Lumen5 – Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review


At a Glance

  • Lumen5 simplifies creating videos from blog posts and written content with AI-driven automation, enabling quick and efficient video production.
  • Lumen5's user-friendly interface, AI-powered features, and extensive toolkit make it an invaluable resource for content creators across various social media platforms and marketing teams.
  • Lumen5 stands out as an accessible and productive video creation platform with abundant resources that prove highly valuable for marketing and business engagement.

Lumen5 is a versatile online video editing and content creation platform that empowers users to transform their written content into engaging videos using AI and machine learning.

It offers a wide array of features designed to make video editing and creating a video accessible to users of all backgrounds, from resizing and enhancing videos to adding text, audio, and watermarks.

Lumen5 simplifies creating videos from blog posts and written content with AI-driven automation, enabling quick and efficient video production.

Read on to learn more about Lumen5 key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives, and review to make an informed decision about your content creation needs.


Lumen5 Key Features

Feature Description
Cloud-based Video Editor Edit, crop, trim, and enhance videos with ease. Trusted by companies globally.
Photo Video Maker Convert photos into stunning short videos, ideal for special occasions and brand storytelling.
Facebook Video Maker Create engaging Facebook videos and enhance your video marketing strategy.
YouTube Intro Maker Craft YouTube intro videos, explain products, and foster honest relationships with customers.
Instagram Video Maker Design thumb-stopping Instagram videos, complete with voiceover support for uniqueness.
Promo Video Maker Generate promotional videos for brand engagement and growth.
Video Ad Maker Create compelling video ads for marketing campaigns.
Marketing Video Maker Produce professional video marketing content to engage your audience and drive business growth.
LinkedIn Video Maker Create engaging video content for professional networks and business expansion.
Business Video Maker Develop professional business videos to represent your brand.
Ecommerce Video Maker Showcase products with ecommerce videos for business growth.
Explainer Video Maker Generate brand-boosting explainer videos using online software.
Slideshow Maker Easily create engaging slideshow videos.
Education Video Maker Craft educational videos for various purposes.
Transform Blog Posts Utilize AI to convert blog posts into videos, with options to customize videos and edit the generated content.
Unlock the Power of Voice Create engaging videos with spoken content, captions, and transcript-based editing.

Lumen5 Pricing Plans

Lumen5 Pricing

1. Basic Plan

There is no Lumen5 branding, advanced AI script composer features, longer AI voiceover videos, and more voices.


It costs $19 per month, billed yearly.

2. Starter Plan

It includes everything in the Basic plan, plus; 1080p video resolution, 50M+ stock photos & videos, choosing your font, and custom colors.


It costs $59 per month, billed yearly.

3. Professional Plan

It has everything included in the Starter plan, plus; 500M stock photos & videos, custom watermarks, uploading your fonts, multiple saved templates, and multiple brand kits.


It costs $149 per month, billed yearly.

4. Enterprise Plan

There is everything in the Professional plan, plus; Lumen5 design team, bespoke branded templates, dedicated customer success, teams & collaboration, and Enterprise-Level Security.


Custom pricing.

Lumen5 Pros & Cons


  • Lumen5 offers a user-friendly interface and a well-organized dashboard that simplifies video creation.
  • Lumen5 provides valuable resources that can effectively boost marketing efforts, offering ease of utilization for enhancing business engagement.
  • Lumen5 is often regarded as the premier platform for video creation, offering an impressive array of features and resources.
  • Lumen5’s workflow is known for its efficiency, enabling rapid video content production, which can be a valuable asset in time-sensitive situations.


  • Some users found Lumen5 non-user-friendly and challenging to use, particularly when striving to create high-quality videos.
  • Experienced videographers may find Lumen5 limited in terms of advanced features, potentially restricting their creative options.
  • Lumen5 lacks the capability for voice-overs, which may be a drawback for users seeking more diverse audio options in their videos.
  • Occasionally, Lumen5 may not extract the primary article content from a link, which can be frustrating when it extracts other paragraphs instead, potentially affecting the accuracy of video content generation.

