Krisp AI – Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review


At a Glance

  • Krisp is an innovative noise-cancellation application that transforms your online calls by eliminating background noise and enhancing voice clarity, making every conversation more professional and focused.
  • Designed for seamless communication, Krisp acts as your audio assistant, eradicating unwanted noise in real-time and ensuring crystal-clear conversations in virtual meetings and calls.
  • With its commitment to privacy, advanced noise cancellation features, and integration with popular online communication platforms, Krisp stands as a beacon of clarity and innovation in virtual collaboration.

Krisp app, an AI-powered solution at the forefront of online communication technology in 2023, effectively removes background noise and echoes from online meetings, ensuring crystal-clear communication for remote workers.

Utilizing advanced noise cancellation and echo cancellation technologies, Krisp removes background voices and disruptive sounds, allowing users to focus on discussions without the interference of ambient noise.

With its user-friendly interface and support for various platforms, Krisp transforms the quality of online meetings and calls with its noise cancellation technology.

Read on to learn more about Krisp AI’s key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives, and review to make an informed decision for clear communication needs.


Krisp Key Features

Core Features Description
AI Voice Clarity Utilizes AI to eliminate background noise and echo from

meetings, ensuring only the primary speaker’s voice is heard and eliminating distracting background noises.

Background Voice Cancellation Breakthrough technology efficiently removes nearby human voices, creating professional calls and ensuring the primary speaker’s voice prevails in various environments.
Noise Cancellation Krisp provides bi-directional Noise Cancellation that enhances focus by eliminating all background noise with a single click, allowing for clear conversations and heightened productivity during meetings.
Echo Cancellation Krisp ensures crystal-clear audio by removing echoes caused by room surfaces, leaving only human voices, providing a clear communication experience from any location.
Accent Localization Enhances voice clarity by recognizing and adapting to different accents during online meetings, promoting complete control of the working environment with better understanding and smoother conversations.
AI Meeting Assistant Provides real-time insights through features like talk time analysis, meeting transcription, notes, and automatic summarization, enhancing productivity in online meetings.
Compatibility with Various Platforms Acts as a “smart” layer between devices and online communication solutions, ensuring compatibility with Mac and Windows, along with a wide range of headsets and microphones.
HD Voice Support Maintains high-quality audio with HD support, offering top-notch clarity while eliminating distracting background noise, contributing to an enhanced meeting experience.
Low Power Usage Mode Minimizes CPU load and energy consumption while retaining voice quality, allowing users to enjoy noise cancellation benefits without compromising device performance.
AI Meeting Notes and Summarization Automatically transcribes and summarizes online meetings, providing unlimited transcriptions and facilitating easy sharing of discussion points, summaries, and action items.
Searchable Content Transforms meeting transcripts into a searchable database, enabling efficient retrieval of key discussions and decisions for streamlined follow-ups.
Integration with Popular Platforms Integrates with Webex, Slack, Zoom, and MS Teams, leveraging AI-powered transcription, summarization, and note-taking features to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Krisp AI Pricing Plans

1. Free Plan

Free plan offers 60 Minutes/Day of Noise, Background Voice, and Echo Cancellation, Unlimited Transcriptions, and 2 Meeting Notes/Day.

2. Pro Plan

It offers all the features in free plan, plus Unlimited Noise, Background Voice, and Echo Cancellation, Unlimited Meeting Notes, HD Noise Cancellation, Centralized User Management: Manage your team users from one dashboard, and Centralized Billing.


It costs USD 12 per month/per seat.

3. Enterprise Plan

It offers all Pro Features, plus; SSO & SCIM, Analytics Dashboard, Premium Support, Centralized Settings Management, Device-Based Authentication, Custom MSA Support, and Assisted Security Reviews.


Custom pricing.

Krisp AI Pros & Cons


  • Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Enhances Voice Clarity
  • Works Across Various Communication Apps
  • Real-time Accent Localization
  • Trusted by Global Brands
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Reduces Average Handling Time (AHT)
  • Decreases Noise Complaints
  • Compatible with Both Mac and Windows
  • Transparent Insights Through Call Widget


  • Connectivity Issues May Affect Performance
  • 3-Hour Limit for Single Recordings
  • Free Plan Limits Usage to One Device at a Time
  • Logging in on a Second Device Logs You Out on the First (Free Plan)
  • Limited Simultaneous Device Usage with Free Plan

