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At a Glance

  • Wordtune is a powerful AI writing tool that empowers users to create high-quality content with ease.
  • It offers a wide range of features, including rewriting content, enhancing productivity, generating content, summarizing information, and maintaining brand consistency, making it a versatile and indispensable companion for writers and content creators.
  • Whether you're a writer, student, professional, or business,  using the tool Wordtune is ideal to elevate your content to a professional standard, making your journey toward excellence a reality.

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing tool designed to elevate your content writing to new heights.

Whether you need to improve your grammar, enhance productivity, generate content, or summarize information, Wordtune offers a suite of features using AI to help you write with confidence.

Trusted by professionals worldwide, Wordtune empowers you to unlock your full writing potential with ease.

Read on to learn more about Wordtune key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives, and review to make a smart decision for your copywriting needs.

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Wordtune AI Key Features

Feature Description
Wordtune Rewrite AI-powered rewriting content.
Enhance Productivity AI suggestions tailored to your style of writing content.
Create with AI Templates Generate content with personalized templates.
Summarize Content Quickly summarize various content types.
AI Knowledge Base Wordtune helps you with searching and storing information with AI.
Seamless Integration Works across your existing writing process on various platforms and apps. The most popular is the Wordtune Chrome extension.
Reliable Generative AI Fact-checking with a minimum of five sources.
Choose Smart Synonyms Context-specific synonym recommendations.
Spice Up Your Writing Infuse creativity and depth into your existing content.
No Plagiarism Concerns Reword text while preserving original meaning.
Wordtune Read for Video Summarize videos for efficient consumption.
Wordtune Spices AI-powered sentence rephrasing for clarity.
AI Content Detection Identify AI-generated content in business docs.
Empower Your Team Productivity tools, AI answers, brand consistency.
Secure Enterprise Platform Data privacy, SAML SSO, certifications.
Premium Features Tone adjustments like casual and formal tones , unlimited rewrites, and more.
Original Content & AI API AI-generated content, API integration options.

Wordtune Pricing Plans

Wordtune pricing

1. Free Plan

It includes 10 Rewrites and Spices a day, 3 AI prompts a day, 3 summaries a day, and unlimited text corrections.

2. Plus Plan

It offers 30 rewrites and Spices a day, 5 AI prompts a day, 5 summaries a day, unlimited text corrections, and unlimited text recommendations.


It costs $9.99/month

3. Unlimited Plan

It includes unlimited Rewrites and Spices, unlimited AI prompts, unlimited summaries, unlimited text corrections, unlimited text recommendations, and premium support.


It costs $14.99/month

4. Business Plan

It includes everything in the Unlimited Plan plus; SAML SSO, Brand tone (Beta), traceless security mode, dedicated account manager, and centralized billing.


Custom pricing

Wordtune Pros & Cons


  • Wordtune offers advanced rephrasing capabilities to enhance your content’s clarity and readability.
  • Wordtune provides robust grammar and spell checking to make your written content error-free.
  • Wordtune makes rewriting sentences easier, resulting in more engaging and enjoyable reading.
  • It seamlessly integrates with social networks, email editors, and clients for convenience.
  • Wordtune offers various writing styles, such as casual or business, to cater to different communication needs.


  • The free version has certain limitations in terms of usage and features.
  • Integration with various websites and platforms could be more extensive.
  • The free version has certain limitations in terms of usage and features.