Lumen5 Comparison With Alternatives In 2023

Feature Lumen5 InVideo WeVideo Adobe Spark
Core Competency AI-driven text-to-video conversion, user-friendly video editing User-friendly online video editing with customizable templates, extensive stock media library Geared towards professional marketing videos, video ads, and promotional content Cloud-based video editing with multi-track interface, specialized templates for educators Intuitive video editing with storytelling-driven customizable templates, seamless content syncing
Unique Feature AI-driven blog-to-video conversion 5000+ fully customizable templates, automated voice-overs, unlimited team collaboration, 24×7 priority support Unique promotional video templates, intuitive interface, direct publishing to Facebook and Instagram Specialized templates for educators, multi-track editing, screen recording, Android and iOS apps Wide range of storytelling-driven customizable templates, vast collection of royalty-free assets
Video Editing Yes, comprehensive video editing Yes, fully customizable templates, extensive stock media library, wide range of options in paid versions Customizable video templates with basic video editing tools Multi-track video editing interface, advanced features in paid tiers Intuitive video editing interface, easy navigation
Ease of Use User-friendly, suitable for beginners Highly intuitive, suitable for both beginners and professionals Super intuitive interface, suitable for newbies Moderate learning curve, cluttered user interface, templates for educators, Android and iOS apps Designed for everyday storytelling, easy for beginners to experiment and create visuals
AI-Driven Video Creation AI for turning text into videos AI for generating video content Automatically Create, Publish and Schedule On-Brand Videos for Social Media In Minutes No specific AI-driven content generation No AI-driven content generation
Stock Media Library Yes, includes images and music 8M+ stock media assets for additional clips, images, and videos Large stock media and music library Over 1 million pieces of stock media to choose from Vast collection of royalty-free templates, photos, images, fonts, icons, and assets
Text-to-Video Yes, converts blog posts to videos Converts text to video with themes, context-matching images, and natural-sounding voice Doesn’t offer text-to-video feature Doesn’t offer text-to-video feature No specific text-to-video feature
Customization Options Templates, text commands, and more 5000+ fully customizable templates, brand customization, automated voice-overs, collaboration features Customizable video templates, drag-and-drop editing, animated text styles Drag-and-drop interface, multi-track editing support, advanced features like Green Screen Intuitive video editing interface, easy navigation, brand marketing and personal project templates
Voiceovers Human-sounding voiceovers Automated voice-overs No voiceover features No voiceover features No voiceover features
Real-Time Collaboration No Collaboration features for unlimited team members, instant chat support within the dashboard Promo AI doesn’t offer collaboration Real-time collaboration only in Classroom plan No specific information available
Pricing Plans Free, Plus, Max (monthly/yearly) Free plan available, Plus ($20/month), Max($48/month) Annual Basic($29/month), Annual Standard($59/month), Annual Pro($199/month) Single Teacher($89/month), Classroom($299/month), School Or District(Custom Pricing) Individual ($99.99/year), Team ($239.88/year)
Mobile App No Access to the Filmr – Video Editor & Video Maker mobile app with a paid membership No mobile app, web-based editor Android and iOS app Dedicated iOS app
Use Cases Video content creation, social media posts, promotional videos Marketing videos, social media content, YouTube videos, business promotions Professional marketing videos, video ads, promotional on-brand videos for social media Video content creation, educational videos, specialized templates for educators, podcasts Everyday storytelling, short videos for social media, intuitive for beginners

Lumen5 Vs. InVideo AI


InVideo AI — #1 Lumen5 Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, InVideo AI is the #1 alternative to Lumen5.
InVideo AI has all the essential and advanced AI video creation features compared to Lumen5.
(Unlimited — AI Video Creation, Editing, Customization, Collaboration, Voice Generation) 🔥

1. User Base

Lumen5 primarily aims at content creators, bloggers, and marketers who seek an efficient way to convert text-based content into engaging videos.

It’s suitable for businesses looking to scale their video content production.

InVideo AI caters to a broader audience, from beginners to professionals across various industries.

It accommodates various video creation needs for social media content and marketing videos.

2. AI Capabilities

Lumen5’s core competency lies in its AI-driven text-to-video conversion.

It simplifies transforming articles and blog posts into video content while preserving the original text’s essence.

InVideo AI offers a comprehensive set of AI-driven features, including AI Script Generator, AI text-to-video, and AI Voice Generator.

3. Ease of Use

Lumen5’s user-friendly interface caters to beginners and those looking for a straightforward video creation process, streamlining text-to-video conversion.

InVideo AI strikes a balance between ease of use and professional features.

It provides over 5,000 fully customizable templates, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned users.

4. Customization

Lumen5 offers customization options through templates and text commands, primarily tailored to streamline the text-to-video conversion.

InVideo AI excels in customization for brand personalization, automated voice-overs, and real-time collaboration for unlimited team members, enhancing the video creation process.

5. Collaboration

Lumen5 does not provide real-time collaboration features, which may be a limitation for teams working on video projects.

InVideo AI offers real-time collaboration with unlimited team members. It has instant chat support within the dashboard for efficient teamwork.

6. Pricing

Lumen5 offers a Basic plan at $19 per month for simple unbranded videos, with the Starter and Professional plans priced at $59 and $149 per month, respectively.

Lumen5’s plans offer advanced AI Script Composer features, higher video resolutions, a vast stock library, and customization options.

InVideo AI provides a free plan for those who want to explore AI video creation, while their Plus and Max plans offer more features, storage, and exports at $20 and $48 per month, respectively.

Lumen5 Review

Lumen5 offers a comprehensive set of user-friendly video editing and content creation features, allowing anyone to easily create engaging videos that get results.

Apart from video editing, Lumen5 is a video creation platform that allows users to make their videos for various purposes.

This review delves into the tools’ extensive toolkit and highlights how Lumen5 is a good choice for video creators.

