5 Best AI Tools for Customer Service

ai tools for customer service

At a Glance

  • Amelia, Zendesk, Trengo, WOTNOT, and TeamSupport are the best AI tools for Customer Support in 2023 to automate repetitive tasks, provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries.
  • AI is transforming customer experience with object detection, virtual assistants, natural language processing, machine learning, emotion recognition, automated routing, automated email response, personalized experience, and predictive analytics.
  • AI-powered customer service can help you boost sales, increase team productivity, and automate repetitive tasks freeing up more time for pressing matters.

Customers don’t want to wait on hold or navigate complex call menus for assistance. Meeting customer expectations instantly helps boost your organization’s ratings, attracting more customers and promoting your product growth.

AI is changing customer care by automating repetitive tasks and quickly and accurately responding to customer inquiries. It frees up human customer agents to handle more complex issues. It also provides valuable customer data to provide recommendations and personalized experiences.

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Discover how AI can revolutionize customer service by improving efficiency and enhancing the overall customer experience. Explore the benefits of implementing AI in customer service, and take a look at our top 5 AI-powered customer service tools designed to reduce resolution time and boost customer satisfaction. Each tool is briefly described to help you choose the one that fits your specific needs.

1. Amelia – Best AI Conversational Agent

Amelia for customer service


Amelia is a market-leading conversational AI agent through which you can build, create, and deploy your customized variety of use cases.

It will help you build a hybrid workforce with human and digital collaboration. It delivers the best human interaction with conversation, expression, emotion, and understanding, bringing greater business value.

Amelia works as a digital employee for a specific role with an interactive interface.

Amelia Key Features:

  1. Covers Four Industries
  2. Offers Solutions in Four Departments

1. Covers Four Industries

Amelia covers four industries: Banks and Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Insurance, and Telecommunications.

It can handle various tasks, such as managing IT and customer service for financial companies, navigating clinical and administrative tasks in healthcare, delivering benefits to policyholders in insurance, and transforming and optimizing employee and agent-customer interactions in telecommunications.

2. Offers Solutions in Four Departments

The software also offers Customer Care, HR Services, and IT Services solutions. In addition, it helps customers interact with its conversational AI, assists with the transition for new onboarding hires and provides IT support services.

Amelia Pricing & Plans:

The pricing for Amelia AI is not publicly available, as it is tailored to each client based on their specific needs and requirements. The cost of Amelia AI depends on factors such as the complexity of the deployment, the level of customization required, the number of users, and the level of support needed.

2. Zendesk – Best Customized Customer Service

Zendesk website homepage


Zendesk offers customer service solutions by allowing your customers to reach out to you anytime, anywhere.

Today, over 100,000 businesses use Zendesk to improve their customer support teams.

It provides a comprehensive and user-friendly customer resolution that can adapt to the growth of the business.

Zendesk focuses on delivering great customer service, setting teams up for success, and keeping the company in sync. It is a powerful all-in-one package.

Zendesk’s Key Features:

  1. Ticketing System
  2. Messaging & Live Chat
  3. Help Center
  4. Integrated Voice Solutions

1. Ticketing system

It offers a fully integrated ticketing system through a central hub for all customer questions, requests, and concerns.

2. Messaging & live chat

Customers get a prompt response with its messaging and live chat feature. You can customize this feature to meet your needs.

3. Help Center

Its help center software offers self-service that empowers customers and agents alike.

4. Integrated Voice Solutions

Its integrated voice solutions sync with all other channels, letting agents see all customer information for quick problem-solving.

Zendesk Pricing & Plans:

1. Suite Team

  • Ticketing system

  • Email, chat, voice, social messaging, and more

  • Help Center

  • AI-powered bots

  • Prebuilt analytics dashboards

  • 1,000+ apps & integrations

  • Pre-defined responses (macros)

  • Custom business rules (triggers & automation)

  • Online support from the Zendesk team

  • Digital onboarding and adoption resources


The Suite Team costs $49 per agent per month and $2,940 per year for five agents.

2. Suite Growth

  • All the features included in the previous plan plus…

  • Multiple ticket forms

  • Light Agents

  • Service level agreements (SLA)

  • Customer satisfaction ratings (CSAT)

  • Multilingual support and content

  • Self-service customer portal

  • Business hours


The Suite Growth costs $79 per agent/month and $4,740/year for five agents.

3. Suite Professional

  • All the features included in the previous plans plus…

  • Custom and live analytics

  • Side conversations

  • Skills-based routing

  • Integrated community forums

  • Data location options

  • HIPAA compliance


The Suite Professional costs $99 per agent/month, which adds up to $5,940/year for five agents.

4. Suite Enterprise

  • All the features included in the previous plans plus…
  • Sandbox

  • AI-powered Content Cues

  • Content blocks

  • Custom agent roles

  • Contextual workspaces

  • AI-powered triage and conversation insights – RETAIL ONLY


The Suite Enterprise costs $150 per agent/month and $9,000/year for five agents.


3. WOTNOT – Best Automated Customer Service

WOTNOT website homepage


WOTNOT is a no-code chatbot platform to build an AI bot easily without coding.

It helps you automate your customer-agent interactions with chatbots. For example, you can generate leads, book appointments, and improve customer support with a fun bot-building experience.

WOTNOT Key Feature

  1. Bot Builder
  2. Analytics Dashboard
  3. Live Chat
  4. WhatsApp Chatbot
  5. Appointment Booking

1. Bot Builder

A tool for building chatbots without coding. It uses a visual canvas for easy creation and customization.

It allows you to track key performance indicators of the chatbot, and it generates insights for improved bot performance.

3. Live Chat

Its live chat feature offers real-time monitoring of conversations the bot or agents handle.

4. WhatsApp Chatbot

This feature allows you to reach out to potential customers through WhatsApp. It is scalable and automated for maximum reach.

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