Stylize AI – Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review

Stylize AI

At a Glance

  • Stylized AI is a product staging tool that helps users rapidly create professional product photos with no studio required.
  • With its user-friendly editor and innovative technology, Stylized allows businesses to transcend traditional photography constraints and video editing, delivering visually compelling product visuals that captivate and convert more buyers.
  • Stylize AI is a generative product staging tool with artificial intelligence to remove backgrounds, adjust lighting and shadows, and provide users with a fully virtual 3D scene for unparalleled customization.

Stylize AI is a groundbreaking platform integrating advanced computer vision software and AI technology to revolutionize product photography.

This innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly create professional-looking product photos in just 30 seconds, transforming ordinary phone photos into captivating visuals without needing a physical studio.

Stylize AI is a generative product staging tool with artificial intelligence to remove backgrounds, adjust lighting and shadows, and provide users with a fully virtual 3D scene for unparalleled customization.

Read on to learn more about Stylize AI key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives, and review to make an informed decision for your product photography.


Stylize AI Key Features

Feature Description
Stylized Editor Create professional high-quality product photos in 30 seconds with elegant orange tones, snowy mountain backdrops, or dynamic images of products falling into water, using an intuitive and user-friendly stylized editor.
Virtual Photo Studio Utilize advanced computer vision and AI to remove backgrounds, relight, and render products in a fully virtual 3D scene, offering a dynamic and customizable environment for creating captivating visuals.
AI-Powered Product Staging Benefit from an AI-powered virtual product staging tool that simplifies the process of converting hasty phone photos into professional product photos without the need for a physical studio.
Generative Product Photography Leverage generative AI features to transform boring product shots into eye-catching visuals, providing a convenient and efficient solution for creating professional product photos effortlessly.
Background Removal Use advanced object detection and AI algorithms for precise background removal, ensuring that the focus remains solely on the product, enhancing the overall quality of the generated images.
Lighting and Shadows Adjustment Achieve professional lighting and shadows in product photoshoots, enhancing the visual appeal of the images and ensuring a high level of quality in every shot.
AI-Enhanced Video Editing Explore AI-enhanced video editing capabilities, allowing users to create compelling videos that showcase products in a captivating and visually appealing manner.

Stylized Pricing Plans

1. Free

It includes background removal, virtual lightbox, colors & basic materials, 1080p export, 10 magic photos/month, and 10 products in library.

2. Pro

it includes everything in the free plan plus; 50+ advanced 3D materials, 4K export, 200 magic photos/month, and an unlimited library.


It costs $20/month.

Stylized Pros & Cons


  • AI-based product photography that also offers AI video editing.
  • Virtual photo studio eliminates setup costs.
  • One-click background removal and light adjustment.
  • Versatile editing for various product shots.
  • Supports multiple e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Poshmark, and Etsy.


  • Will require a stable internet connection.
  • Limited to digital products (no physical items).
  • Limited free plan resolution.

Stylize AI Comparison With Alternatives

Feature Pixelcut VirtuLook CreatorKit ZEG Studio
Core Competency AI-powered image editing and generation of product images for e-commerce AI-based photo editing and virtual studio creation AI-enhanced product photography and virtual model fitting AI-generated images, videos, and ads creation 3D AI solution for creating product photos and videos
Unique Feature Advanced object detection and generative product photography AI-generated backgrounds and One-Click Wonders AI-generated backgrounds and diverse scene settings AI editor for content creation, branded ads, and optimized platform content 3D rendering without the need for a physical studio
Main Features Virtual photo studio, AI product staging, professional lighting and shadows Background remover, AI-powered editing tools, virtual studio AI-enhanced product imagery, diverse scene settings AI-powered image and video editing, AI product photos, ads creation, integrations 3D rendering, template-based photo creation, desktop-based solution
Free Trial Features Backgorund removal, virtual lightbox, Colors & Basic Materials, 1080p export, 10 Magic photos/month, 10 products in library Full access to AI tools, limited resolution 20 free generations, watermarked 2k photos unavailable for download 8 AI generations, 4 photo exports, HD resolution, 10 video/month, and 200 MB cloud storage First shoot for free, 100+ scenes, link collaboration, photo formats for social media
Pricing Pro; $20/month Pro; $9.99/month Monthly plan; $9.99/month & Yearly plan; $6.66/month Pro Plan; $29/month, Business Plan; $49/month, Enterprise; Custom pricing Company; $250/month, Enterprise; Custom pricing
Images Resolution 1080p in free plan & 4k in Pro plan lower resolution in the free plan & 4k in the Pro plan 2k in the Free plan & 4k in the Paid plan HD resolution in the Free plan & 4k resolution in the Paid plans 4k photos for all media channels, 3D model, custom backgrounds
API Access Available API access for various photo editing tools API not available API not available API not available

