Glasp AI – Key Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review


At a Glance

  • Glasp is a versatile and free Chrome Extension that empowers users to seamlessly highlight content on websites and PDF files, offering a unified platform for efficient knowledge organization.
  • With its intuitive features like YouTube summarization and collaborative note-sharing, Glasp transforms the online learning experience, fostering a dynamic community of avid learners.
  • Glasp's impact on learning in public, building digital legacies, and fostering a community of avid learners positions it as a valuable tool for anyone passionate about continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Glasp is a revolutionary AI-powered social web highlighter redefining the landscape of online knowledge management.

It is designed for efficient note-taking and collaboration among like-minded people, providing a unique digital legacy-building experience.

Read on to learn more about Glasp AI’s key features, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives, and review to enhance your online learning experience.


Glasp Key Features

Feature Description
AI-Powered Social Web Highlighter Access other like-minded people’s learning through shared highlights and notes.
Highlights and Notes Collaboration Collaborate effortlessly, fostering a community-driven approach to learning, highlighting the web, and sharing the gist with peers.
Seamless Note-Taking One-click functionality that enables users to highlight text and leave notes.
Readwise Integration Export highlights and notes seamlessly to popular note-taking apps like Readwise.
Knowledge Management Systems Redefined Transform the knowledge management landscape with a dynamic and interactive platform across all your devices.
Community of Like-Minded Users See what others are highlighting and engage with a community where the exchange of knowledge and thoughts thrives.
Digital Legacy Creation Leave a digital legacy for humanity as you highlight and add notes, giving everyone the power to leave their learning and experiences as a practical legacy for future generations.
Seamless Integration with Note-Taking Apps Integrate highlights and notes seamlessly with popular note-taking apps.
Effortless One-Click Functionality Glasp helps copy everything easily – metadata, notes, and highlights.
Enhanced Collaboration Collaborate effectively with the Glasp’s social network of like-minded individuals, sharing insights and discoveries.
Browser Extensions Install Glasp Chrome and Safari extensions for quick access and enhanced browsing functionality.

Glasp Pricing Plans

Glasp is completely free of charge, and there are currently no payment options available for users

Glasp Pros & Cons


  • Glasp is praised for efficiently organizing and managing information, saving users time that would otherwise be spent on multiple applications.
  • Users appreciate the founders’ vision and mission for Glasp, fostering a sense of sincerity and commitment to improvement.
  • The founders actively seek user input and feedback, creating a sense of community and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Users highlight the founders’ responsiveness, exceeding expectations by offering private 1:1 video conferences for live tutorials.
  • Glasp is described as uniquely feature-rich, offering functionalities that distinguish it from other tools.


  • Some users suggest adding more color options for highlighting to enhance customization.
  • While Glasp is commended as the best highlighter, there are suggestions for enhancing how video highlighting works.
  • Some users may find adapting to the platform’s features challenging, requiring time for familiarity and understanding.

Galsp AI Comparison with Alternatives

Feature Glasp Pocket ABBYY FineReader PDF Reflect Weava
Core Competency Social web highlighting and note-taking Save and organize online content Edit, organize, collaborate, protect, and convert PDFs Note-taking with AI integration Research tool for highlighting and annotation
Unique Feature Knowledge graph, AI summaries, YouTube highlights Pocket Premium for ad-free space and additional features AI-based OCR for digitizing paper documents and scans Reflect AI for improved writing and organization Reduced tabs, auto-save work, highlight & annotate
Other Features Readwise integration, community connections Custom text settings, audio playback, tags Collaboration tools, digital signatures, document comparison Calendar integration, publishing Organize research, collaborate, auto-cite
Use Cases Learning, sharing insights, building a digital legacy Saving, reading, watching, listening Efficient note-taking, idea organization, meeting tracking Idea generation, knowledge base, project management Efficient research, highlighting, annotation
Browser Extension Yes (Chrome and Safari) Yes (Browser extension available) No No Yes (Chrome)
Pricing Free Free, Premium Annual: $44.99/year, Premium Monthly: $4.99/month FineReader PDF Standard: 99 € / year, FineReader PDF Corporate: 165 € / year, FineReader PDF for Mac: 69 € (1-year license) $10/month (billed annually) Free, Premium: $3.99/month

Glasp Vs. Weava

Weava — #1 Glasp AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Weava is the #1 alternative to Glasp ai.
Weava has all the essential and advanced AI highlighting features compared to Glasp AI.
(Unlimited — AI Media Highlighting, Sharing Notes, Importing Highlights, Exporting Highlights) 🔥


Let us compare the two online highlighters and analyze their strengths.

