Notion AI – Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and Review

Notion AI

At a Glance

  • Notion AI introduces a game-changing tool called Notion AI, expanding the array of Notion features to create a dynamic environment for content management and productivity.
  • Notion AI is a powerful AI-powered extension for the Notion platform, enabling users to enhance content quality, streamline tasks, and automate various aspects of content creation and management.
  • It offers features like grammar enhancement, task automation, and content generation to boost productivity and creativity within the Notion workspace.

Introducing Notion AI, a groundbreaking feature that empowers users to harness the limitless power of AI within the existing Notion workflow.

Notion AI enhances your work, helping you achieve tasks more efficiently, write with greater precision, and foster creativity.

This AI-powered tool acts as your ultra-capable teammate, simplifying various aspects of your work.

Read on to learn more about Notion AI key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives and review to make an informed decision for your needs.

Notion AI

Notion AI Key Features

Feature Description
Automated Tasks Automate tedious tasks. Summarize important and actionable content from messy notes. Analyze meeting notes to generate next steps. Write a summary in 30 seconds. Surface key takeaways from research, sales calls, and more.
Writing Enhancement Improve writing with spelling and grammar checks. Translate text into multiple languages. Edit voice and tone to enhance professionalism. Adjust content length as needed. Simplify technical jargon for wider understanding.
Creative Assistance Conquer writer’s block with AI-generated first drafts. Use Notion AI as a creative brainstorming partner. Get started on your writing more easily. Continue writing with AI support.
Data Privacy Data remains encrypted and private. AI models use your data only with your explicit consent.
Subscription Details Offers unlimited access to AI features for all workspace members (excluding guests). Complimentary AI responses are available, with limitations based on usage. No free trial, but everyone can use Notion AI for free.
Integration and Expansion Seamlessly integrates AI into the Notion platform, eliminating the need to switch between tools. AI-generated content is highly flexible and can be easily rearranged. Notion AI’s capabilities will expand to encompass project management and team knowledge base applications.

Notion AI Pricing Plans

1. Notion AI Add-On

You can enhance your Notion experience with the use of Notion AI.

This add-on costs $ 10 per member per month and can be integrated into all Notion plans, including the free plan.

Notion Plus, Business, and Enterprise customers with annual billing enjoy a 20% discount.

2. Billing for AI Add-On

If you integrate Notion AI into your existing paid plan, you will pay a prorated amount based on the remaining time left in your current billing cycle.

Starting from your next billing date, the AI add-on charge will be included in your regular billing cycle.

3. AI Usage Limits

To maintain optimal performance and fair use among all Notion AI users, usage limits apply based on your usage.

Notion AI provides a certain number of complimentary AI responses.

You can check how many remain by accessing “Settings & members” on the desktop.

After using all your complimentary AI responses, you will not be able to utilize AI features until the workspace owner adds the AI add-on subscription to your plan.

Please note that the billing interval for free Notion users who sign up for the Notion AI add-on begins on the registration day, and subsequent charges will occur monthly from that date.

Activation Process

To access Notion AI to your workspace, ensure that you are the workspace owner and are accessing Notion on your desktop.

Navigate to your sidebar and click on “Settings & members.” Select “Plans.” Under the “Notion AI” section, click “Add to plan.”

Notion AI Pros & Cons


  • Notion AI provides a versatile platform for content creation and management.
  • Notion offers excellent collaboration tools, allowing teams to collaborate on documents and projects.
  • Notion’s flexible structure allows users to create customized databases, templates, and workflows.
  • It provides various templates and layouts to facilitate content creation and project organization.
  • Notion is available on multiple devices and platforms, ensuring accessibility from anywhere.
  • Notion has a thriving user community and numerous resources for support and inspiration.
  • The platform is continually updated with new features and improvements.
  • Notion offers integrations with various third-party apps and services to enhance functionality.


  • The AI features come with a $10 per user per month add-on, which can increase overall subscription costs.
  • Some users may find Notion’s interface and features initially complex and require adapting time.
  • While it offers AI, the AI capabilities are currently limited compared to specialized AI platforms like Simplified.
  • Notion’s offline access is not as seamless as some traditional desktop applications.
  • The free plan has limited number of AI actions that may restrict some users, especially in a team or business setting.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics features are relatively limited in Notion.


