Sudowrite – Features, Pricing, Alternative and Review


At a Glance

  • Sudowrite is an AI writing assistant with extensive features, including descriptive writing assistance, expanded scenes, AI-generated suggestions, flexible rewriting, quick feedback, brainstorming tools, story generation, canvas for plot development, and more.
  • Compared to competitors like Quillbot, Hemingway, Novelize, and ChatGPT, Sudowrite offers unique AI-powered capabilities that take your writing to the next level.
  • With affordable pricing plans starting from $19 per month, Sudowrite is the superior choice for writers seeking to unlock their creativity and achieve remarkable results.

In 2020, Amit Gupta and James Yu created an AI novel writing assistant to make the creative writing process more enjoyable and interactive.

Sudowrite uses the power of advanced AI language models, specifically GPT-3 and GPT-4, to provide writers with creative support, editing assistance, idea generation, and more.

Unlike other AI writing tools, Sudowrite focuses on fiction writing, although it can also be used for non-fiction.

It helps with tasks such as brainstorming ideas, writing the first draft of your novel, and rewriting sections.

Sudowrite is a perfect tool for beginner and professional writers to write creative pieces quickly.


Sudowrite Features

Sudowrite offers a range of features that cater to different aspects of the writing process.

Feature Description
Describe Sudowrite helps add descriptive elements to your writing, vividly connecting readers with characters and settings.
Expand This feature helps expand scenes that feel rushed, ensuring a well-paced narrative that keeps readers engaged.
Write By analyzing your characters, tone, and plot arc, Sudowrite will write the next 300 AI-generated words in your voice, providing writing suggestions and options.
Rewrite Sudowrite is a flexible revision assistant capable of rewriting sentences or passages according to your directions.
Feedback Sudowrite offers quick feedback, providing three actionable areas for improvement in your writing.
Brainstorm This feature assists in generating plot points, character secrets, plot twists, and various ideas to enhance creativity.
Canvas Sudowrite provides a canvas to explore and develop plot points, character arcs, and themes, keeping all your inspiration and references in one place.
Brainstorm Sudowrite helps generate names, titles, or ideas for magic items, providing infinite inspiration.
Visualize Sudowrite brings your writing to life by generating art based on your descriptions, giving visual representation to your characters and worldbuilding.
Dark Mode Sudowrite offers six different dark modes for a comfortable writing experience.
Full Screen Full-screen mode lets you focus on your writing and minimize distractions.
Organization Sudowrite allows you to organize your drafts and chapters neatly within your projects.
AI 101 A deep dive into how Sudowrite utilizes GPT-3 and GPT-4 models to generate unique prose pieces and ensure originality.
Chrome Extension Sudowrite provides a Chrome extension, enabling users to write within Google Docs, making the tool accessible in their preferred writing environment.

Sudowrite Pricing & Plans

1. Hobby & Student(Free Trial Available)


This plan is suitable for hobby writers and students. It provides a limit of 30,000 AI words per month, which means Sudowrite will assist you in generating up to 30,000 words of content. There is no limit on the number of words you can write yourself.


It costs $19 per month.

2. Professional (Most Popular, Free Trial Available)


This plan is ideal for professional writers working on longer projects such as novels or screenplays. It offers 90,000 AI-generated words per month, allowing Sudowrite to assist you in generating a larger volume of content. It is the most popular plan among users.


It costs $29 per month.

3. Max(Free Trial Available)


The Max plan is designed for writers who want to deeply integrate AI into their writing process. It provides a substantial limit of 300,000 AI words per month, enabling extensive use of Sudowrite’s capabilities.


It costs $129 per month.

