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At a Glance

  • Explainpaper is a revolutionary GPT-3 based AI tool that transforms how you read academic papers. It helps you swiftly grasp complex research ideas in simple language.
  • It offers the fastest route to comprehend scholarly literature and swiftly grasp complex research ideas in simple language.
  • Explore the comprehensive review, pricing plans, and discover alternative tools that redefine your research experience.

Explainpaper is an AI-based tool that simplifies complex academic research papers.

This powerful platform enables users to quickly understand complex ideas by getting an explanation of confusing text, making academic literature more accessible and simplified through its advanced AI capabilities.

If you are considering buying Explainpaper AI, read the key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with the alternatives and review to make a more informed decision.


Explainpaper Key Features

Feature Description
Upload a Paper Users can easily upload academic papers in various formats to the Explainpaper platform.
Highlight Confusing Text Readers can highlight specific sections of the uploaded paper that they find confusing or difficult to understand.
Get Explanations After highlighting confusing text, users receive clear and concise explanations for the selected sections.
Ask Follow-Up Questions Users can ask additional questions and seek further clarification on the provided explanations.
Generate Summaries Exclusive to the Plus and Pro plans, this feature generates concise summaries of the uploaded paper.
See All Your Highlights and Explanations Plus and Pro plan users can easily access and review all their highlighted text and corresponding explanations.
Search through papers (upcoming feature) A forthcoming feature will allow users to search for specific keywords or topics within uploaded papers.
Powered by ChatGPTPlus The AI capabilities of ChatGPTPlus are utilized to provide detailed and user-friendly explanations of the text.
Powered by GPT-4 (upcoming feature) The Pro plan harnesses the advanced AI capabilities of GPT-4 for even more accurate and comprehensive results.
Analyze multiple papers at once (upcoming) A planned feature for the Pro plan, enabling users to analyze multiple papers simultaneously for efficiency.
Save Papers with Marked Points Pro plan users can save their uploaded papers with marked points and explanations for easy access and organization.
Improved PDF Reader A future enhancement to provide a seamless and enhanced reading experience for academic papers in PDF format.
Unlimited Highlight Explanations Pro plan users can access unlimited explanations for any number of highlighted sections.
Free for Everyone Explainpaper offers a Free Plan with essential features to all users without any subscription fee.
Advanced Reading Experience Exclusive to the Plus plan, this feature enhances the reading experience with additional functionalities and tools.
For Professional Research Tailored for researchers and academics, the Pro plan offers advanced features to meet the needs of professionals.

Explainpaper Pricing and Plans


1. Free Plan


This plan is available to all users at no cost. It allows users to upload a paper, highlight confusing text, and get explanations using the AI-powered ChatGPT Plus.



2. Plus Plan


The Plus Plan builds on the Free Plan, offering additional benefits.

Users get access to generating summaries of any uploaded paper, viewing all highlights and explanations, and will soon be able to search through papers for easier navigation.


It costs $12/month.

3. Pro Plan


The Pro Plan is designed for professional researchers seeking advanced functionality.

It includes everything in the Plus Plan and promises to be powered by the upgraded AI model, GPT-4. Additionally, users will soon be able to analyze multiple papers simultaneously, making it ideal for intensive research.


It costs $20/month.

Explainpaper Pros And Cons


  • Simplifies complex academic papers.
  • AI-powered explanations for confusing text.
  • Helps researchers and students comprehend.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers different pricing plans for flexibility.
  • Unlimited highlight explanations (Pro plan).
  • GPT-4 is available for the Pro version.


  • Limited language support (primarily English).
  • May encounter occasional incomplete explanations.
  • Not optimized for mathematical functions yet.
  • GPT-4 is available only for the Pro version.

Explainpaper Comparison With Alternatives

Feature Explainpaper MapDeduce ExplainThis AI Tooltips.ai ChatGPT Butler
Core Competency Designed to help researchers understand academic papers by highlighting text Powerful AI tool for document analysis, catering to legal, financial, and business professionals Your assistant on the internet to explain key concepts and understand what you’re reading AI explainer tool providing simple explanations for highlighted text on web pages or PDF URLs Browser extension that integrates ChatGPT AI model into any website for intelligent responses
Other Features – Get explanations for highlighted text


– Ask follow-up questions for further clarification

– Generate summaries of entire uploaded papers (Plus and Pro plans)

– Access to unlimited highlight explanations (Pro plan)

– Summarize documents in any language.


– Ask the right questions based on the type of document

– Spot potential red-flag terms in contracts and other legal documents

– Analyze multiple documents simultaneously for efficiency (Pro plan)

– An intelligent assistant that explains concepts in plain language


– Effortlessly digest long pages with a single click for concise summaries

– Lives on Chrome with the ExplainThis Chrome extension

– Chat with your AI Brain for personalized learning and growth

– Easy to use; no signup required


– Supports web pages and PDF URLs

– Fast and accurate explanations

– Suitable for experts and novices alike

– Provides instant helpful responses in a natural and human-like manner


– Integrates with popular search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo

– Features a custom trigger mode, day/night view selection, and copy-to-clipboard functionality

– Provides precise and current information with ChatGPT’s cutting-edge technology.