Wordtune Comparison With Alternatives

Features Wordtune AI Rytr ChatGPT Copy.ai Describely
Core Competency Wordtune AI is designed for improving writing, enhancing productivity, generating content, and summarizing information. Rytr is an AI writing assistant that specializes in generating high-quality content for various applications. ChatGPT is a general-purpose natural language processing tool by OpenAI. Copy.ai is designed for copywriting and marketing use cases. Describely is a specialized AI writing tool for generating SEO-optimized product content at scale.
Training Wordtune AI uses AI21 Labs’ AI models for content rewriting and generation. Rytr offers AI-powered content generation for various use-cases. ChatGPT uses GPT-3.5 by OpenAI for versatile language tasks. Copy.ai utilizes GPT models and other technologies for copywriting. Describely leverages the power of GPT for product content generation.
Business Use Cases Wordtune AI is versatile, suitable for content improvement, productivity enhancement, and content generation. Rytr is used for generating content for various applications, from blogs to ad copies. ChatGPT is versatile and not business-specific. Copy.ai is built for copywriting and marketing use cases. Describely is specifically designed for eCommerce content teams to generate product content.
AI Models Wordtune AI’s AI model is developed by AI21 Labs, known for expertise in AI. Rytr uses state-of-the-art language AI for content generation across verticals. ChatGPT relies on GPT-3.5 by OpenAI for its language tasks. Copy.ai uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 & GPT-4 and other models for copywriting. Describely utilizes GPT for product content creation.
Data Sources Wordtune AI doesn’t directly search the internet but focuses on generating content based on context. Rytr does not directly search the internet but generates content based on input. ChatGPT doesn’t directly search the internet for information. Copy.ai sources data from GPT models. Describely focuses on generating product content for eCommerce.
Editorial Support Wordtune AI offers editing features like rewording, shortening, and grammar checking. Rytr provides powerful tools to improve the quality of generated content, including plagiarism checks. ChatGPT does not offer specific editorial features. Copy.ai offers content editing features to enhance generated content. Describely is designed for SEO-optimized product content generation.
Brand Voice Wordtune AI may adapt to different writing styles but doesn’t specify brand voice customization. Rytr offers a wide range of tones of voice and customizable content generation to suit your brand. ChatGPT does not have built-in brand voice capabilities. Copy.ai provides brand voice options for personalized content. Describely is focused on generating product descriptions, titles, and tags.
Ease of Use Wordtune AI offers a user-friendly interface with a rich-text editor. Rytr is user-friendly and allows users to create content easily. ChatGPT has a general approach to training. Copy.ai requires brand content input for brand voice customization. Describely allows eCommerce content teams to easily generate product descriptions and keywords.
Pricing Wordtune AI provides free and premium plans starting at $9 per month. Rytr offers a free plan with premium plans starting at $9 per month. ChatGPT offers a subscription plan at $20 per month. Copy.ai offers free and paid plans starting at $49 per month. Describely has a Free trial and a Core Plan starting at $90 per year, with Enterprise Plans available at custom pricing.

Wordtune Vs Rytr


Rytr — #1 Wordtune Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Rytr is the #1 alternative to Wordtune.
Rytr has all the essential and advanced AI writing features compared to Wordtune.
(Unlimited — AI Writing, Updates, Framework, Workflow, Community) 🔥

Wordtune and Rytr are two AI-powered writing tools that offer users assistance with content creation, writing, and editing. Each tool has its unique features and capabilities. In this detailed comparison, we will explore the best Wordtune alternative and compare these two platforms across various aspects to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Core Competency

Wordtune focuses on elevating your content writing to new heights. It provides features for grammar improvement, productivity enhancement, content generation, and summarization. It is designed for various writing tasks and can help with content creation, academic writing, and business communication.

Rytr positions itself as an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content quickly and cost-effectively. Its primary focus is on content generation for a wide range of use cases, including blog posts, emails, ad copies, and more.

2. Use Cases

Wordtune is versatile and caters to different content writing needs. It can assist with creating informative articles, blogs, short stories, emails, and more. It also offers features for summarizing videos and managing AI-generated content.

Rytr excels in generating content across 40+ use cases. It is suitable for various writing tasks, such as blog post ideas, business pitches, email creation, social media ad copy, and more.

3. AI Models

Wordtune utilizes AI models trained by AI21 Labs, known for its deep understanding of context and semantics in text. Its AI models help in generating unique, original content for various topics and industries.

Rytr’s AI models are designed to generate content for a wide range of writing needs. It uses scientific copywriting formulas, such as AIDA and PAS, to provide high-quality output with minimal editing required.

4. Collaboration and Workflow Management

Wordtune offers features for content collaboration and project management. It allows you to organize projects, access previous work, and create team accounts for seamless collaboration.

Rytr streamlines your writing workflow and offers collaboration features. It allows you to store and organize projects, navigate and search previous work, and create team accounts.

5. Integration and Accessibility

Wordtune seamlessly integrates with various online editors, including Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, Overleaf, and more. It also offers a browser extension for Google Chrome.

