Postwise AI – Features, Pricing, Alternative, and Review


At a Glance

  • Postwise offers AI-powered tweet-writing capabilities, infusing creativity into content creation like never before.
  • Its seamless scheduling functionality ensures strategic and timely content deployment, allowing you to maintain a consistent posting schedule to elevate your Twitter game to unprecedented heights.
  • Postwise offers transparent pricing plans with two subscription options; Basic Plan; $37/month, and Unlimited Plan; $97/month.

As social media plays a pivotal role in communication and marketing strategies, tools like Postwise become invaluable for individuals and businesses seeking to optimize their Twitter presence.

With AI technology, Postwise empowers users to craft engaging tweets effortlessly, enabling them to stand out in the crowded social media landscape.

With its focus on amplifying viral tweets and providing efficient scheduling capabilities, Postwise has the potential to revolutionize tweet management and drive meaningful results.

If you are considering using Postwise AI, read through the features, pricing, comparison with alternatives, and review to make a more informed choice.


Postwise Key Feature

Feature Name Description
Saves Time Postwise optimizes the process of content creation and scheduling on Twitter.


Its AI-powered capabilities enable users to generate engaging tweets efficiently, freeing up valuable time that can be allocated to other important tasks and responsibilities.

Free Trial In the free trial, users can explore the tool’s features, functionalities and test its effectiveness in driving success on Twitter.
Transparent Pricing Plans The platform offers clear and easily understandable pricing plans, allowing users to assess costs without hidden fees or surprises.


  • Basic Plan: $37/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $97/month
Scheduling Tool With Postwise’s intuitive scheduling tool, users can manage their Twitter content effortlessly by scheduling tweets in advance, ensuring a consistent and strategic posting schedule.


This saves time and ensures optimal content deployment for maximum impact and engagement.

AI Twitter Thread Writer Postwise’s AI Twitter thread writer automatically simplifies the creation of impactful, well-structured, and engaging Twitter threads.


The AI handles content crafting, allowing users to deliver compelling messages seamlessly.

Retweet Winning Content The platform utilizes AI technology to analyze engagement metrics and recommend tweets that have a high likelihood of gaining traction and driving retweets.


This boosts visibility and amplifies user engagement on Twitter.

Write Tweets The user-friendly interface and creative tools empower users to express their ideas effectively, enabling them to craft engaging and attention-grabbing content that sparks conversations and drives engagement.
Optimized for Sales Postwise use case is a social media management tool optimized for driving sales and revenue.


Users can leverage features such as link sharing, retweeting successful content, and automated direct messages (DMs) to promote products, services, and special offers, thus maximizing their sales potential on Twitter.

User-Friendly The platform’s intuitive interface, easy navigation, and comprehensive features make it accessible to users of all levels of expertise.


Postwise is designed to simplify the Twitter management process, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Twitter Engagement Postwise provides valuable insights, recommendations, and features that empower users to interact meaningfully with their audience, foster connections, and spark conversations.
Social Media Management Postwise is a complete social media management solution enabling users to streamline their Twitter activities.


It offers comprehensive content creation, scheduling, analytics, and engagement features, providing users with the tools to manage their Twitter presence effectively and efficiently.

Generate Content from Other Sources Users can integrate external content sources, such as news articles, blog posts, or industry updates, to provide a rich and varied posting strategy that keeps their audience informed and engaged.

Postwise Pricing and Plans

Postwise Pricing

Postwise offers a 7-day free trial and two paid subscription plans;

1. Basic Plan


It offers access to all growth tools, 400 AI tweet credits, six months scheduling, and you can connect 5 Twitter accounts.


It costs $37/month.

2. Unlimited Plan


It offers everything in the basic plan plus; Unlimited AI Tweet Credits, unlimited Scheduling, and you can connect unlimited Twitter accounts.


It costs $97/month.

Postwise Pros and Cons


  • AI-powered tweet writing capabilities that enhance content creation
  • Seamless scheduling functionality for strategic and timely content deployment
  • Tools optimized for sales, including link sharing, retweeting winning content, and auto-sending DMs
  • A vast library of 3M+ viral tweets and threads.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and efficient Twitter management
  • Helps expand the brand’s reach and deepen audience engagement
  • Offers transparent pricing plans with different options to suit various needs
  • Provides a free trial period to explore the tool before committing.


  • Limited social media platform support (currently focused on Twitter only).
  • Limited advanced analytics and reporting features.
  • It may require a learning curve to fully utilize all features and functionalities.
  • No direct integration with third-party social media management tools.

