Runway AI – Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review

Runway - Best For Storytelling Through Graphic Designing

At a Glance

  • Runway AI is an innovative AI-powered platform renowned for its advanced AI Magic Tools, enabling users to seamlessly create captivating videos and images through a unique interface, fostering a new era of creative expression.
  • With a strong emphasis on AI research, Runway AI stands out for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of generative technology, offering users cutting-edge features and a dynamic ecosystem for creative exploration.
  • Runway AI offers advanced creativity with artificial intelligence, allowing users to explore a rich array of AI magic tools, including Motion Brush and powerful features like Green Screen and Inpainting.

Runway AI, a pioneering platform at the forefront of AI innovation, leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models, including both Gen-1 and the cutting-edge Gen-2, to redefine creative possibilities.

With customized AI model training, Runway AI empowers users to effortlessly generate videos by simply using text prompts, providing a revolutionary way to create dynamic content in 2024.

With features like image-to-image generation, text-to-video capabilities, and stable diffusion techniques, Runway AI stands out as a comprehensive AI training ground, enabling users to animate, upscale, and easily customize generative AI models.

Runway AI continues to shape the landscape of using artificial intelligence in video generation and creative endeavors through its commitment to providing custom AI solutions and ushering in the next era of generative AI.

Read on to learn more about Runway AI’s key features, pros & cons, pricing plans, comparison with alternatives and review to make an informed decision for your video generating needs.

Runway - Best For Storytelling Through Graphic Designing

Runway AI Key Features

Feature Description
Gen-1 and Gen-2 Models Utilize advanced AI models, including Gen-1 and Gen-2, for diverse and cutting-edge creative possibilities.
AI Video Generation Effortlessly generate videos by providing text prompts, transforming the way dynamic content is created in 2023.
Image-to-Image Generation This feature lets you generate images by leveraging AI to reimagine and remix styles, compositions, and content.
Text-to-Video Generate videos using text inputs, allowing users to tell their stories through AI-driven video creation.
Stable Diffusion Realistically and consistently synthesize new videos from text, providing a unique approach to video generation.
AI Magic Tools Access over 30 AI tools, such as Motion Brush, Background Removal, and Slow Motion, for diverse creative applications.
Custom AI Training Train custom AI models on specific subjects and styles, providing users with tailored and personalized AI solutions.
Brush Stroke Interaction Use the Motion Brush for a unique interface that directs specific movements across generated content with a simple brush stroke.
Green Screen Remove backgrounds instantly from any video, enhancing flexibility in creative projects.
Inpainting Erase elements from videos seamlessly with a simple brush stroke, offering advanced editing capabilities.
Upscaling Endlessly expand images with simple text prompts, allowing for infinite upscaling possibilities.
Click and Try Runway A user-friendly interface that encourages exploration and experimentation with AI tools by clicking and trying Runway.
AI Training Platform Comprehensive AI training ground providing users the ability to animate, upscale, and customize AI models with ease.
Gen-2 Explainer Understand the advancements and features of Gen-2 through video explainers, enhancing user knowledge and engagement.

Runway Pricing Plans

1. Standard Plan

This plan caters to individuals and teams seeking expanded access, more AI Magic Tools, and diverse export options. With a maximum of 5 users per workspace, users get 625 credits per month, resetting monthly from the subscription date. Notable features include video generation capabilities for Gen-1 and Gen-2, upscale resolution, removal of watermarks, unlimited video editor projects, 100GB assets, and support for up to 5 editors. It also provides video editor exports in 4K with Green Screen alpha matte, 2K image exports, and full 3D texture options. The plan allows training custom AI generators, including 1 training session.


It is priced at $12 per user per month, billed annually at $144.

2. Pro Plan

It targets large teams and companies looking for a comprehensive set of features. Supporting a maximum of 10 users per workspace, users get 2250 credits per month, resetting monthly from the subscription date. Features include upscale resolution, removal of watermarks on Gen-1 and Gen-2, unlimited video editor projects, 500GB assets, and support for up to 10 editors. Additionally, it offers enhanced export options such as PNG & ProRes for video editor compositions and extended image export options. The plan allows training custom AI generators, including 1 training session.


It is priced at $28 per user per month, billed annually at $336.

3. Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan provides all the features of the Pro plan with the added benefit of unlimited video generations. This plan, supporting a maximum of 10 users per workspace, includes all Pro Plan features, plus unlimited generations of Gen-1 and Gen-2 in Explore Mode at a relaxed rate. In Explore Mode, generation times may be longer, and concurrent runs may be limited based on overall site traffic. Credits, with no rate restrictions, reset to 2250 every month starting from the subscription date. Users have the option to buy additional credits as needed.


The Unlimited plan is priced at $76 per user per month, billed annually at $912.

