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Murf AI

At a Glance

  • Murf AI is an online and popular AI voice generator that allows users to change a script or convert home-style voice recording into studio-quality AI voices for podcasts, videos, presentations, or just text-to-speech requirements.
  • It can convert written text into lifelike speech, making it a valuable tool for many applications, including eLearning, explainer videos, advertisements, audiobooks, podcasts, corporate presentations, IVR systems, and YouTube videos.
  • Its extensive customization features, wide range of voices, dedication to security, and support for multiple languages and accents make it one of the best AI voice generators.

Murf AI is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that enables users to create natural-sounding voiceovers in minutes.

This versatile AI voice generator empowers individuals and businesses to transform written text into lifelike speech, offering various applications, including podcasts, videos, corporate presentations, e-learning content, advertisements, and more.

Murf AI voice generator distinguishes itself with its diverse array of AI voices, ease of use, and extensive features designed to elevate the quality of voiceovers and audio content production.

Murf AI

Murf AI Key Features

Feature Description
Diverse AI Voice Options Choose from over 120+ text-to-speech voices in 20+ languages, including American English, British English, French, German, Spanish, and more.
Media Integration Murf allows users to seamlessly integrate video, music, and images with generated voices, enhancing the audiovisual experience.
Voice Customization Create a custom voice by adjusting the pitch, punctuation, emphasis, and speed to fine-tune different voices and accurately convey messages.
Studio-Quality Output Elevate home recordings to professional studio-quality voiceovers in minutes with Murf’s realistic voice changer feature.
Collaboration (Enterprise Plan) Collaborate directly with teams on projects through Murf’s Enterprise plan, streamlining workflow and productivity.
Security and Compliance Murf is designed to focus on data security and compliance, ensuring the protection of user data and maintaining user security.
Voice Cloning (English Language) Create AI voice clones that mimic human speech nuances and emotions, allowing customization for advertisements, IVR systems, and more.
Voice Editing Easily edit voice recordings by transcribing content into an editable text format and trimming as needed.
Voice Over Video Add AI voiceovers to videos for engaging content without requiring advanced editing skills.
Music Library Access a library of royalty-free music to enhance your audiovisual projects or import your own audio files.
Background Music Control Adjust the ratio of voice to music to achieve the desired audio balance in your content.
IVR Voice Systems Utilize Murf for creating natural-sounding voice prompts and greetings for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, enhancing customer interactions.
Voice Cloning for Emotional Variation (Beta) Customize AI voice clones to exhibit different emotions for various use cases, such as advertisements, character voices, and more. (Beta feature in English)
High-Quality Spotify Ads Create impactful Spotify ads with Murf, using its pitch, pronunciation, and music integration features without third-party tools.

Murf AI Pricing Plan

1. Free Plan

It offers 120+ voices, 10 minutes of voice generation, 10 minutes of transcription, sharing links for audio/video output, and up to 3 users.

2. Basic Plan

It includes unlimited downloads, access to 60 basic voices, access to 10 languages, 24 hours of Voice generation per user/year, collaborative workspace, commercial usage rights, 8000+ licensed soundtracks, and chat & email support.


It costs $19 per user/month, or choose the annual plan at $228.

3. Pro Plan

It includes unlimited access, access to all 120+ voices, command of all 20+ languages and accents, 48 hours of voice generation per user/year, 24 hours of transcription per user/year, collaborative workspace, AI Voice Changer, secure commercial usage rights, 8000+ licensed soundtracks, high-priority support,


It costs $26 per user/month, with an annual rate of $312.

4. Enterprise Plan

It includes everything in the Pro plan plus: Access to unlimited voice generation, transcription, and storage, training and onboarding support, multi-level access control and security assessment, collaboration with advanced features, dedicated account manager, single sign-on (SSO) for convenience, service agreement compliance, and a paid add-on for AI translation.


$75 per user/month, or you can opt for the annual plan at $4500.

Murf AI Pros & Cons


  • Realistic AI voices that sound human.
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick voice generation.
  • Offers a free plan for basic voice generation.
  • Collaborative workspace for team projects.
  • Commercial usage rights are provided in paid plans.
  • Large library of licensed soundtracks for use in projects.
  • High-priority support is available in the Pro and Enterprise plans.
  • The enterprise plan includes advanced features like multi-level access control and a dedicated account manager.


