Quizgecko – Features, Pricing, Alternative, and Review


At a Glance

  • Quizgekco is an AI-powered tool designed to generate quizzes and create assessments to test the knowledge of job candidates and students.
  • Quizgecko offers much wider input options from simple text to various types of files and generating quizzes from the web and YouTube video links.
  • Quillioniz is the best competitor of Quizgecko. It is one of the top-line quiz generators in the market . One point which makes it better is its free availability.

Quizgecko is an AI-powered quiz platform that produces questions, notes, and quizzes, making it one of the best tools for teachers and educators. It converts provided content into diverse question formats that can be modified before finalizing the test paper. If you are thinking about buying this application, you must read the key features, pricing plans, comparison with its alternatives, and a review given in this article before making up your mind. Quizgecko

Quizgecko Key Features

Features Description
Create a Quiz From Any Text Quizgecko utilizes intelligent algorithms to automatically generate questions based on the text you provide. Simply copy and paste your text, and let Quizgecko do the rest by generating insightful questions for you.
Content Creation Save time on content creation and enhance student engagement with unique content.
Multiple Questions Types This tool can generate questions from any text, including fill-in-the-blank style questions, multiple choice, true or false questions, and answers.
Shareable Quizzes Quizgecko is suitable to create and share quizzes with students, friends, and colleagues.
Webpage to Quiz Enter the link of any webpage, and Quizgecko can extract the text from that page and intelligently generate questions based on its content.
Video to Quiz Just copy and paste the URL link of the YouTube video, and it can extract the transcript from the video and generate questions based on its contents.
File to Quiz Upload any file, word, PDF, or Google Doc; Quizgecko can generate multiple questions. But this option is available in the premium subscription.
Huge Character Input Input a maximum of 25,000 characters of text in a single entry.
Fully Editable The questionnaire generated by Quizgecko is completely editable. You can modify the order of questions, remove existing ones, edit their content, and manually add new questions per your preference.
Generates Illustrations Enrich your quizzes with illustrations and images, using AI technology to generate copyright-free artwork within seconds.
Quiz Marking Quizgecko utilizes AI to automatically evaluate and grade your short answer questions. Additionally, it provides valuable feedback and learning tips to enhance the learning experiences.
Provides Statistics and Results Access comprehensive reports that provide detailed insights into quiz performance, including individual session data, score distribution analysis, and more. Capture email addresses from quiz takers and conveniently export them as a CSV file for further analysis or integration with other systems.
API Integration Quizgecko provides API to premium subscribers to integrate into a webpage or website.
Various Languages Easily create quizzes in multiple languages with Quizgecko. Our platform seamlessly translates content from one language to another, ensuring a smooth and efficient quiz creation process.

Quizgecko Pricing and Plans

Quizgecko offers you a trial version as a free tool. Once you have created an account, it allows free usage up to three times per month. However, if you want to use the tool after reaching that limit, you must upgrade to one of its paid plans. It offers different subscription types and pricing plans for businesses, teachers, and students. It lets you choose from monthly or yearly billing according to your capacity and need.

For Business

It offers four different plans for businesses.

  1. Basic
  2. Plus
  3. Premium
  4. Enterprise

Quizgecko Pricing

1. Basic


The basic plan offers a quiz generator, a 20,000-character input limit, 24/7 support, and upload up to 10 files per month.


The monthly subscription for this service is priced at USD 24. However, choosing the yearly plan provides a discounted rate of USD 18 per month.

2. Plus


Plus plan offers Quizgecko’s AI-powered quiz creation, 25,000 character input, upload 50 files per month, 100 unique participants, embeddable quizzes, increased speeds and less waiting, and participant reports.


The monthly subscription for this service is priced at USD 64. However, opting for the annual plan offers a discounted rate of USD 48 monthly.

3. Premium


The premium plan is perfect for small teams, accommodating 1-3 users who can take advantage of a wide range of features, including AI-powered quiz creation, 25,000 character input, unlimited file upload, 1000 unique participants per month, embeddable quizzes, no Quizgecko branding, priority chat support, participant reports and 250 API calls.


The monthly subscription for this service is priced at USD 120. However, opting for the annual plan offers a discounted rate of USD 90 monthly.

4. Enterprise


This top-end plan is designed to meet multiple users’ needs, offering a collaborative environment for seamless quiz creation. It offers AI-powered quiz creation, full functionality, custom character input, dedicated support, unlimited file upload, unlimited email capture, no Quizgecko branding, fastest API access with custom rate limits, participants report, and custom question types.


The monthly subscription for this service is priced at USD 500, billed yearly.

For Teachers

Educators’ plans include quiz question generators and e-learning tools that help improve teaching materials and easily create exams. Quizgecko For Teachers

1. Educator Basic


Perfect for teachers looking to generate quiz questions from the text. It allows you to generate unlimited quizzes, tests, and assessments. It includes all filters and 20,000 character input limit. But it does not allow uploading files and generates only limited reports.


The monthly subscription for this service is priced at USD 12. However, choosing the yearly plan provides a discounted rate of USD 9 monthly

2. Educator Premium


Quizgecko Educator Premium is ideal for creating unlimited quizzes, tests, and assessments. It also allows you to upload 20 files per month, offers 25,000 character input limit, provides all filters, basic chat support, full reports to share quizzes, gathers insights on individual student performance, elevates your teaching methodology, and scores up to 150 students monthly.


The monthly subscription for this service is priced at USD 20. However, choosing the yearly plan provides a discounted rate of USD 15 per month.