Runway Pros & Cons


  • Runway is deeply involved in AI research, offering cutting-edge features and advancements.
  • Over 30 AI Magic Tools provide users various creative options.
  • The unique Motion Brush interface allows users to direct specific movements with a brush stroke.
  • Runway has a community of artists and creators, fostering collaboration and support.
  • Comprehensive Pro and Unlimited plans cater to individuals and large teams.


  • Users may face a learning curve, especially when exploring advanced AI Magic Tools.
  • The pricing structure, while flexible, may be complex for some users to navigate.
  • Some AI processes may be resource-intensive, affecting system performance during complex tasks.
  • The variety of video export formats may be limited compared to some other platforms.

Runway AI Comparison with Alternative Tools

Features Runway AI Synthesia Fliki HeyGen AI InVideo
Core Competency Applied AI research company, advancing  creativity AI video generation platform Video creation made 10x simpler & faster with AI voices, using text to video tool Effortlessly produce studio quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices Create videos using 5000+ pre-made templates with InVideo AI
Unique Feature Gen-2 advancements, multimodal AI 140+ AI avatars, script-to-video capability Simple editor, Fast creation, Cost effective, Script-based editor Create personalized outreach videos at scale, Supercharge content calendar with videos, AI-powered video creation for various needs Turn any idea or content into a video clip instantly with AI-based automation and 5000+ pre-made templates
Other Features 30+ AI magic tools, mobile app, image to image, AI model training AI voiceovers, easy updates, integrations  Access to millions of stock media, Over 2000 Text-to-Speech voices across 75+ languages AI avatars, 300+ voices, Video translator, API integration, ChatGPT script writer, AI outfits, Integrations, Templates for various scenarios 16 mn+ stock media, AI-based easy edits, human-sounding voiceovers, multiplayer editing (Coming soon), Monthly and Yearly pricing plans, AI mobile app
Use Cases Art, entertainment, creative tools Learning & Development, Sales Enablement, various business uses Content Creation, Business & Corporate, Marketing & Social Media, Education & E-Learning, eCommerce, Localization & Translation Sales outreach, Content marketing, Product marketing, Learning & development, and more Social media success, Revenue stream creation, Time-saving workflow optimization, Brand growth through video
Pricing Flexible plans, buy more credits Free AI video generator, enterprise pricing Start for free, credit card not required, unlimited access to features with limitations such as duration and exports 1 free credit, 1 seat, 1 instant avatar, 120+ public avatars, 300+ voices Free plan with limited AI generation, Paid plans with more features, Monthly and Yearly options, 20% off on Yearly plans
AI Video Creation Generative AI video creation tools AI Video Editor, AI Video Maker, Text to Video, Script to Video Idea to Video, Blog to Video, PPT to Video, Tweet to Video, Avatar video Instant avatar creation, Studio avatar, Video translation, Voice cloning, Photo avatar, Text to Speech, Personalized video AI-driven video generation, Script creation, Scene generation, Voiceovers, Full video editor
Free Trial Features 125 credits for 25s Gen-2 or 8s Gen-1 video, 25 image generations, no extra credit purchase or resolution upscaling, and limited to 720p exports with constrained image export options. Sythesia lets you generate videos with limited functionalities for free Start for free, credit card not required, unlimited access to features with limitations such as duration and exports 1 free credit, 1 seat, 1 instant avatar, 120+ public avatars, 300+ voices Free plan with 10 mins/week of AI generation, 10 GB storage, 4 exports/week with InVideo logo, 2.5M+ standard media
Pricing Standard; $12/user/month, Pro; $28/user/month, Unlimited; $76/user/month Starter; $22/month, Creator; $67/month, Enterprise; CUstom prising Standard; $21/month, Premium; $66/month Creator; $24/month, Business$72/month, Enterprise; Custom pricing Plus; $20/month, Max; $48/month

Runway Vs Synthesia


Synthesia — #1 Runway AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Synthesia is the #1 alternative to Runway ai.
Synthesia has all the essential and advanced AI video creation features compared to Runway AI.
(Unlimited — AI Videos, Editing, Customization, Avatars, Languages) 🔥

Let’s compare the two best competitors in AI video creation to help you get a clear picture of their strengths and features.

1. Research and Product Focus

Runway AI is positioned as an applied AI research company advancing creativity in art, entertainment, and human creativity. Offers Gen-1 and Gen-2 video generation, with a focus on AI Magic Tools.

Synthesia is labeled as the #1 AI Video Creation Platform, catering to diverse industries and highlighting customer success stories.

2. Customer Base

Runway AI cites global brands and enterprises like CBS, Google, and Nvidia as customers.

Synthesia is trusted by over 50,000 companies, including Accenture, Reuters, and Xerox.

