Resume Worded – Features, Pricing, Alternative, and Review

Resume Worded

At a Glance

  • Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform that instantly gives you tailored feedback on how to optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile, ensuring they are compelling and competitive in today's job market.
  • Resume Worded's AI features employ advanced algorithms and data analysis to provide personalized resume feedback, optimize your profile for applicant tracking systems (ATS), and help you build a standout resume for potential employers.
  • With its comprehensive AI tools, including the resume grader, users can transform their standard resumes into complete, compelling documents.

Resume Worded is a powerful platform designed to elevate your job search by enhancing your resume and LinkedIn profile.

This AI-driven tool, created by seasoned recruiters, offers personalized feedback and expert guidance to help you stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Read on to learn more about Resume Worded key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives, and review to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded Key Features

Feature Description
Score My Resume An AI-powered resume checker that evaluates your resume on 20+ criteria, providing actionable feedback for improvement.
Resume Samples Users can access a vast library of 250+ sample bullet points and templates across various industries and skills.
Resume Targeting Individuals can receive detailed feedback on your resume’s content, including bullet points, to enhance its effectiveness.
LinkedIn Optimization Users can optimize their LinkedIn profile to attract more recruiters and job opportunities.
Targeted Resume It analyzes job descriptions, identifies keywords, and helps tailor your resume for specific jobs.
Resume Grammar Checker Resume Worded offers a tool that checks for grammatical errors and provides a score, improving the quality of your resume.
Resume Optimizer It helps optimize your resume against key criteria hiring managers look for to increase your chances of success.
ATS Resume Templates It has professional resume templates optimized for ATS and recruitment software compatibility.
Resume Action Verbs Features curated action words to make your resume bullet points stand out.
Resume Examples Over 100 resume examples from various industries, vetted by recruiters and optimized for ATS.
LinkedIn Review A service that optimizes your LinkedIn profile to attract more job opportunities and recruiters.
Cover Letter Checklist It has guidelines and tools to ensure your cover letter meets industry standards and increases your job prospects.

Resume Worded Pricing Plan

Resume Worded Pricing

Resume Worded Pro

With Resume Worded Pro, you can unlock the power of unlimited comprehensive resume and LinkedIn reviews, access over 250 carefully curated resume lines, analyze 50+ metrics, and much more.

With Resume Worded Pro, you’ll have all the tools to craft your most impressive resume and LinkedIn profile ever.

There are three paid plans for the Pro version.

1. Monthly Plan


It offers an AI resume writing assistant powered by OpenAI’s GPT, an easy-to-use interface suitable for all skill levels, ATS-friendly resumes to pass applicant tracking systems, No sign-up required,  build and download without an account, and PDF Download for professionally designed resumes.


It costs $49 per month.

2. Quarterly Plan


You can save 30% compared to the monthly plan (equivalent to one month free). It is ideal for job searches lasting 3-6 months, allowing for tailored resumes for different jobs and industries.


It costs $79 billed every three months (equivalent to $33/month).

3. One Year Plan


It is the most flexible plan suitable for all job seekers. This plan is ideal whether you’re actively applying, changing careers, or passively job searching.


It costs one payment of $229 (equivalent to $19/month).

Resume Worded Pros & Cons


  • Offers a free resume checker
  • Provides AI-powered resume feedback
  • Helps tailor resumes to specific job descriptions
  • Offers professional resume templates
  • Guides writing ATS-friendly resumes
  • Includes LinkedIn profile optimization tips


  • Limited customization options for free users
  • The monthly subscription fee for some advanced features
  • Not suitable for one-time use
  • The free version may have limitations