Rytr offers a browser extension for Google Chrome, enabling you to create content directly from your browser. It is accessible for emails, documents, blogging, and social media platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Google, Microsoft Word, WordPress, Medium, and more.

6. Pricing

Wordtune offers different pricing plans, including a free plan with limited features, monthly plans starting at $39 per month, and an annual plan starting at $35 per month (billed annually).

Rytr provides a free plan with limitations. It offers premium plans, including a Saver plan at $9 per month, and an Unlimited plan at $29 per month.

7. Plagiarism Checking

Wordtune offers plagiarism checking to ensure content uniqueness.

Rytr includes a built-in plagiarism checker to help users maintain content originality.

8. Ease of Use

Wordtune is designed to be user-friendly and adaptive to your writing style. It can assist in creating content that matches your brand’s voice.

Rytr provides a user-friendly experience with a rich-text editor for content refinement. It helps you create content that suits your specific needs and voice.

Wordtune Review

In a world driven by productivity and the quest for excellence, Wordtune emerges as a game-changing tool for writers, students, professionals, and content creators.

Your AI-powered writing companion is powered by AI21 Labs, is an all-in-one platform designed to empower users with a wide range of writing tools, features, and capabilities.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore Wordtune’s various functionalities, how it integrates with your daily workflow, and why it’s become a trusted companion for countless individuals and organizations.

1. The Power of Wordtune Rewrite Feature

The Wordtune Rewrite feature elevates your content to a professional standard.

Whether you’re perfecting a single word or crafting an entire document, Wordtune offers tailored suggestions to improve your writing and makes it easy to rewrite the content.

2. Boost Your Productivity

With AI suggestions tailored to your unique style, you can compose content at an accelerated pace.

The platform caters to a variety of needs, from incorporating statistical facts to adding a touch of humor which eliminates the need for endless editing cycles and puts you in control of your content creation process.

3. Creating Content Made Effortless with AI Templates

You can streamline your work with Wordtune’s extensive collection of personalized templates.

These templates cover a wide array of needs, from crafting professional emails and LinkedIn posts to creating catchy headlines and more.

4. Effortless Content Summarization

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information in videos, blog articles, PDFs, or other content, Wordtune’s summarizer is your solution.

It enables you to consume only the essential information without the time-consuming process of sifting through lengthy content which saves you valuable time and helps you stay informed efficiently.

5. AI Answers and Knowledge Management

Wordtune extends its capabilities with AI-driven Q&A and semantic search which allows you to build a personalized knowledge base in your Wordtune library, enabling you to access trusted sources and find answers with ease.

This feature is a valuable resource for staying informed across various domains.

6. Reliable Generative AI

Trustworthiness is a primary concern in today’s world of information. Wordtune doesn’t just provide options; it delivers facts.

The platform meticulously cross-references a minimum of five sources to verify the credibility of a fact before suggesting it to you, ensuring you can trust the information you use.

7. Enterprise-Level Security

Wordtune takes data privacy and security seriously.

The platform is committed to safeguarding your data and ensuring compliance at the highest level which is particularly crucial for businesses and professionals who handle sensitive information.

8. Choose the Right Synonym with Ease

Selecting the perfect synonym for your specific context has never been easier.

Wordtune’s synonym recommendations are tailored to the context of your sentence, making it a valuable feature for enhancing the clarity and precision of your writing.

9. Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Apps

Wordtune integrates seamlessly with a wide range of popular platforms, including Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack Web, WhatsApp Web, Outlook Web, and more.

10. Advanced AI Technology

AI model behind the Wordtune tool is a product of AI21 Labs, a company founded by pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence.

This expertise shines through in the platform’s in-depth understanding of context and semantics in written text.

Unlike mere grammar and spelling correction tools, Wordtune serves as a comprehensive AI-based writing companion, dedicated to helping you effectively convey your thoughts in writing.

11. Elevate Your Document Writing with Smart AI Auto-Completions

Wordtune’s intelligent AI auto-completions transform your writing experience.

The platform allows you to effortlessly craft documents, adding flair and precision to your text empowering you to enhance your content and convey your ideas effectively.