Notion AI Comparison With Alternatives

Feature Notion AI ClickUp AI Smartsheet AI TextCortex AI Simplified AI
Monthly Price (1 person) $10 per user per month, additional cost to Notion subscription $5 per member per month $7/user/month $23.99 per month $12 per month (AI Writer Pro)
Writing Improvement Notion AI assists in improving writing by offering AI-generated content, spelling and grammar checks, and tone adjustments. ClickUp AI provides tools to enhance writing, ensuring clear, concise, and engaging communication. Smartsheet AI enhances work by providing conversational expertise and aiding in simplifying formula creation. TextCortex AI aids in rewriting content, paraphrasing, and providing text generation capabilities for diverse languages and templates. Simplified AI offers AI Writer Pro, which generates SEO-driven and plagiarism-free content, making it a valuable tool for bloggers and content creators.
Draft Generation Notion AI can generate initial drafts for various content types, making it easier to start the writing process. ClickUp AI helps you draft content more efficiently, saving time during the initial stages of writing. Smartsheet AI focuses on enabling conversational expertise and simplifying formula creation, rather than creating written content. TextCortex AI allows you to quickly generate content, including rewriting and paraphrasing, providing a starting point for your writing tasks. Simplified AI’s AI Writer Pro generates content quickly and effortlessly, making it an excellent solution for bloggers, marketers, and businesses.
Access Across All Your Notes Notion AI is integrated within the Notion workspace, allowing access to AI features across all your notes and documents. ClickUp AI does not provide integration into a workspace like Notion but focuses on standalone AI support. Smartsheet AI works within the Smartsheet platform, providing support and guidance as an integrated part of the platform. TextCortex AI offers a browser extension, enabling AI assistance across various platforms and browsers. Simplified AI’s focus is on AI-powered content creation and does not include a workspace for notes and documents.
Easy Drag & Drop Text Editor Notion AI offers a user-friendly text editor that simplifies content creation with a drag-and-drop interface. ClickUp AI does not include a text editor and operates primarily as an assistant rather than an editor. Smartsheet AI is integrated into the Smartsheet platform and does not feature a separate text editor. TextCortex AI’s primary focus is on text generation and rewriting, with no specific text editor. Simplified AI’s AI Writer Pro focuses on generating written content and does not include a text editor.
AI Summarization Notion AI can quickly generate summaries of meeting notes, long documents, and lengthy content to save time and enhance productivity. ClickUp AI includes AI-powered summarization features for efficient content review and extraction. Smartsheet AI provides conversational expertise and simplifies formula creation but does not offer summarization features. TextCortex AI excels at rewriting content and providing paraphrasing, but it does not include summarization features. Simplified AI’s primary focus is on AI-generated content and does not include summarization features.
Grammar and Spelling Assistance Notion AI provides spelling and grammar checks to ensure written content is free of errors and easily understandable. ClickUp AI offers similar grammar and spelling assistance, helping to improve the quality of written content. Smartsheet AI focuses on providing conversational expertise and simplifying formula creation rather than grammar assistance. TextCortex AI enhances writing by offering sentence rewriting, paraphrasing, and grammar assistance to ensure clear and error-free content. Simplified AI’s AI Writer Pro focuses on generating well-structured and error-free written content.
Creative Brainstorming Notion AI serves as a brainstorming partner, assisting users in generating creative ideas, frameworks, and processes. ClickUp AI enhances creativity by aiding in brainstorming and generating ideas, particularly valuable for marketing and innovation tasks. Smartsheet AI focuses on enhancing work with conversational expertise and simplifying formula creation, with a primary focus on data-driven tasks. TextCortex AI does not focus on creative brainstorming but rather on rewriting and generating content. Simplified AI does not specialize in creative brainstorming, focusing on content generation instead.
Translation Capabilities Notion AI supports translation into multiple languages, making it easier for users to work across language barriers. ClickUp AI does not offer built-in translation capabilities. Smartsheet AI does not focus on translation capabilities, as its primary functions are centered around formula creation and work guidance. TextCortex AI offers support for over 25 languages, allowing users to communicate effectively with diverse audiences. Simplified AI does not specialize in translation but focuses on content creation.
Document Simplification Notion AI allows users to simplify complex documents, making them more accessible and easy to understand. ClickUp AI offers similar document simplification features, aiding in creating content suitable for a broader audience. Smartsheet AI does not include document simplification features, as it primarily focuses on formula creation and work guidance. TextCortex AI does not specialize in document simplification, with its primary focus on rewriting and generating content. Simplified AI does not specialize in document simplification and primarily focuses on generating written content.
Core Competency Notion AI’s core competency lies in enhancing content creation and productivity within the Notion platform. ClickUp AI’s core competency is to support various business roles and departments by offering AI tools for productivity and content creation. Smartsheet AI’s core competency is to improve work within the Smartsheet platform, emphasizing simplifying formula creation and providing conversational expertise. TextCortex AI’s core competency is rewriting and generating content for diverse needs, particularly useful for content creation and text paraphrasing. Simplified AI’s core competency is versatile content creation with a focus on bloggers, marketers, and businesses.
Unique Feature Notion AI’s unique feature is its seamless integration with the Notion workspace, providing AI-powered assistance within your existing workflow. ClickUp AI’s unique feature is its diverse range of handcrafted AI tools tailored to different roles and use cases, making it versatile for various industries. Smartsheet AI’s unique feature is its ability to provide on-the-spot guidance and simplify formula creation, enhancing work agility and data-driven decision-making within the Smartsheet platform. TextCortex AI’s unique feature is its powerful paraphrasing and content generation capabilities, supporting more than 25 languages and 60+ templates for various writing needs. Simplified AI’s unique feature is AI Writer Pro, which generates SEO-driven and plagiarism-free content, making it a valuable tool for bloggers and content creators.