 Resume Worded Alternatives In 2023

Feature Resume Worded Resume Standard Kickresume Resume Maker.Online
Resume Checker Offers a free AI-powered resume checker. Provides an online resume builder with professional templates. Offers an online resume builder with resume templates. Offers a resume checker to compare your resume. Offers a user-friendly interface with powerful features.
ATS Optimization Analyzes job descriptions to optimize resumes for ATS. Offers a large selection of resume templates optimized for ATS. Provides optimized resume templates for job applications. Provides ATS-friendly resume templates. Designed with ATS in mind for smooth application processes.
Resume Improvement Provides personalized feedback on improving resumes. Includes AI-powered pre-written phrases to assist with resume writing. Offers easy creation of resumes that follow best practices. Offers AI-driven resume writing for better content. Features an AI resume bullet point generator powered by OpenAI.
Cover Letter Maker Focuses on resume optimization and LinkedIn profile review. Offers a cover letter maker with professionally designed templates. Allows you to create web resumes for profile sharing. Provides an AI cover letter writer. Allows you to create and store multiple cover letters.
Ease of Use Provides a user-friendly platform for resume enhancement. Allows easy online editing of resumes and cover letters. Offers a straightforward and easy-to-use resume builder. Offers customizable resume templates. Designed for job seekers of all expertise levels.
Data Privacy Ensures data privacy with strong encryption. Maintains data confidentiality. Offers web resume sharing and view tracking. Protects user data with GDPR compliance. Offers local storage for complete data control.
Review and Ratings Has a presence on Trustpilot with user reviews. Features user reviews and ratings for templates. Offers hiring manager-approved resume templates. Has high user ratings on Google and the App Store. Has millions of users across the globe
Template Selection Offers professionally designed resume templates. Provides a wide range of templates for different professions. Provides 12 uniquely designed resume templates. Offers a variety of professionally designed templates. Offers an effective, simple resume template.
LinkedIn Profile Enhancement Offers LinkedIn profile review and optimization tips. Focuses on resume and cover letter creation. Offers a web resume as an alternative to LinkedIn profiles. Allows LinkedIn data import for resume creation. Focuses on resume and cover letter creation
Social Media Integration Integrates with LinkedIn profile Connects with users on social media. Offers links to social media profiles. Integrates with various social media platforms. Does not integrate with social media.

Resume Worded Vs — #1 Resume Worded Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, is the #1 alternative to Resume Worded. has all the essential and advanced AI resume-enhancing features compared to Resume Worded.
(Unlimited — Resume Templates, Cover Letters, Feedback, Spell Checker, Export Options) 🔥


Resume Worded and are both popular online resume builder platforms, but they offer slightly different features and capabilities to help job seekers create impressive resumes and cover letters. Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the two:

1. Resume Templates

Resume Worded offers a variety of professionally designed resume templates optimized for ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems).

These templates cater to different industries and roles, ensuring users can find a suitable format to develop a standout resume. provides a collection of professionally designed resume templates, allowing users to choose various styles.

The templates are visually appealing and can be customized to create polished resumes.

2. AI-Powered Features

Resume Worded offers an AI resume review that gives users detailed feedback on their resumes, highlighting areas for improvement.

The platform includes a job description analysis feature, helping users tailor their resumes to specific job postings by identifying relevant keywords and skills. also boasts powerful AI features for effective resume building that stands out.

However, it does not emphasize AI-powered features as prominently as Resume Worded.

It focuses more on template variety and ease of use to assist users in creating compelling resumes.

3. Spell-Checker

Resume Worded does not explicitly mention a built-in spell-checker as one of its features. offers an automatic spell-checker to help users identify and correct grammatical errors and typos on their resumes, ensuring polished content.

4. Privacy

Resume Worded is a tool that emphasizes privacy and assures users that it does not store their data, providing security for those concerned about data privacy.

Resumeio pricing does not explicitly mention privacy features. It’s important to follow standard internet security practices when using online platforms.

5. Export Options

Resume Worded does not explicitly mention export options for saving resumes in different formats. supports multi-format export, allowing users to save their resumes in common formats such as PDF and Word, making it easy to share with potential employers.

6. Cover Letters

Resume Worded primarily focuses on resume optimization; however, it also provides sample cover letters and a step-by-step checklist for writing job-winning cover letters. provides professionally designed cover letters and resume templates, making it a comprehensive solution for job application documents.

7. Pricing

Resume Worded offers different pricing plans, including free and premium options.

The pricing ranges from $49/month to $229/year. also offers different pricing plans, including a free trial and various subscription options, ensuring flexibility for users with different requirements.

The pricing starts from as low as $24.95/month, going up to $74.95/year.

8. Overall Focus

Resume Worded strongly emphasizes AI-powered features, helping users receive detailed feedback and tailor their resumes to specific job postings. It’s ideal for users looking for in-depth resume optimization. focuses on user-friendly templates and ease of use, making it a convenient option for users who prefer a simpler approach to resume creation.

