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At a Glance

  • Spellbook uses GPT-4 to review and suggest language for your contracts, within Microsoft Word, empowering legal professionals to draft contracts with unprecedented efficiency.
  • With its breakthrough features like online negotiation, eSign integration, and precise AI redlining, Spellbook has become a trusted tool for over 2,000 lawyers seeking to simplify and enhance their contract management workflows.
  • The tool's proactive redlining and risk detection redefine the legal dynamic, showcasing its commitment to enhancing efficiency.

Spellbook is an AI-powered tool tuned for contract drafting and review contracts, integrating with Microsoft Word to enhance the efficiency of legal teams.

Spellbook, a company formerly known as Rally Legal, now a GPT-4 powered tool using large language model and other generative AI models, provides spellbinding reviews and suggestions for legal document contracts 3x faster, enabling you to focus on adding strategic value and providing better work products for clients.

As a leading AI contract drafting solution, Spellbook employs cutting-edge AI technology to redline and suggest precise terms, transforming the legal industry’s traditional approach to legal document creation.

Read on to learn more about Spellbook key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives, and review to help you make an informed decision for your legal contract creation needs.


Spellbook Key Features

Feature Description
Suggest Language Spellbook suggests language leveraging AI for your contracts instantly based on extensive training on billions of lines of legal text.
Detect Aggressive Terms Identifies and highlights potentially sneaky or unusual terms, ensuring clarity in contract language.
List Missing Clauses & Definitions Flags any absent clauses or definitions, aiding in comprehensive and error-free contract creation.
Negotiation Suggestions Helps legal professionals with suggestions for effective negotiation, simplifying the communication process and legal decisions.
Auto Diligence (Coming Soon) Upcoming feature to automate due diligence tasks, further enhancing efficiency.
Understands the World Beyond contracts, Spellbook is trained on diverse sources, including Wikipedia and books, providing contextual knowledge.
Powered by GPT-4 Utilizes OpenAI’s powerful GPT-4 for optimal language understanding and performance.
Tuned for Legal Specifically tuned for contracting and the first generative AI copilot for lawyers to launch commercially., Spellbook integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word.

Spellbook Pricing Plans

Spellbook is currently in early access & exploring pricing models. Get in touch with the sales team for more information. However, a subscription costs around $180 per month.

Spellbook Pros & Cons


  • Advanced AI Redlining
  • Online Negotiation Capabilities
  • Integration with Microsoft Word
  • Efficient Contract Drafting
  • Real-time Workflow Process
  • Negotiation Suggestions
  • Integration with eSign and eStamp
  • In-depth Legal Insights


  • Overwhelming Demand (may lead to onboarding delays)
  • AI Output Requires Lawyer Review
  • Potential for Biases in AI Output
  • Limited Customization Options
  • Continuous Monitoring Needed for Bias Mitigation

Spellbook Comparison With Alternatives

Features SignDesk Spellbook DolphinDocs Motionize Legaliser
Technology AI-powered contract management system GPT-4 and other large language models Custom-trained AI for legal agreements and regulations AI-powered contract drafting tool inside Microsoft Word GPT-3 powered tool
Core Competency Smart Contract Lifecycle Management Software Drafting contracts 3x faster with AI-driven contract review and suggestion Legal AI agreements and regulations AI-powered too for contract drafting AI Legal Assistant for contract analysis and creation
Unique Feature Online negotiation, eSign, and eStamp integration Spellbook Reviews with precise AI redlining Smart alerts, chat with documents, law reference add-ons AI-powered drafting tool inside Microsoft Word Instant contract insight, fairness assessment, risk analysis, anomaly detection
Integrations eSign and eStamp integration Integrated with Microsoft Word Data source integration (Coming soon), Private deployments Microsoft 365 certified, Microsoft-trusted developers Powered by Uppy, Custom integration options
Workflow Process Real-time workflow process for contracts Focus on adding strategic value, auto-diligence coming soon Chat with documents and get answers with legal insights Draft agreements 50% faster, advanced filtering, PII auto-redaction, bulk uploading, automatic styling, grows with the organization, no context switching AI contract analysis, drafting, insights, suggestions, and reporting
Negotiation Online negotiation on clauses in real-time Negotiation suggestions, detect aggressive terms Copilot with legal intelligence Browse by similar clauses and definitions, track, search, and find relevant clauses, uses tags to track, search, and find relevant clauses AI-driven negotiation suggestions
Customization Configure contracts to exact specifications Tuned for legal contracting, integrated with Word Single and multiple document support, law reference add-ons Track clauses by agreement type, clause type, party favored, and more AI-powered contract drafting and customization
Free Trial Available Available Available Available Available
Pricing Talk to sales Currently in early access & exploring pricing models. Get in touch with the sales team for information Pay as you go; $1minimum, Team; custom pricing Individual; $25/month/user, Team; $50/month/user. Enterprise; Custom pricing Pro Plan; $50/month, Business Plan; $90/month