For Students

Quizgecko For Students

All student plans include individual access to AI-powered quizzes and study generation tools.

1. Student Basic


This plan is perfect for those who enjoy learning casually and wish to occasionally generate quizzes for their personal use. Its features include all filters and 20,000 character input. It allows you to generate study materials.


The monthly subscription for this service is priced at USD 8. However, choosing the yearly plan provides a discounted rate of USD 6 per month.

2. Student Premium


This plan is ideal for dedicated learners who regularly create quizzes. Its features include basic chat support, 25,000 character input, all filters, generating study materials, and it allows to upload 20 files per month.


The monthly subscription for this service is priced at USD 12. However, choosing the yearly plan provides a discounted rate of USD 9 per month.

Quizgecko Comparison With Alternatives

Features Quizgecko Quizlet Quillioniz PrepAI
Free to Use Offers free trial for three months Offers a free trial for seven days only The basic feature version is free A free version is available with limited features
File Acceptance Text, PDF, Word, ppts, google doc Text, PDF Text, PDF Text, PDF, Word
URL Acceptance Web page, Youtube (with or without captions) N/A Youtube (caption only) Youtube (with or without caption)
Availability Online tool Web and mobile tool Online tool Online tool
Output Formats PDF, Word, CSV PDF PDF, Word, TXT, QTI PDF, Word
Editable output Yes Yes No Yes
Types of Questions MCQs, True/False, Fillups, Flashcards,  ‘Wh’ type, statement-based, and trivia question MCQs, True/False, Fillups, Flashcards, and statement based MCQs, True/False, Fillups, ‘Wh’ type, and statement based question MCQs, True/False, Fillups, and statement based question
Image generation Yes Yes No No

Quizgecko Review

Quizgecko is a perfect quiz maker ai tool that allows you to create questions from any text to assess your students or candidates.

In this detailed Quizgecko review, we will delve into the key features of this great tool and explore why it is highly recommended for anyone needing to create questions in a short time.

1. Fastest Solution

It’s the fastest and easiest solution for generating quizzes and flashcards.

2. Supports Variety of Formats

You can upload  PDFs, Word documents, or PPTs to create engaging quizzes for corporate training and student evaluation.

3. Generates Fun Trivia Quizzes

This versatile tool goes beyond traditional assessments by generating unique trivia questions and answers for fun, injecting entertainment into your quizzes.

4. Notes-Taking and Flashcards

Quizgecko can take notes from any text provided and serves as a valuable resource for junior classes, enabling the creation of interactive flashcards and fill-in-the-blank style questions that aid in the learning process.

5. Supports Different Languages

Users can change the quiz language for professional development or educational purposes.

Also, it can translate the material provided, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances engagement, interest, and effective learning outcomes.

Quizgecko Alternative: Quillioniz


Quillioniz is a formidable competitor to Quizgecko.

It is recognized as one of the leading AI-based platforms for test generation that has gained acclaim in the market.

Quillionz specializes in generating multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for a specific range of questions, such as those requiring dates, numbers, or simple words as answers.

However, when handling complex subjects, the platform may encounter some challenges.

Nevertheless, while sharing similarities, Quillioniz and Quizgecko possess distinct features of their own.

Quizgecko distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive array of features that Quillioniz lacks.

With Quizgecko, you can enjoy the flexibility of quiz language customization, creating interactive flashcards, including short answer essays, and marking and evaluating short answer questions.

Moreover, Quizgecko empowers users with the ability to create illustrations, adding visual enhancements to quizzes.

Most notably, Quizgecko sets itself apart by its unparalleled capability to generate quizzes from various file types and web links, including YouTube videos, while Quillioniz is limited to accepting PDFs only.

Quizgecko surpasses Quillioniz by offering a more robust feature set and unparalleled versatility, ensuring a superior quiz creation and assessment experience.


Quizgecko is a versatile quiz platform that can transform any text into various question formats.

It can enhance the quality of teaching and learning without imposing additional workload on teachers.

Quizgecko is recognized as a top AI test generator due to its appealing features for educators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quizgecko is an AI Question generator for any text. Text from any source, e.g., articles, presentations, or notes, can be used.
Yes, this tool can generate a quiz in various question types, including MCQs.
It offers comprehensive language support, encompassing most languages spoken worldwide.
Absolutely! Quizgecko can generate mathematics quizzes and flashcards, catering to the specific needs of math-related assessments and learning materials.
Yes, this tool allows you to download the generated question paper in CSV, Aklin, or PDF format.
API integration is an exclusive feature available solely to premium subscribers, providing seamless integration capabilities and enhanced functionality for their Quizgecko experience.
It provides a limited free version that allows users to try the product and explore its capabilities. The trial version is valid for up to three uses, allowing you to experience the key features before considering a subscription.
Quizgecko employs the secure payment processing services of Stripe to handle credit card transactions with utmost security and reliability. Currently, they do not support Paypal. But they support a wide range of debit and credit cards including: 1. Visa 2. Mastercard 3. American Express 4. Discover 5. Diners Club 6. JCB additionally, payment can be made using Apple Pay.
Quizgecko can generate questions from the transcript of the video; you just have to provide the link.
The ownership of the input content remains with the user. Quizgecko solely processes the content to generate questions and answers, with the user retaining full control. Deleting the content from the system allows users to exercise their right to remove it, including the associated questions and answers, ensuring complete erasure from the system.

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