  • Limited language support compared to some competitors.
  • Some advanced features like avatars are listed as “coming soon.”
  • Pricing can become costly for heavy usage or enterprise needs.
  • API access is only available in higher-priced plans.
  • There is no AI translation feature in any plan (you must use a paid add-on for this).

Murf AI Comparison With Alternatives

Feature Descript WellSaid Labs
Core Competency Realistic Text to Speech (TTS) Natural Sounding AI Voices Powerful Collaborative Audio/Video Editing Transform your text into a humanlike voiceover with AI voices. AI Voice Generation for top brands and creators
Unique Feature Powerful and Feature-Rich, Online Text-to-Voice Studio Voice Editing and ultra realistic cloning Multitrack Transcripts with Dynamic Speaker Labels Create studio-quality voice overs in minutes Customize AI voices for expressive messaging
Voice Cloning Cross-Language Voice Cloning and Multilingual Speech Synthesis(AI Voice Cloning that Encapsulates Every Accent and Dialect) Customizable AI Voice Cloning Overdub feature allows you to create a text-to-speech model of your own voice or select one from their stock voices Choose and personalize your AI voice from a choice of over 2000 humanlike text-to-speech voices in 75+ languages) WellSaid Labs offers exclusive voice cloning with custom avatars
Voice Synthesis Quality Real Time Voice Cloning and Voice Generation API along with multi-lingual speech synthesis Offers ultra-realistic AI voices that closely mimic human speech Utilizes Lyrebird AI for high-quality voice synthesis, achieving a state-of-the-art level High-quality and natural-sounding AI voices AI-driven voice synthesis for high-quality content
Free Plan Try Everything For Free before subscribing to paid plans Offers a free plan with access to limited features Provides a free plan with some feature limitations Start for free, credit card not required 7-day Free Trial
Privacy Focus Secure and Private Voice Generations with Full Commercial and Copyright Focused on privacy, allowing users to clone their own voices Emphasizes privacy by allowing users to only clone their own voices Descript collects and safeguards user data responsibly Strictly protects personal information and data
Mid-sentence Editing Preview Mode Provides the ability to make mid-sentence changes to real recordings Allows for mid-sentence editing, matching tonal characteristics on both sides Customize audio with emotions, pitch, rate, and pauses offers mid-sentence text editing for voice generation
Multiple Voices Offers multi-voice features Offers a variety of voices for different creative needs, including creative, corporate, and entertainment voices Allows users to create multiple voices to suit different performance styles or settings Personalize your AI voice from over 2000 humanlike text-to-speech voices in 75+ languages. Generate AI voiceovers from scripts with single or multiple voices
Collaborative Voice Use Simplify Team Audio Collaboration Effortlessly Enables trusted collaborators to generate audio using your cloned voice Supports collaborative voice usage among team members Team collaboration with cloud-synced projects Collaboration made easy
Text-to-Speech Type, paste, or import text and instantly turn it into audio with our online Text to Speech editor. Allows conversion of text to speech using AI voices Offers text-to-speech capabilities with the Overdub feature Transforms your ideas in text into stunning content with AI voices. Enter your script in plain text and select a voice to get high-quality narration in real-time.
Audio/Video Editing Enhance the audio with speech styles, pronunciations, and SSML tags. Currently does not support audio/video editing Provides audio/video editing features Transform your ideas into captivating videos Share your projects with teammates and clients.
Multitrack Editing Create conversations in your audio projects using different voices in the same audio file. Currently does not support multitrack editing Supports multitrack editing for advanced audio projects Powerful multitrack editing engine for creative work Streamlined collaboration unites your team for a cohesive narrative
Stock Voices and Library Choose from a growing library of 907 natural-sounding Text-to-speech voices across 142 languages and accents. Offers over 120+ text-to-speech voices in 20+ languages Provides access to a diverse library of stock voices and media resources Millions of stock media items Provides access to a diverse variety of AI avatars
Languages and Accents Multi-Lingual Speech Synthesis Supports voice cloning and synthesis in multiple languages and accents Offers support for various languages and accents (exact number not specified) Descript can automatically transcribe 23 different languages. Provides multiple styles but limits multilanguage access to Enterprise plan
API Integration Voice Generation API Offers API integration for Enterprise plan Currently does not offer API integration Currently does not offer API integration API for integrating AI voices into products and experiences.
Pricing Plans Free Plan, Creator:$31.2/month, Pro:$49.50/month, Enterprise: Custom pricing Offers Free, Basic: $19/user/month, Pro: $26/user/month,  Enterprise: Custom pricing. Free: $0, Creator: $12 per user/month or $144 billed annually, Pro: $24 per user/month or $288 billed annually, Enterprise: Custom Free: $0, Creator:$15/month, Pro: $30/month, (Billed Annually: $288), Enterprise: Custom pricing Trial, FreeMaker: $44/month, Creative:$89/month, Team:$179/user/month, Enterprise: Custom pricing vs.