12. Facts at the Core of Knowledge

Wordtune allows you to expand your writing on specific topics by adding facts to support your content which makes it an excellent tool for various domains, including blog posts, business reports, memos, papers, and essays.

13. Explore the Abundance of Spices

Wordtune offers a rich selection of spices to meet your writing needs.

These spices include examples, definitions, counterarguments, explanations, historical facts, and more which makes your writing more engaging and informative.

14. Add Historical Flavor to Your Writing

Wordtune’s historical facts feature is particularly engaging which allows you to infuse your content with interesting historical anecdotes, making your writing not only informative but also captivating.

15. Never Worry About Plagiarism Again

The platform can reword any text while preserving its original meaning, providing you with a unique take on your concept with high-quality content.

However, Wordtune doesn’t offer a plagiarism checker.

16. Wordtune Chrome Browser Extension

Wordtune has earned its place as a favorite among Google Chrome Web Store users, with over one million satisfied users.

This speaks to its popularity and effectiveness in enhancing the writing process with its free Chrome extension.

17. Wordtune Read

Wordtune Read is a unique feature that allows you to save time when watching videos.

It provides concise, bite-sized summaries of video content, enabling you to absorb more information in a fraction of the time.

18. Watch Smarter, Not Longer

Wordtune Read includes important timestamps, allowing you to jump directly to the relevant part of a video.

This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals, students, and anyone who frequently watches educational or instructional content.

19. A Versatile Tool for Diverse Content

Wordtune Read can help you digest content from a wide range of sources, including academic articles, business reports, magazine articles, blog posts, news, and more.

It’s a versatile tool for optimizing your consumption of digital content.

20. AI Content Detector

For professionals and businesses, Wordtune’s AI content detector is a crucial tool. Wordtune is a tool that helps identify AI-generated content in business documents, ensuring transparency and credibility in your writing.

21. Empower Your Team with Wordtune Business

Wordtune Business extends the power of generative AI to organizations.

It offers a suite of productivity tools, AI answers, and brand consistency features, making it a valuable asset for teams and companies looking to enhance their writing capabilities.

22. Trusted by Professionals in Leading Companies

Wordtune Business is trusted by professionals in top companies, where accuracy and quality are paramount.

The platform enables knowledge management, task streamlining, and brand consistency.

23. A Secure, Enterprise-Ready Platform

Wordtune Business prioritizes security and compliance, ensuring that your organization’s data remains private and protected.

With certifications and role-based permissions, it provides the robust security measures required for business usage.

24. Premium Features

Wordtune offers premium features that enhance your writing experience, including tone adjustments, unlimited rewrites, and the ability to rewrite entire paragraphs.

25. Original Content and AI Algorithm

Wordtune stands out by providing original suggestions generated by its AI algorithm, which is trained on extensive datasets of written material.

This makes it particularly valuable for non-native English speakers, as it can translate content from various languages into English and enhance the English text.

However, It’s crucial to review the suggestions critically and ensure they accurately convey the message.

26. Wordtune API

For developers and businesses looking to integrate generative AI into their applications, Wordtune offers an API, allowing for seamless integration of its high-quality AI capabilities into custom products and platforms.


Wordtune stands out as the best tool, much like Wordtune and leverages cutting-edge AI technology to empower individuals and organizations to create better content, thereby enhancing their writing skills.

This great tool excels in content generation, thanks to its AI assistant and unique Wordtune features.

Whether you’re a writer, student, professional, or business,  using the tool Wordtune is ideal to elevate your content to a professional standard, making your journey toward excellence a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wordtune is a new tool designed to elevate your content writing to new heights, providing features like rewriting, enhancing productivity, generating content, summarizing information, and more. It helps users create high-quality written content more efficiently and with improved grammatical accuracy.
While Wordtune offers valuable suggestions, it's crucial to exercise discernment. There have been instances where the suggested rephrasing didn't align with my intended meaning or altered the tone of my writing.
With its rewriting feature, Wordtune excels at eliminating grammatical errors, enhancing the engagement of written content, identifying key touchpoints, and saving time by automatically rephrasing content for various customer segments, particularly beneficial for marketing teams and writing emails.
Overall, we find Wordtune to be an excellent tool for individuals seeking to enhance their writing skills and ensure grammatical accuracy in their content.

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