Krisp Comparison With Alternative AI Tools

Features SoliCall ClaerityAI Cleanvoice AI CrystalSound
Core Competency AI-powered noise cancellation for online meetings Patented noise cancelling technology for telephony with emphasis on call centers AI-powered noise cancelling app for professional calls AI-powered removal of filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth sounds from podcasts or audio recordings AI-powered real-time noise cancelling and voice changer app
Unique Feature AI Meeting Assistant for real-time insights Noise Firewall™ for blocking ambient noise in call centers 30-Day Free Trial with no credit card required Multilingual filler sound remover, Mouth sound and stuttering removal, Dead Air remover, Timeline Export Bi-directional best-in-class noise reduction, Audio file enhancement, High-definition stereo voice (48 kHz, 2 channel)
Other Features Background voice cancellation, echo cancellation, etc. Voice cancellation, echo cancellation, noise reduction, Noise Map™, statistics Works with existing hardware and call software, AI-powered noise reduction, Enterprise-level security Podcast transcription, mixing, background noise remover, podcast audit, episode title generator Enhance pre-recorded audio files, Change voice pitch and apply effects, Integration with popular communication platforms
Use Cases Online meetings, remote work, general communication Call centers, shared workspaces, open spaces, crowded workspaces Professional calls, remote work, teams, large organizations Podcast editing, audio recording, podcast creation, audio enhancement Noise-free calls, Studio-quality audio recording, Voice changing for fun or customization
Integration Seamless integration with Webex, Slack, Zoom, MS Teams Integration with any phone system, including soft-phones, desk-phones, and PABX Integrates with Zoom, Teams, Slack, Google Meet, and other video call, conferencing, recording, or streaming software Integrations available for podcast editing, timeline export for manual editing Seamless integration with Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Slack, MiroTalk, Discord, Loom, OBS, and more
Supported Operating Systems Android, iOS, Windows or Mac Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 Windows, macOS Not specified Windows, Mac, Linux
Free Trial Features 60 Minutes/day of Noise, Background Voice, and Echo Cancellation, Unlimited Transcriptions, 2 Meeting Notes/day 3-day free evaluation period 30-Day Free Trial, Pricing for Remote Pros, Teams, and Enterprise Free 30 minutes of credit to try the service out. No credit card is required Bi-directional best-in-class noise reduction, Audio file enhancement, High-definition stereo voice (48 kHz, two channel) starting from 90 free minutes/day, extend by inviting friends
Pricing Pro: USD 8 per month per seat (billed annually – $96), Enterprise: Customized Based on Requirements Contact Sales Team Remote Pros: $6/month (Billed annually), Teams: $5/user per month (Billed quarterly), Enterprise: Custom (Billed annually) Subscription-based pricing with different plans based on processed audio hours per month Premium: $8/month, Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Krisp vs. SoliCall

SoliCall — #1 Krisp AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, SoliCall is the #1 alternative to Krisp ai.
SoliCall has all the essential and advanced AI audio enhancing features compared to Krisp AI.
(Unlimited — AI Noise Cancellation, Echo Cancellation, Integrations, Call Summaries, Voice Volume) 🔥

Krisp and SoliCall, both aim to enhance audio quality but cater to different needs.

Krisp is a globally recognized AI-powered software specializing in noise, voice, and echo cancellation, serving over 150 million users worldwide.

On the other hand, SoliCall focuses on sound quality improvement in various scenarios, offering products like Noise Firewall and PBXMate for call centers.

1. Key Features

Krisp Solicall
Noise cancellation for both ends of the call. Profile-based and reference-based noise reduction.
Background voice cancellation for eliminating nearby voices. Echo reduction for canceling local or remote echoes.
Echo cancellation for distraction-free calls. PBXMate for call centers with real-time statistics.
Call summary for post-call insights. Automatic Gain Control for maintaining voice volume.
Widget for real-time control. Integration with soft-phones and communication software.
HD Voice for clear audio.  
Low power mode for efficient device performance.  

2. Supported Apps and Headset

Krisp supports any communication app, including Zoom, Teams, and more, and works with all headsets and earphones.

Solicall integrates with soft-phones on Windows and certain USB headsets.

3. Technical Requirements

Krisp operates on Mac and Windows (versions 10-11).

SoliCall is compatible with Windows (versions 7-11).

4. Pricing

Krisp offers a free plan and custom plans for Teams and Enterprise users.

SoliCall provides a 3-day trial of the basic version and requires contacting their team for more information.

5. Performance Comparison – Audio Quality

Krisp showcased higher scores in reducing background noise while preserving the main speaker’s voice.

Krisp outperforms SoliCall in multi-voice scenarios, removing secondary speakers’ voices and background noises.

Krisp Review

Krisp is a leading AI-powered communication enhancement tool that stands out for its transformative features in online meetings, calls, and collaboration.

