SciSpace By Typeset – Features, Pricing, Alternative & Review

SciSpace By Typeset – Features, Pricing, Comparison & Review

At a Glance

  • SciSpace is an AI-powered research assistant that decodes, simplifies, and enhances the understanding of research papers, streamlining the research process.
  • By providing real-time explanations, simplifying technical language, and fostering interactive learning, SciSpace transcends traditional research tools.
  • It offers formatting, collaboration, instant answers from AI-driven insights, and publication of research papers.

SciSpace by Typeset is an innovative research tool that harnesses AI algorithms’ power to revolutionize how researchers engage with scientific literature.

As a comprehensive platform, SciSpace offers an array of functionalities, including acting as a formatting tool, streamlining the research process, and facilitating the publication of research papers.

Whether you’re seeking to format your research paper, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, or access instant answers from AI-powered insights, SciSpace empowers you to navigate the realm of research with confidence and ease.

This article delves into a detailed study of key features of SciSpace, its pros & cons, pricing plans, comparison with alternatives, and a review of its features to help you make the best choice for your needs.


SciSpace Features Table

Feature Description
Real-time Explanations SciSpace offers instant explanations for text, math, and tables to get a simple explanation in research papers using artificial intelligence.
Simplified Technical Language Copilot translates jargon, acronyms, and complex paragraphs into clear, understandable terms.
Interactive Learning You can ask questions or choose from preset ones to deepen your understanding while reading.
Math and Tables Comprehension It allows you to clip unfamiliar equations or tables to unravel their meanings and significance.
Multi-language Interaction You can interact with Copilot in 13 languages and receive explanations in your preferred language.
Bookmarking and Collection Save articles and PDFs for future reference, creating a personal collection for easy access.
Future Enhancements Upcoming features include note-taking, highlights, and annotation for organizing insights.

SciSpace Pros And Cons


  • Real-time explanations for text, math, and tables, enhancing comprehension
  • Simplified technical language translation
  • Interactive learning through preset and user-generated questions
  • Math and table comprehension
  • Multi-language interaction
  • Bookmarking and personal collection
  • Future enhancements like note-taking, highlights, and annotation
  • Comprehensive research insights
  • Collaborative features for knowledge sharing


  • AI-generated explanations might lack depth
  • Dependency on AI for understanding
  • It may not cover extremely specialized topics
  • Possible inaccuracies in interpreting content
  • Limited to articles available in its database
  • Initial learning curve for new users
  • Relatively new tool, ongoing improvements are needed
  • Limited to digital content, not physical texts
  • Requires internet access for functionality

SciSpace Pricing Plans

1. Basic


It includes 30 Output Previews, a 1000-word download limit, five bibliography downloads, suggestions & track changes, integrated spellcheck, and basic support.


It is free for all users.

2. Researcher


It includes unlimited output previews, bibliography downloads, suggestions & track changes, integrated spellcheck, priority support, three Turnitin plagiarism checks per year, and one formatting service add-on.


It costs $8/month.

3. Team


It includes unlimited output previews, unrestricted downloads for all users, unlimited bibliography downloads, suggestions & track changes, integrated spellcheck, priority support, four Turnitin plagiarism checks per year, two formatting service add-ons, secure custom domain, and admin user management.


It costs $6/month.

4. Publisher


This plan offers export in JATS XML, download in HTML, production PDF output, download in ePUB, export in CrossRef XML, export in PubMed XML, add your journal template(s), OJS integration, and dedicated account manager along with all the features offered in Team plan.


It costs $199/month for 30 articles.