Stylize AI Vs Pixlecut

Pixelcut — #1 Stylized AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Pixelcut is the #1 alternative to Stylized ai.
Pixelcut has all the essential and advanced AI product staging features compared to Stylized AI.
(Unlimited — AI Product Photos, Edits, 3D Effects, Workflow, Community) 🔥


Bot Pixelcut and Stylized use artificial intelligence to create stunning product photos and editorials, revolutionizing product photography.

They use advanced computer vision software and AI to remove backgrounds, relight, and render your products in a fully virtual 3D scene catering to users who desire quick and easy photo perfection.

1. Core Competency

Stylize AI creates a virtual studio experience, allowing users to position and adjust products in a 3D scene.

Pixelcut specializes in efficient photo editing with AI, emphasizing 3D materials for enhanced visual appeal.

2. Unique Features

Stylize AI stands out with its expansive library of curated templates and a collaborative team environment.

Pixelcut differentiates itself by focusing on 3D materials and a virtual lightbox for quick and efficient editing.

3. User Feedback

Stylize AI users appreciate the high-tech virtual studio, praising its ability to bring creativity to product photography.

Pixelcut users highlight the platform’s simplicity and efficiency in creating visually appealing product photos.

4. Pricing

Stylize AI’s Pro plan is priced at $9.99/month, offering a clear and accessible pricing structure.

Pixelcut’s Pro plan is $20/month, providing users with advanced features, higher resolution, and a more extensive library.

Stylized AI Review

1. Innovative Approach to Visuals

Stylized AI brings a breath of fresh air to product photography.

With its innovative virtual photo studio, gone are the days of traditional setups.

The Stylized logo signifies a new era, promising professional studio-quality photography without needing a physical studio.

2. User-Friendly Editor

The Stylized product photo editor offers a variety of creative options, allowing users to experiment with different styles effortlessly.

Whether you’re seeking an elegant studio shot with orange tones, an editorial featuring snowy mountains, or a playful image of a product falling into the water, the Stylized editor brings your vision to life.

3. Customer Satisfaction Speaks Volumes

The positive feedback from businesses and users is a testament to Stylized’s effectiveness.

From beating competitors by a landslide to becoming a go-to tool for various creative needs, Stylized has garnered praise for its impact on graphic design and product representation.

4. Versatility Across Platforms

Stylized is not confined to a single platform; it’s designed to support businesses wherever they sell.

From popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon to niche markets like Poshmark and Etsy, Stylized ensures that your product visuals are optimized for maximum impact.

5. Advanced Technology

The magic behind Stylized lies in its combination of advanced computer vision software and AI.

The tool seamlessly removes backgrounds, relights scenes, and renders products in a fully virtual 3D environment.

Users gain the freedom to reposition items and adjust camera angles, culminating in capturing a magic photo that defies the constraints of traditional photography.


Stylized AI is not just a tool; it’s a creative companion for anyone looking to enhance their product photography game.

The harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and positive user experiences makes Stylized a standout choice in visual content creation.

If you’re aiming to convert more buyers with stunning visuals, Stylized is the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Stylized AI is versatile and suitable for various products, including digital items, accessories, clothing, and more. It excels in creating stunning product photos without needing a physical photo shoot.
Yes, Stylized AI is designed to be user-friendly. While there might be a slight learning curve, the platform offers a range of AI-powered tools that make the editing process intuitive, allowing beginners and experienced users to enhance their product photos efficiently.
Stylized AI is suitable for both digital and physical products. While the virtual photo studio eliminates the need for physical setups, you can still use it to enhance photos of tangible items. The platform's flexibility makes it a valuable tool for various product types.
Yes, you can use Stylized AI for free. However, there are limitations in resolution and number of image processing. To fully benefit from its unlimited features, there is a paid subscription of $20/month. 

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