From cutting-edge noise cancellation to automated meeting transcriptions, Krisp redefines how teams communicate, offering features that elevate productivity and engagement.

1. Accent Localization

One of Krisp’s standout features is the Accent Localization technology.

It dynamically adjusts agents’ accents to match the customer’s, ensuring clearer and more understandable communication.

This unique capability enhances the customer and agent experience, making interactions smoother and more personalized.

2. Noise-Free Meetings

Krisp takes center stage in eliminating background voices and noises during calls.

This leads to a remarkable 10% decrease in Average Handling Time (AHT) and an impressive 8% increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Trusted by global brands, Krisp’s impact extends beyond noise reduction, contributing to a 78% drop in noise-related complaints.

3. AI-Powered Voice Clarity

Krisp’s AI Voice Clarity feature is a game-changer in ensuring crystal-clear audio quality.

By removing background voices, disruptive noises, and echoes, Krisp creates an environment where teams can confidently communicate.

Whether in team meetings or one-on-one discussions, Krisp’s noise cancellation catalyzes improved collaboration.

4. AI Meeting Assistant

Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant takes meeting productivity to new heights.

Offering free unlimited transcriptions, automatic summarization, and a bot-free, non-intrusive experience, the AI Meeting Assistant provides real-time insights, empowering users with valuable information for effective collaboration.

5. Platform Integration

Krisp seamlessly integrates into various platforms, acting as a “smart” layer between the device and online communication solutions.

Notably, Krisp processes voice data on the device, ensuring privacy and security.

With compatibility across Mac and Windows, Krisp has become an essential tool for remote and hybrid work environments.

6. AI-Powered Voice Technologies

For software developers, Krisp offers Voice Software Development Kits (SDKs) integrated into over 150 million devices.

This integration enhances voice communications across Customer Contact as a Service (CCaaS), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), video collaboration, and audio conferencing platforms.

7. Advanced Features

  • Background Voice Cancellation: Eliminate voices other than the primary speaker, ensuring efficient and professional calls.
  • Noise Cancellation: Bi-directional noise cancellation removes background noise from all sides of the call, enhancing focus and productivity.
  • Echo Cancellation: Krisp tackles distracting room and acoustic echoes, providing crystal-clear audio in noisy environments.

8. Meeting Insights and Summaries

Krisp’s Widget and Call Summary feature provide real-time insights, allowing users to monitor talk time, meeting time, and talk ratio.

These features contribute to more balanced, inclusive, and collaborative calls.

Call Summary offers a quick overview of meeting effectiveness, including duration, speaking time, and noise cancellation impact.

9. AI Meeting Notes

Krisp’s AI Meeting Notes feature automates meeting note-taking, offering long and short summaries, action items, and discussion points.

This organized record of conversations enhances team collaboration, accountability, and decision-making.

10. Integration with Video Conferencing Platforms

Krisp integrates seamlessly with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

It ensures a high-quality audio experience and offers automatic transcription and summarization for Zoom meetings, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

Moreover, Krisp processes your voice locally on your device only, ensuring that your voice never leaves your device, ensuring privacy.

11. Searchable Transcripts

Transforming meeting transcripts into a searchable database, Krisp allows users to access relevant content effortlessly.

This feature saves time and streamlines follow-ups, ensuring that key points are easily retrievable.


Krisp acts as a transformative force designed to enhance effective online meetings and redefine the landscape of virtual communication platforms, facilitating seamless collaboration by reducing noise and ensuring crystal-clear voice communication.

As organizations worldwide embrace remote and hybrid work models, Krisp emerges as an indispensable asset, actively shaping the future of online communication.

In essence, Krisp is not just an app; it’s a pivotal tool that empowers teams to communicate confidently and fosters an environment where every voice is heard, making online interactions as impactful as face-to-face conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Krisp offers both Free and Pro plans for individuals. The Free plan comes at no cost and provides users 60 minutes of noise-free audio streams daily.
Krisp functions as a noise-cancellation desktop application designed to make online calls noiseless, thereby enhancing communication. It eliminates background noise from other call participants and reduces the noise transmitted by the user.
Yes, Krisp is compatible with various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Additionally, it can be compiled for specific embedded systems. Krisp's SDK allows seamless integration into web applications.
Yes, Krisp's Noise Cancellation technology can be used with Zoom Rooms. Users can select Krisp Microphone and/or Speaker within Zoom Rooms settings by navigating to the controller device's Settings. This integration optimizes the audio experience in Zoom Rooms by utilizing Krisp for speaker and microphone configurations.

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