Playht — #1 Murf AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, is the #1 alternative to Murf AI. has all the essential and advanced AI voiceover features compared to Murf AI.
(Unlimited — AI Voiceover, Languages, Speech Customization, Integration, Community) 🔥

Exploring the realm of natural-sounding AI voices, we compare and to help you discern the ideal choice for your voiceover and narration needs.

1. Voice Quality offers high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices focusing on realism and emotion.

Their voices are designed to sound human-like, making them suitable for various applications. provides AI voices designed to sound natural and human-like, guaranteeing no robotic voices.

Voice quality is emphasized to ensure professional narration.

2. Voice Variety boasts a library of over 800 AI voices in 142 languages and accents, making it versatile for global applications.

Various voice styles, including conversational, narrative, and character voices, are available. offers a selection of 100% natural-sounding AI voices in 20 languages.

Most languages have voices available for testing quality in the free plan.

3. Customization allows users to customize voice inflections, speaking styles, and emotions, providing more control over how the AI-generated voices sound.

They also support custom pronunciations for specific words. offers features such as pitch control, emphasis, pauses, and speed adjustment to fine-tune the AI voices and make them carry your message effectively.

4. Use Cases is suitable for many use cases, including video voiceovers, audio storytelling, conversational AI, podcasts, gaming, and more. focuses on applications like e-learning, corporate presentations, advertisements, explainer videos, YouTube content, IVR systems, and podcast voiceovers, emphasizing high-quality narration.

5. Integration and API provides a Voice Generation API that allows developers to integrate AI voices into their applications and products, offering flexibility and scalability. also offers an API for voice generation, enabling developers to integrate AI voices into their applications and services.

6. Pricing offers higher pricing plans than due to its broader range of features, higher word limits, and commercial usage rights.’s paid plans provide additional benefits like instant voice clones, API access, faster voice generation, and high-fidelity clones, making it suitable for businesses with demanding voiceover needs.

Additionally, offers voice cloning capabilities, a premium feature.

API access and the promise of upcoming features like “Avatars” contribute to the higher pricing tiers.

In contrast, offers a simpler pricing structure, making it accessible to a wider range of users based on the number of users and collaboration features required.

Murf AI Review

For countless years, crafting impeccable voiceovers came at a hefty price—the need to hire voice actors, book recording studios, and invest in specialized equipment.

But what if there was a more accessible and efficient path to producing top-quality voiceovers, all from the comfort of your own space?

Enter Murf AI, the ultimate voice generator that sweeps away manual labor, putting the power in your hands to effortlessly create lifelike human voiceovers without needing costly hardware or professional assistance.

1. A Multitude of AI Voices to Explore

Murf AI stands apart with its reliance on advanced AI algorithms and deep learning.

It takes your written content and swiftly transforms it into human-sounding voices.

This online voice generator excels at crafting synthetic AI voiceovers that replicate the tonalities and nuances of human speech, a far cry from the robotic and monotonous computer-generated voices you may have encountered elsewhere.

2. Effortless Voice Editing:

Editing voiceovers becomes a breeze with Murf AI. Upload your recorded voice into Murf Studio, which magically transcribes the content into an editable text format.

Now, you can make modifications as effortlessly as you edit a document.

Unwanted sections and background noise vanish easily, leaving you with a refined and polished voiceover.

3. Custom AI Voice Cloning

Murf AI doesn’t stop at generic voice generation.

It empowers you to create an AI voice clone that mirrors human diction and conveys a full spectrum of emotions.

Murf AI’s voice cloning service offers a versatile tool for your creative ventures, whether for advertisements, IVR systems, or character voices in games and animations.