1. Highlightable Media

Glasp allows you to highlight online articles, PDFs, and YouTube videos and also displays YouTube video transcripts and timestamps for efficient navigation.

Weava also allows highlighting online articles and PDFs, and premium users can save images on Weava.

2. Share Highlights & Notes

Glasp highlights and notes are public and shareable through links.

Weava offers limited sharing; it requires upgrading to a premium plan to invite collaborators.

3. Import Highlights & Notes

Glasp supports importing highlights & notes from Kindle.

Weava currently lacks importing features.

4. Export Highlights & Notes

Glasp offers three export options: file, Readwise integration, and copy-n-paste.

Weava allows export in various formats, including Word Document, Excel, Text, and CSV.

5. Device

Glasp has a Desktop-only version and no mobile or tablet apps.

Weava has a desktop as well as a mobile app for iOS devices.

6. Browser Support

Both Glasp and Weava support major browsers: Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and Vivaldi.

7. Profile Page

Glasp offers a detailed profile page with daily highlight tracking.

Weava’s intuitive page displays highlights, notes, and articles in rows.

8. Tag or Folder

Glasp has a tag-based system with a graphical representation of tag connections.

Weava’s folder-based system facilitates collaboration with the premium plan.

9. Visibility of Highlights & Notes

Glasp’s highlights and notes are public by default, promoting community interaction.

Weava’s highlights and notes are private; there is limited visibility even with premium features.

10. Group Function

Glasp offers no group function; highlights and notes are publicly accessible.

Weava offers a group function for collaboration with the premium plan.

11. Interaction

Glasp offers various interaction options, including likes, follows, and shared highlights.

Interaction on Weava is limited to premium users, with no interaction for single users.

Glasp Review: Unlocking the Power of Collective Learning

Glasp is a revolutionary platform for knowledge enthusiasts, bringing a unique approach to online reading of relevant content and learning.

As a versatile tool, it integrates with your reading habits and provides users a faster way to highlight text, take notes, and share insights across various platforms.

Here’s an in-depth review of Glasp, exploring its key features and the impact it has had on its growing user community.

1. Highlight & Note Functionality

Glasp’s standout feature is its ability to highlight and add notes directly on various platforms, including YouTube, Kindle, and PDFs, eliminating the need to constantly switch between web and note-taking apps.

While reading an article, you can select text to highlight and annotate without going to a different page.

All of your highlights for a specific article appear on the right sidebar as you’re reading, and they’re easy to copy and paste into another note-taking app.

2. Tag & Organize

The platform excels in an organization, offering robust tagging features and exportation to note-taking apps, supporting the Markdown format.

3. Connect with Readers

Glasp users can follow like-minded individuals and provide a curated home feed by leaving notes on the web, facilitating the discovery of insightful new content.

4. Learning in Public

Glasp encourages users to share their learning journey publicly.

Features like YouTube highlights, Kindle integration, quoteshots, knowledge graphs, AI summaries, and PDF highlighting contribute to a comprehensive learning experience.

5. Community Building

With over 200K users, Glasp has become a hub for accumulating legacies, boasting impressive statistics of 500K+ pages and 3M+ highlights.

The “Wall of Love” showcases positive feedback from a diverse user base.

6. Featured with Love

Glasp has garnered attention from various online publications, featuring interviews with its co-founders and user articles sharing their experiences and insights on how Glasp has transformed their learning processes.


Glasp stands out as a dynamic platform that goes beyond traditional note-taking.

Combining highlighting, note-sharing, and community building creates an ecosystem where individuals collectively contribute to a pool of knowledge.

Glasp’s impact on learning in public, building digital legacies, and fostering a community of avid learners positions it as a valuable tool for anyone passionate about continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Glasp is a social web highlighter that people can use to highlight and organize quotes and thoughts from the web, access other like-minded people's learning, and explore more content on the Glasp website.
Yes, Glasp is a free service. There is no cost associated with using Glasp, and users can access its features without any subscription fees.
Yes, Glasp works on PDF files. It is a free Chrome Extension that allows you to highlight both websites and PDF files with various colored highlighting options. The highlighted content is then automatically organized on your Glasp homepage.
You can follow these steps to create a YouTube summary using Glasp after installing the browser extension. Simply open the YouTube video you want to summarize and click the YouTube Summary icon in your browser toolbar. Glasp will generate a summary. Additionally, it provides an option to access the video transcript if available. The summary may include timestamps or be presented without them.

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