Comparison With Sudowrite Alternatives

Feature Sudowrite Quillbot Hemingway Novelize
Paraphrasing Sudowrite offers the ability to rephrase sentences, paragraphs, and more Quillbot is a web-based paraphrasing tool that can rephrase sentences, paragraphs, and entire documents Hemingway is an AI writing assistant that promotes active voice, identifies adverbs, and analyzes sentence length Novelize uses AI to generate plotlines, characters, and dialogue to help users write realistic and engaging scenes
Grammar and Style Suggestions Sudowrite provides grammar, style, and readability suggestions Quillbot offers grammar, style, and readability suggestions for text analysis Hemingway helps improve writing clarity by identifying passive voice, adverbs, and sentence length Novelize focuses on novel-related content generation and does not provide specific grammar and style suggestions
Idea Generation Sudowrite assists with AI-powered idea generation Quillbot can generate new content ideas based on a given topic Hemingway does not have an idea-generation feature Novelize utilizes AI to generate plotlines, characters, and complete text for novel writing
Templates and Snippets Sudowrite does not include pre-written templates or snippets Quillbot provides pre-written templates and snippets for creating different types of content Hemingway does not have pre-written templates or snippets Novelize does not include pre-written templates or snippets
Thesaurus Sudowrite has a built-in thesaurus for finding synonyms and antonyms Quillbot includes a built-in thesaurus to help users find the right words and phrases Hemingway does not have a built-in thesaurus Novelize does not have a built-in thesaurus
Integration Sudowrite has limited integration capabilities(Recently Buil a Chrome extension) Quillbot can be integrated with other productivity tools for enhanced workflow. Hemingway can be integrated with text editors and word processors for seamless writing. Novelize can be accessed on any device with a browser and internet connection.
Plagiarism Checker Sudowrite does not have a built-in plagiarism checker Quillbot includes a built-in plagiarism checker to detect potential plagiarism Hemingway does not have a plagiarism checker feature Novelize does not have a built-in plagiarism checker
Pricing Hobby & Student: $19 per month Premium: $4 per month Free Version: Available Free Trial: 17 days; Premium: $9 per month and $65 per year

Sudowriting Pros & Cons


  • Sudowrite is a powerful tool for AI writing with advanced language models.
  • Uses an AI to create content ideas.
  • The free plan has limited features and word count.
  • Offers a built-in thesaurus for finding synonyms.
  • Multiple pricing plans are available to suit different needs.
  • No limit on how many words you can write yourself.


  • Limited integration capabilities.
  • No built-in plagiarism checker.
  • The free plan has limited features and a word count.
  • It may not be suitable for writers who prefer manual writing.
  • Limited customer support options.
  • Some users may experience a learning curve in using AI.

Sudowrite Review

Why Should I Buy Sudowrite?

If you are in the stage where individuals assess their needs, evaluate available options, compare features and prices, and contemplate the potential benefits and drawbacks of purchasing an AI tool, my review might help you consider your options precisely.

It should be a matter of concern for anyone to know some background of a tool and its evolution.

A Little Backstory Of Sudowrite

Amit Gupta and James Yu created Sudowrite in 2020.

The cutting-edge AI writing platform transforms how writers craft their stories.

It leverages various iterations of OpenAI’s Transformer models, such as GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4, which were trained on multiple datasets, including a filtered version of CommonCrawl, an expanded Webtext dataset, book corpora, and English-language Wikipedia.

To enhance AI writing capabilities, it is a blend of proprietary narrative model-based and algorithmic pre- and post-processing techniques that are unparalleled in the industry.

With its advanced AI copywriting tools and state-of-the-art AI systems, Sudowrite is the ultimate tool for writers looking to elevate their storytelling prowess.

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the remarkable features and benefits that Sudowrite could offer, along with real-life experiences and insights from writers who have harnessed its power.

Brainstorm Sudowrite

Sudowrite Vs. ChatGPT

Sudowrite and ChatGPT serve different purposes.

Sudowrite focuses on generating high-quality content and assisting in writing, while ChatGPT specializes in simulating conversational interactions.

Understanding their applications and limitations can help users determine which model best suits their needs.

