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Simplified - For Professional AI Graphic Design Solutions

At a Glance

  • Simplified AI is an all-in-one AI content generator tool and marketing platform, combining user-friendly design tools, AI-driven content creation, and social media management, catering to beginners and businesses seeking efficient and integrated solutions.
  • It empowers users to amplify their marketing efforts, offering a versatile and accessible content creation and collaboration platform.
  • Simplified AI's commitment to streamlining the content creation process reflects its dedication to empowering users with the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Simplified is an AI writing tool that helps businesses create unique and engaging content quickly and easily.

The AI content generator can create high-quality content for marketing teams, such as graphic designs, social media posts, short-form content, or long-form content like blogs.

With its user-friendly interface and a commitment to remain free forever, Simplified AI revolutionizes the field of AI writing, providing accessibility to diverse users for enhancing written content and graphic design across various social media platforms.

Read on to learn more about Simplified AI’s key features, pricing plans, comparison with alternatives, and review to use this free content creating tool to its fullest.


Simplified AI Key Features

Feature Description
Free AI Writer AI writing assistant instantly generates 80+ types of copy for blogs, articles, ads, products, websites, and social media. Choose from 10+ tones and access 30+ languages for diverse audiences.
Copy AI Rewriter Tool Rewrite content for Facebook and Instagram captions, quotes, marketing materials, and website content. Enhance uniqueness and readability while maintaining the original meaning.
Long Form Writer Write long-form content faster, including blogs, articles, and books. Utilize tools like the article rewriter, content rewriter, sentence expander, and AI paragraph generator.
Organize Teams and Clients Connect social media channels to Simplified for seamless content planning. Schedule posts using the content calendar or publish directly from the app. Plan videos in advance.
AI Writer Tools Explore a variety of tools, including the Sentence Expander Generator, Photo Captions Generator, Social Media Quotes Generator, and more.
Learn and Explore With AI Writer Access resources on effective blog descriptions, captivating blog introductions, creative company bio examples, and more. Enhance copywriting skills with AI content creation tools.

Simplified Pricing Plan

1. Free

Users can generate up to 2000 words per month.

2. Pro

It includes Chat by Simplified AI, 90+ AI Templates, Brand Book, 35000 words per seat, Grammarly Integration, Plagiarism Checker, 1-Click WordPress Export, Direct Publishing Blogs to Shopify, Share Documents as Public Pages, Collaboration and Team Management, 20+ Languages, and Simplified AI Docs.


It costs $12/month.

Simplified AI Writer Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Free Forever Plan
  • Integrated Platform
  • High-Quality Designs and Templates
  • Knowledge Base with Learning Paths
  • Team Collaboration Functionality
  • Social Media Integrations and Scheduling


  • Editing Required for Long-Form Content
  • Cost for Small Businesses
  • Limited Export Options
  • Lack of Interactive Features

Simplified Comparison With Alternative AI Tools

Feature Jasper AI Simplified AI Writerly Rytr
Core Competency AI platform for content creation AI copilot for marketing teams AI-driven content creation. AI productivity software leveraging generative AI AI content writing
Unique Feature AI copywriting with brand voice consistency, AI Marketing OS Central nervous system for content writing and AI-assisted content creation Offers Smart Brand Personas and a wide range of AI tools to create content Smart Brand Personas, 30x ROI, Unlimited Usage Auto-generate content for 40+ use-cases
Other Features Workflows for Teams, Workflow Templates Brand & product positioning, Voice & Style Guide Various generators, including Sentence Expander, Photo Captions, Social Media Quotes, and more. Business Cloud, Creator Cloud, Writerly Go, Creator AI Chat Rich-text editor, plagiarism checker, collaboration
Use Cases Content creation, marketing automation Content knowledge, team acceleration, AI-assisted content Content for social media, eCommerce, Online Ads, and Business Content creation, collaboration, distribution, AI chat Blogs, Facebook ads, 40+ use-cases
Integrations Zapier, Slack, Excel, Webflow, and more. Zapier, Make, Surfer SEO, Grammarly Chrome Extension, Shopify App, WordPress Plugin., and Grammarly Native integrations, no-code cloud platform Plugins, API, browser extension
Pricing Free, Pro; $49/month, Team; $249/month, Growth; $ $1333/month, Scale; $4000/month Creator $39/mo, Teams $99/mo, Business (customized features, control, security, team training, and tech support) Free trial and AI writer Pro Plan starting at $12/month Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing Free, Creator AI Chat $4/mo, Creator AI Studio $14/mo, Team AI Studio $34/mo, Business Cloud $69/mo, Stratos Cloud $129/mo, Cirrus Cloud $219/mo, Enterprise (Contact) Free, Saver $9/mo, Unlimited $29/mo
Content Organization Not specified Project management, content creation & repackaging, review & optimization Efficient team coordination, social media integration, advanced scheduling. Collaboration, templates, team management Project organization, history, collaboration
Security Enterprise-ready solution, data security GDPR compliant, built-in privacy, secure API Impenetrable data security Built-in data security Enterprise-ready data security

Simplified Vs Jasper AI

Simplified — #1 Jasper AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Simplified is the #1 alternative to Jasper ai.
Simplified has all the essential and advanced AI writing features compared to Jasper AI.
(Unlimited — AI Writing, Updates, Templates, Workflow, Community) 🔥

Jasper AI is a web-based software for marketers and copywriters, utilizing AI to create engaging content.