Resume Worded Review

Resume Worded is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of tools and resources to help job seekers optimize their resumes, tailor their applications to specific jobs, and enhance their LinkedIn profiles.

Let’s dive into an in-depth review of Resume Worded’s offerings.

1. Resume Score and Analysis

Resume Worded’s “Score My Resume” tool is a standout feature.

Powered by AI, it scores your resume against key criteria that recruiters and hiring managers prioritize.

It provides instant feedback on your resume and offers actionable steps to revamp it.

2. Tailoring Resumes To a Specific Job

One of job seekers’ most significant challenges is customizing their resumes for specific job applications.

Upon uploading their resumes, users get essential keywords and skills missing from their resumes.

This feature is invaluable in ensuring that your application resonates with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and increases your chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

3. ATS-Optimized Templates

The platform offers a range of professionally designed Word and Google Docs resume templates.

These templates have been vetted by recruiters and are optimized to pass through ATS and resume screening software.

This feature is a valuable resource for anyone looking to avoid rejection by automated systems and present their qualifications effectively.

4. Resume Improvement Suggestions

By uploading your resume to Resume Worded’s free resume scanner, you receive tailored feedback on your resume.

This feature goes beyond scoring and provides actionable recommendations, helping job seekers enhance their resumes quickly.

5. LinkedIn Profile Feedback

A strong LinkedIn profile and resume are essential for networking and job opportunities.

Additionally, the platform provides tailored feedback and helps you improve your resume and LinkedIn profile, including a review feature that optimizes feedback on your LinkedIn profile.

Furthermore, the platform provides valuable insights on increasing your profile’s visibility, helping you connect with relevant recruiters and prospects.

6. Cover Letter Guidance

Resume Worded also provides insightful guidance on crafting effective cover letters.

It emphasizes the importance of not duplicating your resume in your cover letter but rather using it as an opportunity to provide unique insights.

The platform offers advice on tailoring the tone and content of your resume and cover letter based on the industry you’re applying to.

7. Rich Resources

Resume Worded’s extensive collection of resources is a significant strength.

It offers over 300 pre-written sample bullet points with the best resume lines, making it easier for job seekers to craft their achievements effectively.

Additionally, it provides over 250 resume examples from various industries, offering inspiration and guidance.

8. User-Friendly Interface

The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to job seekers of all experience levels.

The tools and resources are well-organized, and the website offers clear instructions and explanations, simplifying the resume-building process.

9. Free and Premium Options

Resume Worded provides both free and premium features, accommodating a wide range of job seekers.

The free tools offer substantial value, such as a free expert review of your resume or LinkedIn profile, but premium users can benefit from more advanced features and personalized feedback.

10. Expert-Backed Advice

What sets Resume Worded apart is its commitment to providing expert feedback on your resume.

The platform’s suggestions are curated by real hiring managers and recruiters from top companies, ensuring that the guidance is practical and up-to-date.


Resume Worded is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to elevate their resume writing efforts.

With its comprehensive AI tools, including the resume grader, users can transform their standard resumes into complete, compelling documents that catch the eye of employers.

By providing tailored feedback and insights, Resume Worded can help job seekers enhance their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, ultimately increasing their chances of securing interviews and job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Resume Worded is an online platform designed to help individuals improve their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. It utilizes AI-powered technology to provide personalized feedback and suggestions for enhancing the content and format of your resume. It also offers tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase visibility to recruiters and employers.
Yes, Resume Worded is designed to assist job seekers across various industries and job levels. Whether you are an entry-level candidate or an experienced professional in fields ranging from technology to healthcare, Resume Worded offers insights and recommendations to improve your resume's effectiveness.
Resume Worded's AI-powered recommendations are based on extensive data analysis and industry-specific insights. These recommendations are curated by real hiring managers and recruiters from top companies, making them trustworthy and valuable for optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile.
Resume Worded offers both free and premium services. Users can access free features like resume scoring and LinkedIn profile reviews. However, there are premium plans available that offer additional benefits such as unlimited reviews and more in-depth feedback.
Resume Worded can significantly improve your job search by ensuring that your resume and LinkedIn profile are optimized to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. By following the platform's recommendations, you can increase your chances of getting noticed and securing interviews for your desired positions.

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