CleanVoice – Features, Pricing, Alternative, and Review


At a Glance

  • CleanVoice is an AI tool that removes filler sounds such as stuttering and mouth sounds and focuses on enhancing podcast or audio recordings.
  • With an array of smart features and seamless integration options, CleanVoice aims to become the go-to solution for podcasters seeking an efficient and reliable editing tool.
  • While it may lack the fine-grained control preferred by advanced users, its user-friendly interface and smart AI make it an excellent choice for beginners and those looking for an efficient, automated solution.

CleanVoice is an AI tool that removes filler sounds such as stuttering and mouth sounds and focuses on enhancing podcast or audio recordings.

Its goal is to save users hours of manual editing and provide them with a seamless and efficient solution to improve the quality of their podcasts.

This article discusses the features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with the alternatives, and review to help you make a more informed decision when looking for a noise reduction tool for podcasts.

CleanVoice Key Features

Feature Description
Multilingual Filler Sound Remover CleanVoice detects and removes filler sounds (e.g., um’s, ah’s) in multiple languages, including German, French, and accents from other countries like Australia and Irish.
Mouth Sounds & Stuttering Removal This feature identifies and removes distracting artifacts like clicking, lip-smacking, and stuttering, making audio recordings more engaging and professional.
Dead Air Remover CleanVoice shortens long silences (Deadair) to maintain audience engagement, ensuring podcasts remain captivating and free from unengaging pauses.
Timeline Export Users can export the timeline of edits made by CleanVoice to their favorite audio editors, enabling greater control and collaboration during the editing process.
Easy as 1-2-3 CleanVoice’s user-friendly process involves uploading the audio file, letting the AI handle the cleaning, and then downloading or exporting the results, making it hassle-free for users.
Multilingual Filler Words Besides removing filler words, CleanVoice can handle filler sounds in various languages and accents, ensuring a natural flow in the edited podcast.
Smart Remover The AI’s context-based approach adds appropriate silence to make filler word removal sound more natural, avoiding unnatural gaps in the audio.
Multi-track Filler Word Remover CleanVoice seamlessly handles filler word removal in podcasts with speakers in different tracks, ensuring synchronization.
Mouth Sound Remover This feature identifies and removes distracting mouth noises, such as lip smacks and clicks, to produce cleaner and more engaging audio recordings.
Multi-track Mouth Sound Remover CleanVoice extends mouth sound removal to multiple tracks, keeping all files in sync for a consistent listening experience.
Stutter Remover CleanVoice detects and edits stuttering to make it sound as natural as possible, preserving the conversational flow in the edited audio.
Multi-track Stutter Remover Like mouth sound removal, CleanVoice ensures that stutter removal is applied across all tracks, maintaining synchronization in multi-speaker scenarios.
AI Deadair Remover CleanVoice automatically shortens excessively long silences (Deadair) to prevent disengagement and maintain a lively podcast flow.
Context-based Editing CleanVoice’s contextual understanding allows it to remove pauses based on audio context, making pauses shorter when needed and longer during topic transitions, preserving the flow.
Multi-track Silence Remover CleanVoice’s AI can efficiently handle multi-track audio by removing silences in all tracks, ensuring consistent and synchronized edits.
Integrations and Exports Users can integrate CleanVoice into their preferred audio editor for more control over the editing process, allowing users to export their audio editor’s timeline into CleanVoice.
Podcast Transcription & Subtitles CleanVoice AI generates accurate transcriptions from audio recordings, enabling users to repurpose the content for blogs, articles, or subtitles for wider accessibility.
Loudness Normalization CleanVoice helps normalize audio levels, ensuring all speakers sound equally loud and prepares podcasts for uploading with optimal sound quality.
Podcast Mixing and More Beyond loudness normalization, CleanVoice addresses other aspects like noise removal, background noise elimination, and more to enhance the overall podcast audio.
Remove Background Noise from Audio CleanVoice’s AI can effectively remove background noise and reverb from audio recordings or podcasts, producing cleaner and more professional-sounding content.

CleanVoice Pricing and Plans

CleanVoice offers two flexible pricing options for users to choose from:

1. Subscription Plans:

  • 10 Hours of processed audio per month for 10€ (1€/hour)
  • 30 Hours of processed audio per month for 25€ (0.83€/hour)
  • 100 Hours of processed audio per month for 80€ (0.80€/hour)

With subscription plans, users get a specific number of hours of processed audio per month, and they can utilize these hours as they wish within that month.

