Cleanup Pictures – Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review

Cleanup Pictures

At a Glance

  • is an advanced AI-powered photo editing platform that uses inpainting technology to effortlessly remove unwanted objects, watermarks, text, and imperfections from your images.
  • With advanced AI algorithms, it ensures precise and efficient photo editing for a variety of personal and business purposes.
  • offers a user-friendly online platform powered by AI, enabling users to effortlessly remove unwanted elements, objects, or text from their images. is an advanced AI-powered photo editing platform that uses inpainting technology to effortlessly remove unwanted objects, watermarks, text, and imperfections from your images.

With its user-friendly interface, users can simply upload their images to remove blemishes or unwanted elements and achieve better results than traditional photo editing tools like Photoshop.

Read on to learn more about key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives and review to use this tool for maximum advantage.

Cleanup Pictures

Cleanup Pictures Key Features

Features Description
Inpainting Technology Advanced AI-based retouching technology for removing unwanted objects, people, text, logos, and watermarks.
Use-Cases Tailored for photographers, creative agencies, real estate, e-commerce, and developers utilizing the API.
Cleanup Examples Demonstrations of image retouching for e-commerce use-cases, showcasing the platform’s capabilities.
Powering the Best Creatives Partnerships with notable brands like AGP, Hyundai, Treze, Wemuda, and ZigZag, highlighting industry recognition.
Pricing Plans Free version with limitations, Pro version (starting from $3 per month), and ClipDrop Pro version (starting from $7).
API Usage Usage-based pricing for developers, with comprehensive documentation and FAQs for seamless integration.
Image Resolutions Ability to import and edit images of any size, with export resolution limitations based on the chosen plan.
Refund Policy Transparent refund policy with a free trial period and specific conditions for refund eligibility.
Compatibility Available on both mobile and desktop platforms, with instructions for iOS and Android usage.
Subscription Management Users can easily manage subscriptions, including editing, pausing, or canceling through the designated section.
Inpainting API Versatile API for use in various environments (Node.js, SwiftUI, Kotlin, etc.), supported by extensive documentation and samples. Pricing Plans

1. Free Plan

It offers cleaning up unlimited pictures for free with a resolution limited to 720p.

2. Pro Plan

It offers unlimited images, unlimited resolution, and a high-quality refiner.


The price starts from $3/month.

3. ClipDrop Pro Plan

It includes Cleanup Pro, Image Upscaler Pro, Background Removal Pro, Web Editor Pro, ClipDrop iOS Pro, and ClipDrop Android Pro.


The price starts from $7/month. Pros & Cons


  • Offers excellent accuracy
  • Versatile usage for various scenarios
  • User-friendly interface
  • Leaves no blurry traces
  • The free version allows unlimited image clean-ups with a 720p resolution limit.


  • Lacks a zoom option, limiting detailed adjustments
  • Text removal, especially from handwritten signatures, can be challenging
  • Doesn’t support batch processing
  • Challenges in canceling subscriptions Comparison With Alternatives

Feature Fotor Picsart Image Cleaner Pixelcut
Cleaning Capability Remove unwanted objects, text, and distractions Remove objects, people, cluttered backgrounds, text Remove unwanted objects, text, watermark or people from images Remove unwanted elements, people, text, watermarks, and more Remove text, objects, or people from images
User Interface Intuitive and user-friendly User-friendly and easy to navigate User-friendly interface with easy-to-use AI image cleaner Simple and user-friendly interface for automatic image cleanup Easy and quick to use
Editing Speed Quick image cleanup for removing distractions in seconds Clean up pictures and remove unwanted distractions in just a few clicks Enhance visual appeal in seconds with AI photo cleaner Automatic removal with results in 10-60 seconds Swift and efficient removal of unwanted elements
Download Options Limited to 720px resolution for free version, Unlimited resolutions in paid plans Offers high-quality JPG, PNG, or PDF downloads Download images in any format you want Download cleaned images in any format you want Download cleaned-up images in PNG format
Free to Use Yes, Paid plans for better quality and processing hi-resolution images Yes, Paid plans for better quality and processing hi-resolution images Yes, Paid plans for better quality and processing hi-resolution images Free and without signup Free and quick to use
Subscription Pricing Pro version available at $ 5 per month, ClipDrop Pro: $7 Fotor Basic: Free, Fotor Pro: $3.33/month, Fotor Pro+: $7.49/month Picsart Gold: $0.28, Team: $0.47 No subscription required No subscription required
Use Cases Personal and business needs, travel, real estate, portraits E-commerce, travel photography, portrait editing, real estate Ideal for personal and business needs, travel, portraits Remove unwanted elements, people, text for various purposes Remove unwanted people, retouch skin, remove text
Object Removal Precision High precision with AI-powered algorithms Provides both speed and accuracy in object removal 100% precision in image cleanup with AI image cleaner Automatic removal with precision and accuracy Precise removal with just a few clicks
Old Photo Restoration Restore old photos by removing scratches and stains Capable of removing blemishes and imperfections for restoration Remove imperfections, restore old photos with AI image cleaner Fix errors in old images and restore them with a few clicks Restore old photos by removing blemishes and damages
Ease of Use Effortlessly clean images with simple steps Easy steps for cleaning up images with brush tool Easy-to-use AI image cleaner with simple steps Easy and straightforward steps for automatic image cleanup Simple and user-friendly interface for quick image cleanup
Available Platforms Web, Mobile App(iOS, Android) Web, Mobile App (iOS, Android) Web, Mobile App (iOS, Android) Web Web, Mobile App (iOS, Android) vs. Fotor