1. Video Editing Features

Lumen5’s video editing features empower users with the ability to perform essential tasks effortlessly:

  1. Resize Video: Whether a beginner or an experienced editor, resizing video clips is a breeze.
  2. Add Audio to Video: Incorporate music seamlessly into online videos while ensuring speed, ease, and security.
  3. Trim Video: Trim videos easily, eliminating the need for technical expertise.
  4. Add Text to Video: Adding text to videos, GIFs, or images is secure, quick, and user-friendly.
  5. Adjust Video: Enhance videos with effects, vignettes, and fades, ideal for beginners.
  6. Mute Video: Removing audio is just a few clicks away, simplifying sound deletion.
  7. Subtitler: Make videos accessible by adding impactful and effective subtitles.
  8. Add Image to Video: Quickly insert brand logos or images with no editing experience required.
  9. Watermark Video: Stamp videos with your brand identity in minutes.
  10. Compress Video: Reduce video file size without compromising quality in a user-friendly manner.
  11. Cut Video: Cut videos to the desired length effortlessly.
  12. Merge Video: Combine multiple video files into a cohesive clip, offering customization options.

1. Content Creation Tools for Social Media

It is an excellent video-making software; it provides a plethora of tools for content marketing, helping you create videos for social media sites:

  1. Video Editor: Edit videos with ease, no matter your experience level, and incorporate photo collages and brand watermarks.
  2. Photo Video Maker: Utilize AI to create engaging videos from photos, enhancing social media marketing efforts and celebrating special moments.
  3. Facebook Video Maker: Create engaging Facebook videos that convey your message with clarity and confidence.
  4. YouTube Intro Maker: Simplify the creation of professional YouTube intro videos, explaining products and fostering audience relationships.
  5. Instagram Video Maker: Craft thumb-stopping Instagram videos with voiceover support, making your content unique.
  6. Promo Video Maker: Engage your audience and boost brand growth with promotional videos.
  7. Video Ad Maker: Design compelling video ads for marketing campaigns.
  8. Marketing Video Maker: Drive business growth with professional video marketing content.
  9. LinkedIn Video Maker: Create compelling content for your professional network and business expansion.
  10. Business Video Maker: Craft professional business videos to elevate your brand.
  11. Ecommerce Video Maker: Showcase products effectively to stimulate business growth.
  12. Explainer Video Maker: Utilize fast online software for creating brand-boosting explainer videos.
  13. Slideshow Maker: Quickly produce engaging slideshow videos.
  14. Education Video Maker: Lumen5 can be used to create educational videos to serve various purposes.

3. Transform Blog Posts into Videos in Minutes

Lumen5 can transform written content, such as blog posts and whitepapers, into engaging videos and makes it easy to create high-quality videos.

It lets users input a blog link to automatically extract text and images from it. The AI then generates videos, matching scenes with relevant stock footage and timing content based on reading speed.

Users can add their creative touch by editing, changing colors, adding watermarks, and adjusting aspect ratios.

4. Unlock the Power of Voice in Your Videos

Lumen5 allows content creators to enhance their audio and video content with the help of artificial intelligence.

Users can add visual overlays, captions, and precise editing through the transcript, achieving synchronization with audio effortlessly.

5. Templates

Lumen5’s collection of video templates offers a valuable resource to help you maintain brand consistency, manage your budget, and meet deadlines.

With hundreds of customizable designs at your fingertips, these templates empower you to convey your message effectively and ensure that your content stays in line with your brand’s identity.

Plus, with access to a vast library of images, video footage, and music, Lumen5 equips you with the tools to infuse energy and impact into your social posts, making your content creation journey efficient and compelling.


Lumen5’s user-friendly interface, AI-powered features, and extensive toolkit make it an invaluable resource for content creators across various social media platforms and marketing teams.

From basic video editing to advanced content creation, Lumen5 simplifies the process while ensuring consistency in brand identity and efficient content production.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for straightforward video editing or a professional aiming to create engaging content, Lumen5 has something to offer everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Lumen5 offers a free subscription plan that allows users to create up to 5 videos per month. Additionally, paid plans are available with monthly and annual billing options.
Lumen5 is a user-friendly video creation software intended to assist marketers, publishers, and brands in generating video content effortlessly without requiring technical expertise.
To incorporate text into your videos using Lumen5, follow these three straightforward steps: Upload your video, GIF, or image with a single click. Next, use Lumen5's intuitive editor to insert text into your video. Once satisfied with your changes, hit "Create" to produce your final video.
Certainly, the watermark feature is available for users with a Professional subscription or higher. You can upload your logo as a watermark, which will appear in the corner of your video throughout its duration.
Lumen5 is designed for user-friendliness. It can automatically fetch content from your provided link, including text and images, to initiate the video creation process. If your content is unavailable online, you can copy and paste written content or type it directly into Lumen5. Overall, Lumen5 is known for its ease of use and offers customization options for changing media and utilizing its A.I. features.

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