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remove bg

At a Glance

  • is an image background remover tool that automatically removes backgrounds from images online for free.
  • makes it easy to edit and enhance your images, whether you want to add other photos on top or replace the current background with their free library of templates.
  • It offers features like adjusting shadows and outlines to enhance depth and focus in images for a more realistic and impactful result. is a cutting-edge AI-powered image background removal tool that makes transparent backgrounds for any image without manual editing.

This versatile tool allows users to upload an image and automatically remove the background using advanced AI technology, saving time and effort.

Whether you need a transparent background, want to add a new one, or insert a white one, handles it all with precision.

The platform ensures a smooth and efficient process, making it an ideal choice for various applications, from product image editing to personal photo enhancement.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful AI capabilities, the free online background eraser stands out as a go-to tool for removing background online while achieving professional-looking images without the complexity of traditional photo editing tools.

Read on to learn more about key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives and review to make an informed decision for your background changing needs.

remove bg Core Features

Core Features Description
Automatic Background Removal offers 100% automatic background removal in just 5 seconds with one click, ensuring stunning quality.
Versatile Application The AI-powered tool can handle a variety of subjects, including people, products, animals, cars, and graphics. The delete bg tool allows users to add new images or objects onto their existing photos among many other photo editor tools.
Transparent Backgrounds Users can effortlessly make backgrounds transparent (PNG), add a white background, extract subjects, or get photo cutouts.
Seamless Integration integrates seamlessly with popular design programs, eCommerce sites, and various computer environments.
Time-Efficient Solution With clever AI technology, significantly reduces editing time, making the process quick and enjoyable.
API for Workflow Efficiency The platform provides an API for enhanced digital efficiency, facilitating integration into diverse software workflows.
Plugin Support offers plugins and tools for major design programs, enhancing compatibility and workflow for users.
High-Quality Results The tool’s AI is praised for producing high-quality results, even in challenging areas like feathery hair, ensuring professionalism.
Broad User Satisfaction Well-known brands and professionals express satisfaction with, citing its superior performance and simplification of processes.

Remove bg Pricing Plans

1. Free Account

The Free Account offers users a taste of the background removal service with 1 free credit and 50 free previews monthly.

It’s compatible with various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Adobe Photoshop. Users can explore the service at no cost and earn extra credits by referring friends.

2. Subscription Plan

  • $9 Plan: $0.23 per image, 40 credits per month, $9 subscription fee
  • $39 Plan: $0.20 per image, 200 credits per month, $39 subscription fee
  • $89 Plan: $0.20 per image, 500 credits per month, $89 subscription fee
  • $189 Plan: $0.18 per image, 1,200 credits per month, $189 subscription fee
  • $389 Plan: $0.16 per image, 2,800 credits per month, $389 subscription fee

The Subscription Plans offer flexibility based on user needs. The plans vary regarding the cost per image, the number of included credits, and the monthly subscription fee. Users can choose a plan that aligns with their usage and budget, enjoying discounted rates for higher volumes.

3. Pay as You Go

  • Single Image: $1.99 per image, one credit
  • 10 Credits Pack: $1.99 per image, ten credits, $9 total
  • 75 Credits Pack: $0.90 per image, 75 credits, $49 total
  • 200 Credits Pack: $0.65 per image, 200 credits, $99 total
  • 500 Credits Pack: $0.50 per image, 500 credits, $199 total

The Pay as You Go option allows users to make one-time purchases.

Prices per image decrease with larger credit packs, providing cost savings for those with varying or sporadic usage.

It’s flexible for users who prefer not to commit to a subscription plan.

Remove bg Pros & Cons


  • offers a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners and experienced users.
  • The tool operates quickly, delivering fast results in removing backgrounds from images.
  • produces high-quality images with clean cutouts and accurate removal of backgrounds.
  • It is compatible with various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Adobe Photoshop.
  • provides API integration, allowing developers to incorporate the tool into their applications and workflows.
  • provides API integration, allowing developers to incorporate the tool into their applications and workflows.
  • The service is maintained and updated, ensuring continuous improvement and reliability.


  • The tool focuses primarily on background removal, providing fewer options for additional photo editing.
  • Free users may experience lower resolution previews, impacting the quality of the initial result.
  • While it offers a free version, there are limitations on the number of free credits and previews available each month.

Remove bg Comparison with Alternatives

Features Removal.AI Zyro AI Background Remover Img2Go AI Background Remover
Core Competency Removing BG from images using AI AI-powered tool for removing bg with advanced computer vision algorithms for precise foreground-background separation AI-powered tool with a focus on creating transparent backgrounds for website design  Background Remover from image with AI AI-powered tool for 100% automatic removal of background without manual effort.
Unique Feature Smart budget management, roll-over of unused credits, API integration Photo Editor tool for additional creativity and design flexibility Integration with Zyro website builder, AI-powered image resizer, and additional AI business tools AI Background Remover with browser extensions for Img2Go Allows you to remove backgrounds in bulk, API integration, and advanced editing features
Other Editing Tools Full access to desktop tools, Photoshop extension, API integration API and Apps for Windows/Mac/Linux, Removal.AI for Adobe Photoshop, Online Photo Editor tool AI-driven website builder with features like image resizer, slogan generator, AI writer, and more A suite of image editing and conversion tools like Art Generator, Blur Faces, Upscale Image, Colorize Image, Photo Editor, and more A range of AI removal and cutout tools, including removing unwanted objects, face cutout, art generation, and more
Free Trial Features 1 free credit, 50 free previews via API and apps per month 1 free high-res download, unlimited free previews on Removal.AI, 50 free previews via API and app Free usage with no cost for making a background transparent Free background removal tool with additional image editing features Free batch image background removal with low-resolution downloads
Pricing Monthly subscriptions starting at $60.00 annually, pay-as-you-go credits Monthly subscriptions and lifetime plans available, flexible plans for varying usage volumes Free usage, additional AI business tools available with Zyro website builder Tiered pricing with a basic free plan and subscription plans based on usage Free batch processing with optional credits for high-resolution downloads and business collaboration Vs