Any unused credit can be rolled over for up to three months as long as the user remains subscribed.

2. Pay as You Go:

  • 5 Hours of processed audio for 10€ (2€/hour)
  • 10 Hours of processed audio for 18€ (1.80€/hour)
  • 30 Hours of processed audio for 40€ (1.30€/hour)

Pay as you go option allows users to purchase a specific number of hours of processed audio with a one-time payment.

The purchased credit remains available for use at any time within a month of purchase.

Both options allow users to choose the most suitable plan based on their needs and usage patterns.

Additionally, Cleanvoice offers a free 30-minute credit trial, allowing users to try the service without requiring credit card information.

CleanVoice Pros And Cons


  • Effortless Filler Words Removal
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Multilingual Filler Sound Remover
  • Mouth Sounds & Stuttering Removal
  • Dead Air Remover
  • Timeline Export for Greater Control
  • Easy-to-Use Episode Title Generator
  • AI Transcription for Repurposing Content


  • Limited support for audio file formats
  • No built-in hosting platform for podcast episodes
  • Limited integrations with audio editors

CleanVoice Comparison with the Alternatives

Feature Descript Cleanvoice Krisp Alitu Podcastle
Editing Capabilities Powerful multi-track editing for videos and podcasts Filler sound, mouth sound, stuttering, and dead air removal AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant Automated tools for recording, editing, and publishing podcasts All-in-one podcast maker with automated editing and publishing
Transcription Automatic and accurate transcription with error correction tools Multilingual filler word removal and automatic transcription Meeting Transcription, Meeting Notes AI-generated transcripts with AI audio cleanup AI Audio Cleanup and AI Transcripts for finished episodes
Voice Editing Overdub allows fixing mistakes and generating lifelike voices Revoice feature for creating a digital copy of your own voice AI Voice Clarity, Background Voice Cancellation AI Audio Cleanup for crisp and clean audio AI Audio Cleanup for clear and professional audio
Noise Removal AI-powered noise cancellation for cleaner audio AI-based noise removal and background noise removal Background Voice Cancellation, Noise Cancellation, Echo Cancellation N/A AI-powered noise cancellation for enhanced audio quality
Publishing and Sharing Built-in sharable pages and easy one-click publishing Integrations and exports for more control and evaluation N/A Publishing to the world using Alitu Hosting or your own Publishing to multiple podcast hosting destinations
Pricing Paid plans starting at $12 per month with a free plan available Different subscription plans and pay-as-you-go options Free forever with Pro and Enterprise options 7-day free trial with affordable pricing for professionals and teams Different pricing plans for individuals, professionals, and teams

CleanVoice Review

CleanVoice is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to streamline the process of editing podcasts and audio recordings.

Its core objective is to save users time and effort by automatically removing filler sounds, mouth noises, and other distracting artifacts, producing professional-grade audio quality.

With an array of smart features and seamless integration options, CleanVoice aims to become the go-to solution for podcasters seeking an efficient and reliable editing tool.

1. Podcast Name Generator

The Podcast Name Generator assists creators in finding the perfect name for their podcasts using AI trained on a vast database of podcast names and descriptions.

Users can effortlessly describe their podcast, and the generator re-generates titles for new options, ensuring they find the most suitable name.

2. Podcast Question Generator

The Podcast Question Generator is a valuable resource for interview-based podcasts.

Users can generate questions and conversation starters to engage guests by inputting the topic.

This tool is especially useful for those struggling to develop thought-provoking questions, offering pointers to ensure compelling interviews.

3. Episode Title Generator

For podcast episodes, the Episode Title Generator automatically generates catchy and engaging titles based on the episode’s description.

This feature helps creators captivate their audience and create curiosity around the content.

4. Podcast Audit and Ranking

CleanVoice AI algorithm evaluates various metrics to provide actionable insights to improve the podcast’s quality.

This feature assesses factors like stuttering, ensuring the audience’s listening experience is smooth and engaging.

Moreover, it offers a ranking system that highlights areas of improvement, empowering creators to enhance their podcasting game.

5. Audio Editing Features

CleanVoice’s Filler Words Remover efficiently detects and eliminates filler sounds, enhancing the podcast’s flow and professionalism.

The Stutter Remover preserves the natural conversational flow by detecting and editing stuttering in the audio.

The Mouth Sound Remover tackles distracting mouth noises like lip smacks and clicks, ensuring cleaner and more enjoyable audio recordings.