SciSpace Comparison With Alternative AI Tools

Feature SciSpace Scholarcy Scite Consensus OpenRead
Purpose AI-powered research assistant and analysis tool AI-powered article summarizer Discovering and evaluating scientific articles via Smart Citations AI-powered search engine for research insights AI-powered interactive papers
AI Capabilities Decoding research papers, interactive learning, simplified language, metadata analysis, etc. Summarizes research articles, reports, and documents into key sections Provides context and classification for citations Searches through research papers using AI Extensive and intensive reading, notes taking, paper drafting, research community.
Research Assistance Provides explanations, simplifies text, decodes equations, and tables for deeper understanding Creates bite-sized sections of articles for quick assessment It evaluates how articles cite each other Finds insights in research papers Core value extraction, Paper Q&A, Paper Espresso, notes system, low code paper editor, research community
Language Support Supports multiple languages for explanations
Integration Can integrate with researchers’ workflow It has a browser extension for Chrome and Edgen that integrates with Scholarcy Library.
Additional Features Interactive learning, real-time explanations, bookmarking, etc. Extracts key facts, figures, and references; builds personal summarized research library Provides Smart Citations, visualizations Instant analysis, personal summarized research library Intensive reading, figures extraction, notes system, low code paper editor, research community
Trustworthiness Trusted by leading Universities, Publishers, and Corporations across the world Trusted by researchers, academics, and professionals Trusted by leading institutions and organizations Trusted by researchers, students, doctors, professionals Trusted by researchers, academics, and professionals

SciSpace Vs. Scholarcy

Scholarcy — #1 SciSpace AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Scholarcy is the #1 alternative to SciSpace AI.
Scholarcy has all the essential and advanced AI Research Assistant features compared to SciSpace AI.
(Unlimited — Research, Summary Flashcards, Facts Extraction, Findings, Community) 🔥




SciSpace is an AI-powered research assistant and analysis tool designed to streamline the research process and enhance understanding. It offers a variety of features to help researchers decode and simplify research papers, interactively learn from them, and collaborate effectively.


Scholarcy is an AI-powered article summarizer tool designed to help researchers, students, and professionals discover new content in research articles, reports, and book chapters.

AI Capabilities:


  1. Decoding Research Papers: SciSpace can decode complex research papers, equations, and tables to provide users with simplified explanations, making the content more accessible and understandable.
  2. Interactive Learning: It offers interactive learning by providing real-time explanations and simplifications of scientific concepts, helping users easily grasp intricate ideas.
  3. Metadata Analysis: SciSpace leverages AI algorithms to analyze metadata, making it easier to assess the relevance and significance of research papers.


  1. Summarization: Scholarcy can quickly create summarized versions of research papers, reports, and documents, breaking them down into key sections.
  2. Key Facts Extraction: It extracts important facts, figures, and references from papers, offering a concise overview of the content.

Research Assistance:


  1. Real-Time Explanations: SciSpace provides instant answers to questions and highlights confusing text in research papers, facilitating quicker comprehension.
  2. Simplified Language: It translates technical and scientific information into simpler language, aiding users with varying expertise in the subject matter.
  3. Interactive Learning: The tool allows users to engage with the content through interactive explanations, creating an engaging and effective learning experience.


  1. Efficient Reading: Scholarcy’s summarization feature significantly reduces the time spent appraising a study by breaking it down into its core elements.
  2. Study Participants and Findings: The tool identifies key information such as study participants, data analyses, main findings, and limitations.



SciSpace seamlessly integrates with researchers’ workflows, offering a SciSpace copilot Chrome extension that assists in real-time while browsing the web for research articles.


It has a browser extension for Chrome and Edge. It allows users to access repositories like arXiv, biorXiv, and OSF Preprints.

It also integrates with the Scholarcy Library, providing a searchable collection of summary cards.

Additional Features:


  1. Bookmarking: The feature that allows bookmarking important sections of research papers for future references is very useful.
  2. Metadata Analysis: SciSpace analyzes metadata to provide insights into the research paper’s significance.
  3. Collaboration: It enables collaborative research by simplifying content, thus fostering effective communication among researchers.
  4. Trustworthiness: SciSpace is trusted by leading universities, publishers, and corporations, indicating its credibility and reliability in assisting researchers.


  1. Literature Review Generation: Scholarcy’s NLP assistant can generate a literature review by digesting multiple papers, aiding researchers in reading and understanding research.
  2. Trustworthiness: Scholarcy is trusted by researchers, academics, and professionals, indicating its reliability in providing summarized and relevant information.