Notion AI Vs Simplified AI

Simplified — #1 Notion AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Simplified AI is the #1 alternative to Notion ai.
Simplified has all the essential and advanced AI productivity features compared to Notion AI.
(Unlimited — AI Content Creation, Automation, Templates, Workflow, Community) 🔥

Notion AI and Simplified are both AI-powered platforms that offer a range of content creation and productivity tools.

While they share some similarities, they also have distinct features and focuses.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison between Notion AI and Simplified:

1. Primary Focus

Notion AI is primarily known for its organizational and note-taking capabilities.

It helps users create, manage, and share notes, documents, databases, and wikis.

It’s a comprehensive platform for knowledge management and collaboration.

Simplified, on the other hand, is primarily focused on content creation with AI.

It provides tools for graphics design, video editing, AI copywriting, and social media management, making it a content creation powerhouse.

2. Content Types

Notion AI is more text-centric and is suitable for creating and organizing textual content, databases, and knowledge repositories.

Simplified is versatile, covering a wider range of content types, including graphics, videos, written content, and social media posts.

3. AI-Powered Features

Notion AI doesn’t emphasize AI-powered content generation. Instead, it relies on manual input and organization of information.

Simplified specializes in AI-driven content creation, offering features such as AI-generated copy, background removal, video transcription, and more.

4. Use Cases

Notion AI is commonly used for personal and team knowledge management, project collaboration, note-taking, and task tracking.

Simplified is tailored for marketing teams, creators, and businesses looking to streamline content creation processes, produce visual and written content, and manage social media campaigns.

5. Collaboration

Notion AI offers collaboration features, including shared workspaces and real-time editing, making it suitable for team projects and documentation.

Simplified is designed with marketing teams and collaborative content creation in mind, offering tools like real-time comments and shared folders for efficient teamwork.

6. Pricing

Notion AI is available to all users but requires a $10 per user per month add-on, which offers value but increases the overall subscription cost.

Simplified offers a robust suite of content creation tools, including social media, graphic design, video editing, and AI writer solutions.

With a range of plans, from free to pro, it caters to solo creators, teams, and marketing agencies.

7. Learning Curve

Notion AI may have a steeper learning curve for some users due to its extensive feature set and customizable database structures.

Simplified is designed to be more user-friendly and intuitive for content creation, making it accessible for a broader audience.

8. Integration

Notion AI does not offer integrations with other platforms or services. So, you won’t be able to directly connect Notion AI with other tools or use its capabilities with external systems.

Simplified also supports integrations, but its primary focus is on providing an all-in-one content creation solution.

Notion AI Review

In the fast-paced world of project management, every edge counts, and Notion, a prominent name in the field, is now taking a substantial leap with its groundbreaking addition – Notion AI.