However, premium features like voice changing are only available through a paid PRO subscription.

4. The Game-Changing AI Voice Changer

Murf AI’s impressive lineup includes an AI voice changer feature.

It lets you convert raw home recordings into professional-grade voiceovers using your preferred voice without costly recording equipment, voice actors, or studio rentals.

Recording audio files is as easy as freestyle speaking, and with a click, you’ve got studio-quality voiceovers.

5. A Complete Voice Solution

Murf AI transcends the boundaries of a simple voice generator; it’s a comprehensive voice solution.

Murf AI provides fine-tuning your voiceovers by adjusting pitch, emphasis, pauses, and speed to convey your message in a perfect voice to match exactly as you envision it.

What’s more, Murf allows you to seamlessly weave in media like videos, audio, and images, elevating the impact of your content.

6. Unlocking Murf’s Multilingual Potential

With voices spanning an impressive 20 languages, Murf AI offers a wide selection.

Most languages even allow free testing to ensure quality. Some languages also support multiple accents, showcasing the platform’s versatility.

7. Why Choose Murf AI for Text-to-Speech

Murf’s text-to-audio software redefines voiceover creation and editing.

Tasks that once consumed hours, weeks, or even months now take mere minutes.

The era of expensive voiceovers is behind us, as Murf streamlines the process, placing creative control firmly in your hands.

You can seamlessly integrate images, videos, and presentations into your voiceovers without relying on third-party tools.

8. Efficiency Meets Affordability

Creating voiceovers traditionally was a financial burden—hiring voice artists, obtaining recording equipment, renting studios, and outsourcing editing.

This approach was not only time-consuming but also financially draining.

Murf AI simplifies it into a straightforward four-step process: input your script, select an AI voice, customize with emphasis and other features, and click to generate high-quality voiceovers without hiring a voice actor.

9. Consistent Branding Made Easy

Murf AI can help you create a custom by replicating your voice or that of someone else as an AI voice.

The Murf team processes the audio content, delivering a custom voice ready for round-the-clock use in Murf Studio, ensuring brand consistency in your voiceovers.

10. Connecting Globally with Multilingual AI Voices

To effectively reach a global audience, Murf AI supports text-to-speech conversion in nearly any language imaginable without compromising voice-over quality.

From English to Chinese, Japanese to Hindi, Murf offers diverse voices to resonate with your audience worldwide.

11. Empowering Developers with Murf’s API

Developers can leverage Murf AI’s API to integrate its versatile voice generation capabilities into their products and applications.

This allows users to create immersive audio experiences at scale.

While offering 40+ English voices for API usage, Murf AI continues expanding.

12. A World of Languages and Accents

Murf AI is a versatile AI-based voice generator, and its commitment to linguistic diversity shines through providing a voice library of 120+ text-to-speech voices in 20 + languages.

Murf AI covers you if you need American English, British English, Spanish, French, Chinese, or any other language or accent. It even offers an ‘English Accent Generator’ for added versatility.


In a landscape where voiceover quality and customization reign supreme, Murf is the best TTS  software that offers solutions for creators, educators, marketers, and businesses.

Its extensive customization features, wide range of voices, dedication to security, and support for multiple languages and accents make it one of the best AI voice generators.

With Murf AI, you can save time, resources, and effort while producing voiceovers without professional voice actors that captivate and engage your audience effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Murf AI generates natural-sounding voiceovers and text-to-speech (TTS) audio. It can convert written text into lifelike speech, making it a valuable tool for many applications, including eLearning, explainer videos, advertisements, audiobooks, podcasts, corporate presentations, IVR systems, and YouTube videos.
Yes, Murf AI offers a free plan that allows users to get started with basic features. The free plan includes access to 120+ voices, 10 minutes of voice generation, 10 minutes of transcription, and the ability to share audio/video output links. It's a great way to try the platform before upgrading to a paid plan.
Murf AI supports a wide range of languages and accents. Some of the supported languages include American English, British English, Australian English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, Indonesian, Cantonese Chinese, Brazil Portuguese, and Scottish. This extensive language support makes it versatile for global users.
Murf AI offers voice cloning capabilities, allowing users to create custom voice clones. Murf AI's voice cloning service enables users to generate AI voices that mimic human speech, making it a powerful tool for creating personalized and natural-sounding voiceovers.

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