3. AI Research and Features

Runway AI showcases Gen-2 as a significant step forward in generative AI, with Motion Brush and 30+ AI Magic Tools. Highlights recent research releases, including General World Models and efforts to mitigate biases in generative systems.

Synthesia emphasizes AI avatars, voiceovers in 120+ languages, easy updates, diverse templates, and integrations.

4. Use Cases and Creativity Tools

Runway AI targets global brands, enterprises, and creatives, offering tools like Motion Brush for directing specific movements and a variety of AI Magic Tools.

Synthesia stresses the replacement of traditional training methods with engaging videos and offers over 200 free video templates.

5. Customer Testimonials

Runway AI features positive feedback from creatives, highlighting the efficiency and time-saving benefits of using Runway tools.

Synthesia highlights testimonials from various professionals, citing increased engagement and significant cost and time savings.

6. AI Safety and Research Initiatives

Runway AI aligns its mission with enabling new types of creative tools and emphasizes Runway Research enabling the impossible.

Synthesia prioritizes secure, safe, and ethical use of AI, with SOC 2 and GDPR compliance, a Trust & Safety team, and active engagement with regulatory bodies.

Runway AI Review

Runway AI stands as a pioneering applied AI research company that has been at the forefront of advancing creativity through artificial intelligence.

With Runway Gen-2 leading the way, this platform has opened up new avenues for artists, creators, and innovators to harness the potential of AI in shaping the next era of art, entertainment, and human creativity.

1. Use Cases and Applications

Its AI video generator is a standout feature, allowing users to create videos using text prompts.

The platform offers a rich array of applications, from video editing and AI avatars to generating novel videos with text and overlaying AI-generated content onto real-world scenes.

2. Multimodal AI and Generative Models

Runway distinguishes itself with its multimodal AI capabilities, offering users the ability to create videos, images, and more using diverse generative models.

The system can generate novel content, ranging from videos with text inputs to creative image generation, showcasing the platform’s adaptability in content generation.

3. AI Magic Tools and Model Training

Runway provides an extensive toolkit with over 30 AI magic tools, including features like Motion Brush, Inpainting, and Upscaling.

Users can also train custom AI models using the platform, amplifying their creative capabilities.

This multimodal approach enables users to explore various artistic avenues, from simple brush interactions to more complex generative processes.

4. Pricing Plans and Credits

Runway offers flexible pricing plans, including a basic plan and a standard plan.

Users have the option to buy more credits, giving them the freedom to explore advanced features.

This credits-based pricing structure allows users to tailor their experience based on their creative needs, without overspending.

5. Mobile App and Content Generation

Runway’s mobile app extends the platform’s reach, enabling users to generate creative content on the go.

The app retains the powerful features of the web platform, letting users transform their ideas into reality with ease.

6. Alternatives and Competitive Edge

In a landscape filled with alternatives, Runway stands out with its focus on multimodal AI and generative models.

The platform’s commitment to advancing creativity with features like text-to-video and its extensive AI magic tools set it apart from other AI generators.

7. Customer Support and Community

Runway places a strong emphasis on customer support, with features like voiceovers and text-to-speech capabilities adding a personal touch to the user experience.

The platform also fosters a vibrant community where artists, creators, and marketers can share their experiences and insights.


Runway ML stands at the forefront of applied AI research, shaping a new era for art, entertainment, and human creativity.

Offering both Gen-1 and the groundbreaking Gen-2, Runway empowers global brands, enterprises, and creatives to shift the storytelling paradigm.

Runway AI offers advanced creativity with artificial intelligence, allowing users to explore a rich array of AI magic tools, including Motion Brush and powerful features like Green Screen and Inpainting.

Trusted by top creatives and backed by a vibrant community, Runway not only introduces innovative technology but also fosters a new era of storytelling through initiatives like Runway Studios and the AI Film Festival.

Runway also lets you transform your ideas into reality, giving you unprecedented control over the creative process and enabling the impossible with its multimodal AI systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Runway AI provides four product pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Unlimited, with a 20% discount on Annual plans. The Basic plan is free, offering 125 monthly credits for image generation, 3 video projects, 10 AI Magic Tools, 720p video exports, 5 GB of asset storage, and support for three editors.
Runway AI features a unique interface that enables users to direct specific movements across their creations with a simple brush stroke. It allows users to generate videos using text, images, or video clips, create compelling images with text prompts, and endlessly expand images through straightforward text input.
Runway was founded in 2018 by Alejandro Matamala Valenzuela and Anastasis Germanidis.
Yes, Runway AI is free to use. Additionally, there are subscription plans available for users seeking advanced features.
Gen-2, introduced in March 2023, represents an enhancement over Runway's Gen-1 model. It allows users to input text prompts to generate new four-second-long videos using its proprietary AI foundation model. Alternatively, users can upload images to which Gen-2 adds motion. This contrasts with Gen-1, which required the upload of existing video clips.

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