Comparison with 4 Alternatives To Postwise In 2023

Feature Postwise AI TweetHunter Tweety AI Hypefury
Tweet Library Access a vast library of 3M+ viral tweets and threads. Find high-performing content for inspiration and learning. Utilize a library of 4K+ staff-picked tweets across various topics and niches to discover overperforming tweet formats and ideas. Does not offer a library, but its features of hashtag generation, unique bio creation, and Twitter username generator are amazing. Does not offer a library, but its ChatGPT-powered tweet generator is amazing. Enjoy handpicked top tweets from other creators and thousands of your tweets.
AI-Powered Writing Receive daily personalized tweet suggestions, rewrite tweets you like, and get AI-powered tweet and thread ideas. Benefit from AI-powered tweet predictions that allow you to assess the performance of your tweets before publishing. Maximize Twitter impact with AI-generated professional tweets for businesses, marketers, and social media managers. Saves time by generating engaging and original tweets on any topic, maximizing online visibility, and saving valuable time. Invent big ideas on the fly & write authoritative tweets in seconds.
Schedule and Automation Effortlessly schedule tweets and threads, ensuring a consistent presence. Save time with automation features for retweets, etc. Schedule tweets and threads in advance, use automation features to boost performance and even auto-send DMs. Provides robust scheduling and automation features Offers scheduling and automation Automatically retweet your best tweets for increased engagement and reach.
Content Inspiration Find tweets to take inspiration from based on your account analysis. Search through 2 million viral tweets or rely on AI. Utilize AI to find leads on Twitter, create lists of people, engage with relevant tweets, and build relationships. Paid plans are powered by GPT-4, a powerhouse for content inspiration. ChatGPT-based tweets for content inspiration Convert your tweets into Instagram-optimized images and schedule them on IG
CRM and Lead Generation does not specifically provide CRM & lead generation Use AI to find new leads on Twitter, create lists of people, engage with potential clients, and nurture relationships. Does not specifically provide CRM & lead generation Does not specifically provide CRM & lead generation Auto-comments and plug products under your best tweets to generate email subscribers and sales.
Analytics and Performance Gain insights into key metrics, top tweets, follower growth, and detailed tweet analytics. Access detailed statistics for every tweet, monitor daily follower growth and leverage analytics for data-driven decisions. N/A Finds trending topics and creates customized tweets Automated self-comments, sales, marketing calendar, and content reuse for increased revenue and efficiency.
Pricing and Trial Offers a 7-day free trial and two paid plans: Basic Plan; $37/month, Unlimited Plan; $97/month.   Offers a free trial and two paid plans: Professional; $12/month, Agency; $29/month. Offers a free forever plan and two paid plans: Basic; $3.99/month, Pro Year; $39.90/year Offers a free trial with no credit card required and two paid plans: Standard; $15/month, Premium; $40/month.
User Experience User-friendly interface for easy navigation and efficient Twitter management. User-friendly interface for easy navigation and efficient Twitter management. User-friendly interface for easy navigation and efficient Twitter management. Straightforward, user-friendly interface. Offers a seamless experience for content creation, audience growth, email list building, and product sales.

Postwise Review

Postwise is a remarkable AI-driven tool that has revolutionized how we approach tweet writing and scheduling.

As a social media expert with a deep understanding of the intricacies of this digital realm, I have had the privilege to dive into the world of Postwise and witness firsthand its transformative effects.

In this comprehensive review, I will delve into the multifaceted features and real-world benefits of Postwise, shedding light on its remarkable ability to unlock the true potential of Twitter along with its limitations.

1. Personal AI Model

Postwise revolutionizes Twitter content creation by building a personal AI model that generates new content based on your successful tweets and threads.

With this incredible tool, you can say goodbye to the tedious task of writing long sentences as the AI takes charge and creates wine content that resonates with your audience.

Experience the power of Postwise as it streamlines your content creation process and helps you engage your followers like never before.

2. Crafting Engaging Content

At the core of Postwise lies its cutting-edge AI-powered tweet-writing capabilities.

Powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, Postwise’s AI Writer is a creative partner, generating a rich tapestry of tweet suggestions that captivate and intrigue.

Whether you seek to explore broad topics encompassing a wide range of possibilities or dive into opinionated territories that showcase your unique perspectives, Postwise rises to the occasion.

With its uncanny ability to generate engaging tweets that spark conversations and foster connection, Postwise empowers social media enthusiasts and marketing professionals to craft compelling content that resonates deeply with their target audience.

3. Effortless Scheduling for Maximum Impact

Apart from writing great content, Postwise also schedules posts and grows your following using the power of AI.

While crafting engaging tweets is crucial, their delivery timing is equally paramount.