Feature Sudowrite ChatGPT
Purpose Generates high-quality fiction content and assists in writing. Simulates conversational interactions.
Training Data Combination of internet data and human demonstrations. A large dataset of Internet conversations.
User Interaction Input prompts or partial sentences. Interactive chat-style conversations.
Creativity Emphasizes generating creative and coherent content. Focuses on maintaining conversational context.
Limitations May occasionally produce inaccurate information. Responses may lack accuracy or exhibit erratic behavior.
Access Requires subscription and has usage limits/pricing. Available through OpenAI’s API for integration.
Applications Useful for writing articles, blog posts, and stories. Well-suited for chatbots and interactive applications.
Importance in Fiction Writing Assists in generating creative content and maintaining narrative flow. Primarily focuses on simulating dialogue and interactive exchanges.

Why Should I Prefer Sudowrite?

Sudowrite’s exceptional story idea generation, comprehensive thesaurus functionality, and affordable pricing make it a superior choice to competitors like Quillbot, Hemingway, Novelize, and ChatGPT.

With Sudowrite, writers can unlock their creativity, enhance their language skills, and achieve their writing goals without compromising quality or breaking the bank.

This edge over competitors is due to its superior AI programs and models, and all other tools fade compared to Sudowrite’s story idea generation.

Plagiarism And Sudowrite: Built For Academic Writers

Sudowrite is a tool to enhance creativity, not a means to cheat.

Sudowrite won’t plagiarize unless forced, which is against its terms of service.

It guesses words one at a time, making duplication highly unlikely.

Plagiarism requires inputting verbatim text it has seen before.

One significant benefit of Sudowrite for academic writers is its ability to provide valuable assistance in generating original ideas and improving the writing process.

Sudowrite’s advanced algorithms can help academic writers overcome writer’s block, explore different angles, and develop fresh perspectives on their topics.

With Sudowrite, academic writers can enhance their research and writing productivity while maintaining the integrity of their work.

Sudowrite Story Engine

Story Engine Sudowrite

You can choose Sudowrite for several reasons, but its ability to actually write stories and move the story forward stands out.

Unlike other writing platforms, Sudowrite’s generative AI capabilities enable writers to tap into the true potential of the new AI technology.

Whether you want to write a novel or your next draft, Sudowrite’s AI story generator empowers you to weave captivating tales easily.

With the support of Sudowrite’s story engine and its use of AI technology, you’ll unlock a whole new world of story-writing possibilities.

In short, Sudowrite is better at story writing than any other tool in the market.


If you are an aspiring creative writer, you must take advantage of the magic of Sudowrite.

Sudowrite is a powerful AI writing tool that revolutionizes the creative writing process.

It’s great for getting inspiration when you’re blocked; Sudowrite will keep your story moving.

With its advanced language models, comprehensive features, and affordable pricing plans, Sudowrite empowers writers to enhance their storytelling, overcome writer’s block, and achieve their writing goals.

Whether you’re a hobby writer, professional novelist, or academic writer, Sudowrite takes your writing to the next level with AI-generated support and unparalleled capabilities.

Sudowrite’s Story Engine is a powerful tool designed to assist you in various stages of novel writing.

Whether you need help finishing a story, finalizing details, or even starting from scratch, this tool leverages the advanced capabilities of OpenAI’s natural language model to generate realistic text for your novel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sudowrite is an AI tool that makes novel writing more enjoyable and interactive. It helps brainstorm ideas for characters and plots, provides tone variations for rewriting sections, and offers useful vocabulary suggestions.
Sudowrite’s Story Engine is a powerful tool designed to assist you in various stages of novel writing. Whether you need help finishing a story, finalizing details, or even starting from scratch, this tool leverages the advanced capabilities of OpenAI’s natural language model to generate realistic text for your novel.
Sudowrite utilizes the power of GPT-3 and GPT-4, highly advanced Transformer models with over 175 billion parameters. These models have been trained extensively on diverse datasets to grasp general concepts. With larger models, it can comprehend more complex ideas. By predicting the most probable next word, the model generates text sequentially, word by word.
Sudowrite offers three pricing tiers: Hobby & Student at $19/month with a monthly limit of 30,000 AI words. Professional at $29/month with a monthly limit of 90,000 AI words. Max at $129/month with a monthly limit of 300.000 AI words.

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