6. Actionable Insights

CleanVoice AI’s crowning feature is Actionable Insights, where creators get a comprehensive overview of their podcast’s strengths and areas for improvement.

With detailed breakdowns of each factor affecting the podcast’s quality, CleanVoice AI provides practical tips to enhance the podcast’s overall performance.

7. Integrations and Exports

CleanVoice AI offers seamless integrations with popular audio editors like Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Reaper, and Audacity.

This integration gives users more control over the editing process, making incorporating CleanVoice AI into their preferred workflow easy.

Moreover, the Marker Export and Timeline Export features allow users to collaborate effectively during editing, providing greater flexibility.

8. Limitations

While CleanVoice’s user-friendly interface is ideal for beginners, advanced users might find the lack of granular controls limiting.

Users who prefer fine-tuning their edits manually may feel restricted by the AI’s automated processes.

CleanVoice requires a stable internet connection to function effectively as a web-based platform.

Users in areas with poor connectivity might experience delays or disruptions during the editing process.

While CleanVoice boasts multi-language support, the AI’s voice recognition accuracy may vary based on the complexity of accents and languages.

Users should verify and correct transcriptions to ensure accuracy.

CleanVoice Vs. Alitu

Alitu — #1 CleanVoice AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Alitu is the #1 alternative to CleanVoice ai.
Alitu has all the essential and advanced AI audio-enhancing features compared to CleanVoice AI.
(Unlimited — AI Podcast Editing, Updates, Noise Removal, Audio Cleanup, Transcription) 🔥

CleanVoice and Alitu are both AI-powered podcast editing tools that aim to simplify the podcast creation process for users.

While they share some similarities, they offer distinct features and functionalities to cater to different podcasting needs.

Here is a comprehensive comparison of CleanVoice and Alitu:

5. Audio Cleanup and Enhancement

Both CleanVoice and Alitu excel in AI-driven audio cleanup and enhancement.

They automatically remove filler words, mouth sounds, and other distracting artifacts, ensuring crisp and professional-sounding audio recordings.

6. Transcription and Subtitles

CleanVoice and Alitu offer podcast transcription features, generating accurate transcripts for finished episodes.

This feature aids in content repurposing for blogs, articles, and subtitles, improving accessibility and SEO.

7. Hosting

Alitu goes beyond audio editing and offers podcast hosting as a feature, allowing users to host their podcasts on Alitu’s platform.

The hosting plan is free up to 1,000 downloads per month and provides additional features like a free podcast website and clear analytics.

Cleanvoice does not provide podcast hosting as part of its feature set.

8. Integrations

CleanVoice and Alitu allow users to integrate with their preferred audio editors for more control over the editing process.

Cleanvoice also supports EDL (Edit Decision Lists) integration, expanding its compatibility with various editing tools.

9. Ease of Use

Both CleanVoice and Alitu are designed to be user-friendly, catering to podcasters of all experience levels. Their intuitive interfaces make editing and podcast creation accessible even to beginners.

10. Pricing

CleanVoice offers subscription plans with different tiers based on the monthly hours of processed audio and a pay-as-you-go option for one-time payments.

Alitu offers a flat monthly subscription plan with unlimited audio processing hours.


CleanVoice is a game-changing AI-powered editing tool that caters to podcasters and audio content creators seeking to streamline their workflow and improve audio quality.

With its impressive array of features, including filler sound removal, mouth sound, stutter removal, and seamless multi-track editing, CleanVoice delivers on its promise of saving users valuable time and effort.

While it may lack the fine-grained control preferred by advanced users, its user-friendly interface and smart AI make it an excellent choice for beginners and those looking for an efficient, automated solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cleanvoice AI offers both free and paid options. They provide a 30-minute free trial without requiring any credit card information. After that, users can choose from subscription plans with varying monthly processing hours or a pay-as-you-go option for specific hours of processed audio.
Cleanvoice AI is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that enhances podcast and audio recordings. It focuses on removing filler sounds, stuttering, mouth noises, and long silences, providing users with a seamless and efficient solution to improve their podcast quality.
The clean voice AI tool by Cleanvoice uses artificial intelligence to detect and remove various distractions in audio recordings, such as filler sounds, mouth noises, and stutters. It streamlines the editing process, saving users time and effort in creating professional-sounding podcasts.
Cleanvoice AI includes a background noise removal feature as part of its toolset. Users can utilize this feature without additional software, eliminating background noise and ensuring cleaner and more polished podcast audio.

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