Simplified AI is an AI writing tool for automating marketing tasks, content creation, and collaboration.

2. Content Creation

Jasper AI is ideal for creating content for Facebook, Email, YouTube, and native Ads copy, sales pages, landing pages, and more.

Simplified AI is perfect for creating content for Social media posts, content calendars, link shorteners, and content rewriting.

3. Content Templates

Jasper has 50+ templates for various content types.

Simplified offers 90+ AI templates focused on social media posts and content rewriting.

4. Boss Mode Vs Saas Mode

Jasper’s Boss Mode allows voice command operation.

Simplified’s SaaS Mode offers subscription-based access to services.

5. Integration

Jasper integrates with Surfer SEO for SEO optimization.

Simplified emphasizes an all-in-one solution for marketing tasks.

6. Language Support

Jasper supports over 25 languages.

Simplified’s also supports 20+ languages.

7. Pricing

Jasper offers Boss Mode at $99/month, custom plans for businesses.

Simplified offers free and paid plans ranging from $35 to $85/month.

Simplified Review: All-in-one AI Writing For Marketing Teams

Simplified is a versatile platform designed to streamline the creative process for marketers, content creators, and businesses.

From a stock library featuring free-to-use video editing tools to a fully integrated Social Media Management Tool complemented by a powerful AI Writer, Simplified aims to be the preferred solution for efficient content creation and social media engagement.

Let’s explore its standout features:

1. Blog Wizard and 90+ AI Templates

Simplified AI platform offers Blog Wizard and a vast selection of AI Templates that empower users to generate blog content with AI text.

Writers can choose from a variety of tones and styles, allowing for the creation of unique and engaging blog posts, articles, and more.

2. Brand Book, Grammarly Integration, and Plagiarism Checker

Simplified AI provides a Brand Book feature, ensuring consistency in tone and style while writing marketing content.

Integration with Grammarly enhances writing quality, while the Plagiarism Checker ensures the originality and authenticity of the generated content.

3. Direct Publishing to Shopify and 1-Click WordPress Export

For e-commerce businesses, Simplified AI offers direct publishing to Shopify, simplifying the process of showcasing products.

The 1-Click WordPress Export feature streamlines the publication of blog content, saving time and effort.

4. Collaboration and Team Management

The platform’s emphasis on collaboration and team management is evident, making it an ideal solution for teams.

Writers can collaborate in real time, share documents easily, and manage projects efficiently within the platform.

5. Multi-Language Support and Chat Integration

Simplified AI writers can generate content in over 20 languages, catering to a diverse user base.

The Chat by Simplified AI feature ensures that users can seek instant assistance, fostering a sense of support and guidance within the platform.

6. AI-Powered Video Editor

With features such as AI Subtitles and Text-to-speech, users can effortlessly create captivating videos without needing advanced editing skills.

The free online video editor ensures a seamless experience for publishing stunning content quickly.

7. Trendy Captions and Clip Creation

Simplified boosts audience engagement by offering trendy subtitles and a user-friendly text-based clip creator.

Customizable subtitles with brand-specific styles add a personal touch, and the clip creation tool simplifies repurposing content for various social channels.

8. Pro Transitions, Animations, and Free Music

Simplified empowers users to tell compelling stories and provides professional transition effects and animations.

Including a free stock library for background music and AI Text-to-Speech adds versatility to content creation, enabling users to transform videos into captivating pieces.

9. Magic Resizer

The AI Magic Resizer feature is a game-changer, allowing users to resize videos for different platforms with just a click.

This functionality ensures a broader reach and improved brand visibility across diverse social channels.

10. Video Templates and Famous Presets

With 20+ presets, including renowned styles like Ken Burns and Stop Motion, Simplified’s video editor caters to both novices and experienced creators, providing instant professional polish to videos.

11. Social Media Management Tool

Integrating social media networks seamlessly, Simplified’s Social Media Management Tool simplifies content planning, scheduling, and posting across various platforms.

Collaborative features and real-time team interaction enhance workflow efficiency.


Simplified, with its cutting-edge AI copywriting assistant, offers a wide range of content creation capabilities, making it stand out as the best free AI content generation tool in the market.

With the power of AI, Simplified provides users with a great advantage in effortlessly generating high-quality and diverse content, whether through the versatile Blog Wizard, collaboration features, or the extensive range of AI templates.

Simplified AI’s commitment to streamlining the content creation process reflects its dedication to empowering users with the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Simplified is an AI platform for content creation equipped with AI copywriting assistants, providing a diverse array of tools such as the Blog Wizard, 90+ AI templates, and advanced features like Grammarly integration and direct publishing to Shopify. It excels in offering a wide-ranging and dynamic set of tools for efficient and high-quality content generation.
Yes! Simplified's AI Writer is accessible to all free and paid users. Free users have a monthly word limit of 2000 words, while our paid plans, starting from $12 per month billed annually, allow you to generate up to 35,000 words monthly.
Simplified AI aids writers in brainstorming, outlining texts, and overcoming writer's block. It enables users to generate and edit text in their preferred style and voice.

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