Spellbook vs. Legaliser

Legaliser — #1 Spellbook AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Legaliser is the #1 alternative to Spellbook ai.
Legaliser has all the essential and advanced AI contract crafting features compared to Spellbook AI.
(Unlimited — AI Contract Generation, Fairness Assessment, Risk Analysis, Anomaly Detection) 🔥


Spellbook and Legaliser aim to revolutionize contract management through artificial intelligence in the rapidly evolving legal technology landscape. Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison to unravel their strengths and features.

1. Contract Creation

Spellbook uses GPT-4 and large language models for instant contract reviews and term suggestions in Microsoft Word.

Its unique features include online negotiation, e-sign integration, and precise AI redlining.

It is trusted by over 2,000 lawyers for automating legal work.

Legaliser utilizes AI legal assistant for swift contract analysis and creation with unique features, including fairness assessment, risk analysis, and anomaly detection for comprehensive contract insights.

It serves SMBs, enterprises, startups, and individuals with diverse legal needs.

2. AI Legal Assistant Features

Spellbook creates quick and compliant contracts using AI assistance and gives real-time review and understanding of key clauses.

It gives valuable recommendations and insights based on industry best practices and generations of detailed contract reports for informed decision-making.

Legaliser scans contracts for potential pitfalls and evaluates imbalanced contract clauses

It highlights unusual or non-standard contract provisions, giving a tailored solution for SMBs, enterprises, startups, and individuals.

3. User Categories

Spellbook strengthens contract negotiation with real-time insights appealing to legal professionals across various use cases.

Legaliser meets the complex needs of small to medium-sized businesses for creating contacts and legal management.

4. Training Datasets

Spellbook is trained on billions of lines of legal text.

Legaliser utilizes AI trained on legal datasets to transform document processing.

5. Fairness Evaluation

Spellbook provides fairness insights during negotiation with online redlining.

Legaliser utilizes AI-driven insights to evaluate and identify imbalanced clauses for informed decisions.

Spellbook AI Review

With the prowess of GPT-4 and other language models, Spellbook is set to redefine how legal professionals approach their work.

From precise redlining to dynamic comment generation, this tool seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, promising a transformative experience for legal practitioners.

1. Unleashing Precision Redlining

Spellbook AI, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, introduces an era of unparalleled precision in contract redlining.

Early users have shared that the Review feature has enabled them to “conduct the first pass review on contracts over 5x faster,” “discovered risks that would take hours to uncover manually,” and “have an assistant available 24/7.”

2. Integration with Microsoft Word

Breaking away from the traditional add-on approach, Spellbook becomes an integral part of Microsoft Word.

It’s not just an extension; it’s an AI-powered ally seamlessly embedded in the familiar confines of Word.

3. AI Beyond Legal Horizons

Spellbook taps into a diverse dataset covering the vast expanse of the Internet, books, and Wikipedia, enhancing its AI capabilities and providing legal insights beyond the contract.

4. Automagic Risk Detection

Spellbook is a vigilant companion with an automatic radar for potential risks and non-standard terms.

Thanks to Spellbook’s proactive risk detection, legal professionals can confidently navigate the seas of risk in their contracts.

5. Ethical AI Practices and User-Centric Approach:

With a colossal training dataset of 42 terabytes, Spellbook emphasizes ethical AI practices, aiming to detect and mitigate bias.

It clarifies its exclusive focus on legal professionals, reaffirming its role as a tool to enhance legal efficiency without replacing human judgment.


Spellbook represents a significant breakthrough in legal technology, empowering legal professionals with strategic insights and advice using artificial intelligence during contract negotiations.

It automates entire legal processes and empowers teams of all sizes with different use cases.

In the evolving realm of legal AI, Spellbook emerges as a trailblazer, reshaping how legal professionals approach contract negotiations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Spellbook is the only GPT-4 tool that uses advanced AI technology to provide accurate answers to legal questions. It works directly within Microsoft Word to streamline the contract review process by allowing you to upload various types of legal documents.
Spellbook AI is priced at approximately $180 per month for a subscription. The product has garnered significant interest, with 600 legal teams, primarily consisting of small and medium-sized practices, currently utilizing it globally.
Spellbook AI operates as a contract analysis solution, specializing in the automation of the contract review and negotiation process. Employing a combination of traditional and generative AI, Spellbook Reviews systematically marks up, redlines, and provides suggestions for legal documents as it processes through the text.

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