Removal ai — #1 Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, is the #1 alternative to has all the essential and advanced AI background removal features compared to
(Unlimited — AI Background Removal, Edits, Background Change, Customization) 🔥

Remove.BG is a Vienna-based company aiming to make Visual Artificial Intelligence technology accessible. The AI-powered background removal simplifies photo editing workflows for individuals.

Removal.AI, on the other hand, focuses on boosting work efficiency across industries, allowing clients to centralize ideas and unleash creativity through AI technology.

1. Pricing

Both tools offer free background removal services, but a monthly subscription is required for downloading and using edited photos.

Removal.AI is more cost-effective, with a lower price point for its subscription packages than

2. Image Quality (Resolutions)

For free downloads, Removal.AI provides a higher resolution (1500 x 1000) compared to (612 x 408).

Both tools offer high resolutions in paid downloads, up to 6250 x 4000 pixels, enabling flexible use for photographers, designers, and marketers.

3. Usability & Speed

Both tools are user-friendly, allowing users to easily upload or drag an image file.

Removal.AI demonstrates faster processing speed, presenting results almost instantly.

It supports larger image sizes (more than 12MB), while Remove.BG has a maximum file size limit of 12 MB. Review introduces a paradigm shift in removing the background from images for free.

The free background remover tool offers users a simple and efficient way to easily remove image backgrounds in seconds.

1. Ease of Use

One of the standout features of is its user-friendly approach.

With just a few clicks, users can witness the magic of AI in action, automatically isolating subjects and removing backgrounds from their images.

Click the Upload Image button to upload the images or drag and drop the images to start removing the background of a photo.

The platform’s simplicity makes it accessible to many users, from casual photographers to design professionals.

2. Versatility in Image Support caters to various image needs, supporting JPG and PNG formats with a generous limit of 12 megabytes.

The tool’s versatility extends to recognizing diverse subjects, ensuring clear foreground elements such as people, animals, products, or cars.

3. Flexible Subscription Plans

To accommodate different user needs, offers flexible subscription plans and pay-as-you-go credits.

Pay-as-you-go credits provide a cost-effective solution for occasional users or those with unpredictable image editing requirements, and the subscription plans offer savings for larger or ongoing image needs.

4. Smart Budget Management introduces an intelligent credit management system, notifying users when they’ve utilized 80% of their monthly credits.

The ability to roll over unused credits, up to five times the monthly budget, adds an element of financial efficiency.

5. API Integration for Workflow Enhancement

For those looking to integrate image background removal tools into their workflows, provides an API.

This feature empowers developers, designers, and businesses to incorporate the tool into websites, applications, or digital workflows to easily remove the background from any image.

6. Risk-Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

To instill confidence in users, offers a risk-free 14-day trial with a money-back guarantee.

This ensures that users can explore the tool’s BG remover capabilities and, if unsatisfied, receive a full refund within the specified timeframe.

7. Community Engagement through Referral Program encourages community engagement through its referral program.

Users can refer friends, earn additional credits, and foster collaboration within the user community.

8. GDPR Compliance and Data Security

Addressing growing concerns over data privacy, proudly declares its 100% GDPR compliance.

Users can trust that their data is handled with the utmost care and adherence to privacy standards.


In the landscape of image editing tools, AI emerges as the best background remover app that removes the background content while retaining the main subject of your image.

Its blend of cutting-edge AI technology, user-friendly design, and flexible subscription options positions it as a valuable asset for individuals and professionals seeking an efficient and hassle-free solution for background removal.

Whether navigating personal projects or professional workflows,’s commitment to effortlessly remove backgrounds and functionalities makes it a standout choice in the evolving realm of image editing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, beyond a single HD tool, provides multiple options to edit a new image background. Users can overlay additional photos or replace the original background with the free library of background templates.
You can adjust shadows and outlines in your images using the background remover tool. Shadows add depth and create a three-dimensional effect, while outlines emphasize specific elements, directing viewer focus and significantly enhancing your image's visual impact.
Yes, it's a core feature to accurately cut out the background from an image and replace it with a transparent background. distinguishes between "White background" and "Transparent background," and it also supports the removal of white backgrounds.
Yes, our online tool is adapted for compatibility with modern phone devices, including iPhones and iPads. Simply access the website, upload your picture, and use the tool seamlessly on your iOS device.
Yes, similar to iOS devices, our app works seamlessly on Android devices, providing a straightforward process without complications. has confidence in its rigorously fine-tuned algorithm, ensuring comparable or superior performance in edge cases compared to similar AI tools like The app is user-friendly, even for beginners.
Yes, it is a free AI background remover app for all users. There's an option to pay a little extra for saving images in the highest quality, although it's often unnecessary. using free tools, users can simply erase the background and save pictures to their devices.
Yes, but it's not perfect. The app is better at removing backgrounds from images with a central subject and focus. Logo images may require additional editing with the in-app brush for perfection.
With this bg remove tool, the process is simple: select the photo, remove and edit it, and then download it in HD quality.

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