This is where Postwise’s seamless scheduling functionality takes center stage.

Users can effortlessly plan and schedule their tweets to maximize their impact by navigating the intuitive interface.

Be it single tweets designed to pack a punch or intricate tweet threads that weave captivating narratives, Postwise ensures consistent and strategic content deployment.

By entrusting the scheduling process to Postwise, social media aficionados can focus their energies on curating high-quality content, safe in the knowledge that their messages will reach their audience at the right moment for optimal engagement.

Postwise Vs. TweetyAI

TweetyAI— #1 Postwise AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, TweetyAI is the #1 alternative to Postwise.
TweetyAI has all the essential and advanced AI Twitter handling features compared to Postwise AI.
(Unlimited — AI Tweet Generation, Customization, Targeting, Analytics, Scheduling) 🔥

TweetyAi is a notable alternative to Postwise and can be a useful AI tool for those looking to up their Twitter game.

Postwise and TweeyAI are Twitter growth tools that enhance their presence on Twitter by offering Twitter-specific key features and benefits.


1. AI Tweet Generation

Postwise utilizes advanced AI technology, allowing you to create engaging and creative tweets, infusing creativity into content creation.

On the other hand, TweetyAI empowers users to generate personalized tweets based on trending topics and online chatter, ensuring relevant and fresh content.

Both are good AI tweet writers in their capacities.

2. Time-Saving Features

Postwise saves time by automating tweet creation, freeing up valuable time for other important tasks.

In contrast, TweetyAI is a tool for content creation by inventing big ideas and writing authoritative tweets on the fly, making content creation effortless and efficient.

3. Engaging Audience

Postwise can help users deepen audience engagement by providing AI-generated content that sparks conversations and drives likes and retweets.

Similarly, TweetyAI enables users to engage their Twitter audience with compelling content that maximizes engagement and reach, keeping the audience captivated and interested by generating relevant and up-to-date content.

4. Customization and Targeting

Postwise offers topic customization, allowing users to specify their desired topic or niche for generated tweets, ensuring relevance to their target audience.

TweetyAI, on the other hand, allows users to generate tweets on any topic and customize them to their desired subject, making the content targeted and tailored to their specific needs.

5. Analytics and Performance

Postwise provides insights into key metrics, top tweets, follower growth, and detailed tweet analytics, empowering users with data-driven decisions.

In contrast, TweetyAI is a tool that enhances audience engagement by generating personalized tweets based on trending topics and online chatter rather than providing extensive analytics features.

6. Pricing and Trial

Postwise offers transparent pricing plans with two subscription options; Basic Plan; $37/month, and Unlimited Plan; $97/month.

It provides a free trial for users to experience its features before committing.

TweetyAI goes one step further and provides a free trial for users to try the tool without requiring a credit card for login, allowing users to explore its capabilities.

Its paid plans include; Basic for $3.99/month and Pro Year for $39.90/year.

7. User Experience

Postwise offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and efficient Twitter management, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

TweetyAI also prioritizes a seamless user experience with its intuitive design and features, making it user-friendly and accessible.

8. Limitations

Postwise has some limitations that users should be aware of.

Firstly, it focuses on text-based content creation and does not offer multimedia creation capabilities.

Secondly, Postwise is designed specifically for Twitter, which means its features and functionalities may not apply to other social media platforms.

Lastly, while Postwise provides basic analytics, it lacks advanced analytics and reporting features.

Additionally, it does not offer direct integration with third-party social media management tools, limiting seamless workflow integration for some users.


In the vast expanse of social media, Postwise stands out as an advanced AI-powered Twitter management tool that helps create engaging content that goes viral.

With its advanced AI technology, Postwise takes your Twitter experience to the next level, offering an efficient solution for those looking to enhance their social media presence.

Postwise offers revolutionary AI-powered tweet-writing capabilities, infusing creativity into content creation like never before.

Its seamless scheduling functionality ensures strategic and timely content deployment, allowing you to maintain a consistent posting schedule to elevate your Twitter game to unprecedented heights.

With Postwise, your Twitter presence will never be the same again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Postwise is an AI-powered social media management tool specifically designed for Twitter. It helps users with their posting needs by enabling them to write tweets, schedule content, and enhance their follower count on the platform.
Postwise is a powerful AI tool that leverages cutting-edge technology to boost engagement and reach on social media. It is powered by AI algorithms trained on the best-performing posts, ensuring users experience the magic of Postwise in maximizing their social media impact.
Using Postwise AI is straightforward. All you need to do is write your desired topic or tweet, make necessary edits, and schedule it. Postwise will take care of the rest, ensuring your content is posted at the right time for maximum impact on Twitter.

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