Comparison Summary:

  • SciSpace focuses on interactive learning, real-time explanations, and collaborative research, catering to researchers who seek a deeper understanding of complex topics and want to collaborate effectively.
  • Scholarcy summarizes research articles into key sections and extracts important information, making it suitable for researchers, students, and professionals who want quick overviews of extensive content.

Both tools offer AI-powered assistance in the research process, but their emphasis and features cater to different aspects of research needs. Researchers should choose the tool that aligns with their specific requirements and preferred interaction methods with research content.

SciSpace Review

SciSpace, developed by Typeset, emerges as a groundbreaking research assistant driven by AI and designed to streamline the research process while offering many innovative features to simplify the journey through complex scientific literature.

1. AI Copilot

AI Copilot is the heart of SciSpace. It can decode any research paper and change the intricate language of academic articles into simple explanations.

Thanks to Copilot’s real-time explanations and instant answers, researchers can now easily navigate scientific literature, creating a new way to search for and find relevant papers without specifying keywords.

2. Collaborative Insights

SciSpace is more than a research tool. It’s an AI-powered research assistant and a comprehensive platform fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

With collaborative tools and integrated metadata of over 200 million scientific articles, SciSpace becomes a hub for researchers to collaborate, share insights, and connect with a network of connected and relevant papers.

Also, researchers can collaborate with other researchers on different projects and share research within the integrated platform.

3. AI-Powered Exploration

The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive AI features allow researchers to get instant answers to their questions, offering simple explanations for a better understanding of related topics.


SciSpace stands as a transformative force in the realm of research, offering an AI-powered platform that empowers researchers to unravel the complexities of scientific literature.

By providing real-time explanations, simplifying technical language, and fostering interactive learning, SciSpace transcends traditional research tools.

With its ability to decode research papers, facilitate collaboration, and create a personalized collection of insights, SciSpace ushers in a new era of efficient, insightful, and accessible scholarly exploration.

As the research landscape evolves, SciSpace remains a steadfast companion, dedicated to enhancing the research journey and enriching the pursuit of knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SciSpace is an all-in-one platform developed by Typeset that harnesses AI technology to streamline the research process. It provides a new way to search and find relevant papers without specifying keywords, enhancing the efficiency of research workflows.
The AI Copilot within SciSpace is a powerful tool to decode any research paper, offering simplified explanations and insights. It's the quickest way to read and understand scientific literature, providing instant answers from AI research assistants.
SciSpace simplifies the comprehension of complex research papers through its advanced AI technology. It decodes any research paper, highlights confusing text, and offers instant answers, making it easier for researchers to grasp intricate concepts.
Yes. Researchers can decode any research paper using the AI Copilot, ask follow-up questions, and get instant answers.
SciSpace enables researchers to discover a network of connected and relevant papers. It's an invaluable tool for finding research findings that align with specific interests and topics, enhancing the scope of research exploration.
SciSpace is an all-in-one platform designed to cater to diverse research needs. It simplifies complex research papers, decodes any research paper, and provides instant answers from AI research assistant, making it a comprehensive solution for researchers.
SciSpace provides the means to search for relevant research findings efficiently. It streamlines the process of locating pertinent content by offering a new way to search and find relevant papers without specifying keywords.
SciSpace's AI-powered features, including the AI Copilot to decode any research paper, provide researchers with unprecedented insights and understanding. These features contribute to an enhanced research experience and deeper knowledge acquisition.
SciSpace allows you to decode any research paper, highlight confusing text, and provide instant answers from AI research assistants, addressing the challenges researchers often face in understanding intricate scientific literature.
SciSpace's all-in-one platform brings researchers together by offering collaborative tools and a shared platform for exploration. Its AI-powered insights and interactive learning capabilities foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.
SciSpace's unique combination of AI technology, simplified understanding, instant answers, and interactive learning sets it apart as a groundbreaking research tool. It transforms the way researchers access and comprehend scientific literature.

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