This extensive review delves deep into the world of Notion AI, exploring its standout features, practical use cases, pricing, and potential transformative impact on the project management landscape.

In an era where efficiency and productivity reign supreme, Notion AI emerges as an innovative response to project management’s evolving needs. It’s the brainchild of Notion’s continuous strive for excellence, seamlessly integrating AI to elevate user experiences.

1. Content Creation at its Best

Notion AI, as an advanced AI writing tool, truly shines in its capacity to generate content effortlessly. Say goodbye to the arduous task of manual blog post creation.

With a mere AI prompt, users can ask Notion AI to write entire articles, making it a productivity tool that can significantly accelerate content creation.

This feature is a true game-changer, particularly for content creators and bloggers, as it empowers them with the ability to effortlessly give Notion AI their prompts, allowing it to craft comprehensive and high-quality articles, offering a creative spark and a substantial head start in their content generation process.

2. Grammar Check

Notion AI is the ultimate spelling and grammar checker, making it a valuable resource for refining your content and ensuring language perfection.

It can help elevate your writing quality by efficiently fixing spelling and grammar errors, ensuring your work is of the highest standard.

3. Tailoring the Tone

Notion AI allows users to switch between five writing styles – professional, friendly, casual, straightforward, and confident making customizing the tone for your audience easy.

4. Social Media Content

Notion AI can whip up content for Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

It even suggests relevant hashtags, streamlining your social media strategy.

5. Turning Text into To-Dos

Notion AI’s ability to extract action items from text is a productivity booster.

It takes lengthy documents and meeting notes and transforms them into actionable to-do lists, simplifying task management.

6. Unleashing Creativity

Brainstorming can be a challenging process, but Notion AI makes it a breeze by providing prompts to generate creative ideas, inspiring innovation and problem-solving.

7. Effortless Sales Pitches

Notion AI can craft a perfect sales pitch in seconds.

Just provide product information, and the AI creates a persuasive sales email.

8. Unlocking Poetry

In an unexpected twist, Notion AI can also create poetry.

While it might not win literary awards, it’s a handy tool for those needing a quick and simple poem.

9. Versatile Tools

Notion AI’s capabilities extend to project outlines, storytelling, press releases, and even translation services for 13 languages.

These tools further elevate Notion AI’s appeal as an all-encompassing AI assistant.

10. AI Templates

Notion AI templates are a game-changer for users seeking to streamline their work processes.

With thousands of templates available across categories like work, school, personal, projects, and more, these templates serve as ready-made solutions for various tasks.

Whether you’re organizing projects, planning coursework, or simply enhancing your personal productivity, Notion AI templates empower you to dive right in and focus on your goals without starting from scratch.

Plus, you can explore templates created by top-notch creators or even submit your templates to the Notion gallery, offering flexibility and convenience tailored to your needs.

11. Accessible With Considerations

Notion AI is available to all users, but it comes with a pricing caveat.

To fully activate Notion AI within your Notion workspace, users need to subscribe to a $10 per user per month Notion AI add-on.

While this cost is competitive compared to some AI counterparts, it’s essential to remember that it’s an additional expense on top of your existing Notion subscription.

Across all Notion AI users, this powerful tool provides substantial value, but it’s important to be aware of the additional cost associated with enabling Notion AI within Notion account.


Notion AI introduces a game-changing tool called Notion AI, expanding the array of Notion features to create a dynamic environment for content management and productivity.

Notion is one of the leading platforms in knowledge organization and collaboration, and using the tool can significantly enhance these capabilities.

Whether utilizing AI to summarize documents or unlocking the various features offered by Notion AI, the future of content creation and management is becoming more efficient and innovative with Notion’s AI-powered solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Notion AI is not free. It requires a subscription, which is priced at $10 per month as an add-on to your existing Notion workspace.
Notion AI is a powerful tool that can assist you in a variety of tasks, such as transforming content, adjusting document tone, enhancing spelling and grammar, providing synonyms, and translating content into other languages. It's designed to streamline your work and make content management more efficient.
No, Notion AI is not free for students. It is a paid add-on service that costs $10 per month, regardless of whether you are a student or an educator.
To add Notion AI to your workspace, follow these steps: Go to your workspace Settings, navigate to the 'Plans' section, and enable 'Notion AI.' Please note that it is available as a monthly subscription priced at $10.

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