Umair Kamil Second Brain

Hi, I’m Umair Kamil


There’s a $100,000 workflow in your head.


And I want to help you use AI Assistants to turn that knowledge into hooks, posts, newsletters and offers with automation that drives 6 Figure revenue on repeat.




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Let me spill the truth: 1 Year ago, I was flirting with the idea of becoming a “YouTuber”


  • a never-ending stream of shorts
  • long-form videos with crazy view rates
  • dopamine-inducing engagement


And I made some really stupid purchases: a Shure SM7B Mic, Two Monitors, a Camlink Card, etc.


But something strange happened.


I saw someone make $50,000 on Twitter.


No paid ads. No YouTube videos. No shorts. No reels. Just TEXT.


And the fun part? They had fewer followers than many of the big creators you know.


I needed answers, so I began breaking down every single content creator I could find on Twitter. And then on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Medium.


There was a clear universal pattern: you’re either a creator who understands (and practices) conversion optimization, or you’re stuck being a poorly paid employee for a large social media company who hired you on a contract that will never be in your favour (even if you get millions of views).


365 Days later, I am building a community for AI Powered Conversion Optimization that helps you become a one-man army:


  • You will know how to write killer copy that turns you into a “value vehicle”
  • You will know how to “no-code” your way to automation that drives people to resonate, trust, and purchase from you on repeat


This isn’t your typical “copywriting masterclass” or “no-code accelerator.”


It’s your pathway to building and monetizing 6-7 figure digital products without imposter syndrome on the creative or technical side.


Imagine studying psychology with coding so that you can “program” your way to financial freedom.


Here’s the 7 Phase AI Powered Conversion Optimization Process:


The math is simple: if someone doesn't enter your funnel, they certainly won't be a customer anytime soon. 0 in means 0 out. Whether it's a Twittter thread or a YouTube short, you have 5 seconds to capture attention. This is your hook. And it's the first variable to optimize when driving Traffic. If your traffic is coming from search, the hook is still just as relevant


Some people say "they" is the algorithm. Followed by rubbish on "how to crack the algorithm". Let me fix this confusion (once for all): "They" are the Audience. The Audience is the Algorithm. Don't crack the algorithm. Crack the specific audience. If the hook is a promise, the body is you delivering on the promise to your audience

Newsletter or Video

60 Seconds is enough to do only two things: create interest and leave an impression. But without something more long-form, you have created opportunity cost. Someone wants to know you, but they can't find anything about you. A Newsletter (unlike a blog) is a very specific piece on a very specific problem

First (Low Ticket) Offer

If you've proven you can solve a specific problem, you can bet solving that problem for your reader or viewer will mean a $purchase event. But if that first product you offer is too expensive (and that is relative), you'll end up putting them in a state of "Should I" or "Should I Not". Ever heard the saying "When in doubt, don't do it"?. You don't want to make someone think twice -- and the best way to prevent that is to NOT create doubt. If you're new, I will think twice before buying a $97 or $100 product from you.But if you're giving me your first product for $5 to $27, I am much more likely to risk it


At this point, you don't have a lead. You have a buyer. Compared to the person who's at 0, a customer is 100x more likely to buy again. And compared to the lead, a customer is 2x more likely to buy again. Selling is easier and cheaper in this order: existing customer > lead > viewer


When someone has purchased your first (low ticket) offer but not purchased your upsells, you should have an automation setup to add them to an email sequence after a delay (maybe 48 hours, maybe a week) You might have heard of people spending crazy amounts of money on retargeting ads? Those suck! By having a clear cut email sequence which address the value gap your customer is missing out on, you can demonstrate how that upsell will enable greater speed, efficiency or effectiveness

Tracking Conversion Events

Every automation you will build (or have built) is event-driven at its core: Someone $engaged with your social media posts, Someone $viewed a page, Someone $subscribed to your newsletter, Someone became a $lead for your lead_magnet, Someone $opened an email, Someone $clicked on a link in an email, Someone $purchased your (first low ticket) offer, Someone got $upsold into buying your next offer. The more data that comes in with each event, the more precision!