Fotor — #1 Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Fotor is the #1 alternative to
Fotor has all the essential and advanced AI image-cleaning features compared to AI.
(Unlimited — AI Picture Cleanup, Background Removal, Ease of Use, Community) 🔥


1. AI-Powered Image Cleanup

Fotor boasts an advanced AI image cleaner, providing quick and efficient cleanup of pictures, allowing users to easily remove unwanted objects, people, or text.

The tool has a step-by-step tutorial that simplifies the cleanup process, allowing users to effortlessly mark and remove unwanted elements., similar to Fotor, utilizes AI tools for image cleanup, offering features like object removal, inpainting, and removing unwanted elements.

The platform emphasizes its suitability for personal and business needs, catering to a broad user base.

2. Precision and Accuracy

Fotor’s, powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, can accurately remove unwanted objects, ensuring flawless results.

The tool excels in recreating backgrounds seamlessly, delivering high-quality, professional-grade images. claims to use advanced AI algorithms for object removal, promising to recreate the background seamlessly.

Whether it’s removing people from photos or cleaning up distracting elements, aims to provide accurate results for a variety of editing needs.

3. Use Cases

Fotor caters to diverse use cases, making it a suitable all-in-one solution for various scenarios, from e-commerce product photos to travel photography, portrait editing, landscape photography, and real estate imagery.

Users can even restore old photos, removing scratches and stains with ease. positions itself as a versatile tool for personal and business needs, such as cleaning up cluttered backgrounds for product images, removing people from travel photos, removing blemishes for portrait editing, and restoring old photos.

4. Ease of Use

Fotor’s AI image cleaner is designed to be user-friendly, and it offers a step-by-step tutorial that guides users through the cleanup process, making it accessible for individuals with varying editing skills. also emphasizes ease of use, claiming users can effortlessly clean images in seconds.

The platform’s interface is expected to be user-friendly, allowing users to quickly and intuitively remove unwanted elements from their photos. Review is an advanced tool that uses innovative AI image cleaner to detect and remove unwanted objects from photos.

It’s your go-to solution when you want to remove unnecessary objects, distractions, or defects from any picture, offering a seamless and free way to enhance your images effortlessly.

1. Free Version Brilliance

The free version of allows users to remove people, defects, or any unwanted elements from photos, making it one of the best free online tools for image enhancement.

Despite being limited to 720px resolution in the free version, it offers a superb AI photo editing experience for personal and business needs.

2. Pro Version Advantages

Upgrade to Unlimited Resolution and Advanced Features for business owners and those requiring higher resolution, the Pro version of, starting at $5 per month, is a game-changer.

This version unlocks the full potential of the web app, providing unlimited resolution and advanced features to create stunning product images or clean up real estate photos.

3. User-friendly Interface and Step-by-Step Tutorials ensures a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for all users, regardless of their familiarity with AI algorithms.

Its step-by-step tutorials guides you through the process, from uploading your image to using the object remover, enhancing the ease of use for regular users and those new to image editing.

4. The Magic of AI Technology uses advanced AI algorithms trained on vast datasets to detect and remove unwanted text, watermarks, and smaller objects.

Witness the magic unfold as the web app effortlessly cleans your images in seconds, taking care of the rest with precision and finesse.

5. Download Enhanced Images

Using brings AI Technology to your fingertips; once you’re finished removing any unwanted objects, download your image with a clean background, showcasing the prowess of AI technology in image editing.

6. Versatility for Various Needs

It enables cleaning up pictures for personal and business needs, caters to a spectrum of needs, whether you want to restore old photos, capture perfect travel moments, or create professional images for business.

Its versatility and the use of AI make it an indispensable tool for various personal and business image editing requirements.

Conclusion stands tall as one of the best tools for AI-driven image enhancement.

Its ease of use, versatility, and work magic on your images make it an indispensable companion for anyone seeking to easily remove unwanted objects from photos and get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is an online tool that leverages artificial intelligence to remove unwanted objects, people, or text from images, providing users with a quick and efficient way to enhance the visual appeal of their photos.
Yes, offers a free version of its service, allowing users to experience the AI-powered image cleanup process at no cost with unlimited images. However, there is a limit of 720p resolution in the free version, There are also premium versions with additional features for users seeking advanced capabilities. delivers high-quality results, employing advanced AI algorithms. The tool accurately removes unwanted elements without leaving blurry traces, providing users with clean and professionally enhanced images.

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