney plan. Return to Discord and start generating images.
Midjourney works slightly differently from most AI tools. To generate an image in Midjourney, use the /imagine command. You can select this command from the available slash commands that appear when you type '/'. Simply type a description of the image you want in the prompt field, send your message, and the bot will interpret your text prompt to begin generating images.
Yes, Midjourney AI is available as a free app for Android and iOS devices. This app enables you to create captivating AI art directly on your mobile device.

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