User Base Targeted at researchers, students, and academics Trusted By 10,000+ Users Designed for a wide range of users Designed for a wide range of users Designed for a wide range of users
Document Types Supported PDF Files and URLs Handles complicated documents like purchase agreements, market research reports, and inspection reports N/A N/A N/A
Multiple Language Support N/A Supports document analysis in various languages N/A Supports explanations in 100+ languages Supports responses in 54 languages
Pricing Free, Plus plan, Pro plan Free, Plus plan “Just Curious” and “Tell Me Everything” plans with a 7-day free trial, monthly billing, and token replenishment. Free to use Free to use

Explainpaper Review

Explainpaper is an AI-powered tool that offers a better way to read academic papers.

It aims to simplify the understanding of complex academic papers by providing clear and concise explanations for confusing text.

With cutting-edge AI algorithms, Explainpaper allows readers to upload a paper, highlight challenging sections, and get an explanation to comprehend and better understand complex academic papers through AI-powered explanations.

How Did It Start?

A little background to the AI-powered research assistant is quite interesting. The co-founder, Aman Jha, stumbled upon an idea behind Explainpaper while studying a complex neuroscience paper.

After experimenting with GPT-3 prompts, he realized that explanations offered by GPT-3 are easy to understand.

He concluded that GPT-3 is a budding researcher’s best friend.

So the tool also offered the readers a chance to try out the new tool on a sample paper where it started: Attention Is All You Need, which introduced a new type of network architecture called Transformer, which is based solely on the attention mechanism.

1. Ease of Use and User Experience

The interface of Explainpaper is user-friendly and straightforward.

Uploading a paper and highlighting text is a seamless process, making it accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise.

The platform’s chat function allows users to ask detailed questions and delve deeper into specific topics.

Overall, the user experience is commendable, ensuring a smooth journey for beginners and seasoned researchers.

2. AI-Powered Explanations

The heart of Explainpaper lies in its utilization of GPT-3 via every prompt platform for understanding academic papers.

The AI-generated simple explanations about confusing text in research papers are valuable tools for understanding complex scientific jargon.

The AI’s ability to simulate a conversation between a budding researcher and an expert is impressive, making it an invaluable asset for students and researchers.

However, it’s worth noting that, at times, GPT-3 may produce incomplete or erroneous explanations, which could be improved upon.

3. Data Collection and Future Improvements

Explainpaper has already amassed an impressive database of over 113,000 paper explanations since its launch.

The plan to use 100,000 Explainpaper data points to optimize GPT-3 for paper explanations shows a commitment to continuous improvement.

Incorporating user ratings and introducing a confidence metric for AI-generated responses will enhance the system’s accuracy and reliability.

4. Limitations and Future Enhancements

One limitation of Explainpaper is the current inability of GPT-3 to explain mathematical functions.

However, learning that this feature is planned for inclusion in a future version is promising.

Addressing this limitation will undoubtedly attract more researchers from mathematical and technical fields.

5. GPT-4 Integration

The introduction of GPT-4 AI technology in the Pro version of the research tool is a significant leap forward in the platform’s journey.

With its advanced language understanding, improved reasoning capabilities, and reduced limitations, GPT-4 elevates the platform’s ability to provide clear and concise explanations that break down complex information in academic papers.

Explainpaper Vs. MapDeduce

MapDeduce — #1 Explainpaper AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, MapDeduce is the #1 alternative to Explainpaper ai.
MapDeduce has all the essential and advanced AI text-simplifying features compared to Explainpaper AI.
(Unlimited — AI Text-Simplifications, Explanations, Doc Uploading) 🔥

Explainpaper Pricing

Explainpaper and MapDeduce are powerful AI-driven tools that simplify complex information and enhance users’ understanding of academic research papers and documents.

While they share the goal of providing insightful explanations, they differ in their core competencies, features, user base, supported document types, and advanced reading experiences.

Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison of these two tools:

1. Core Competency

Explainpaper is designed to help researchers, students, and academics better understand academic papers by allowing them to highlight confusing text and receive explanations for the selected sections.

It targets users seeking to comprehensively understand complex ideas within academic literature.

On the other hand, MapDeduce caters to professionals dealing with large volumes of complex documents, such as legal, financial, or business experts.

Its core competency lies in analyzing various document types, including purchase agreements, market research reports, and inspection reports, streamlining productivity and offering valuable insights.

2. Document Types Supported

Explainpaper is specifically tailored for academic papers, assisting users in navigating through intricate concepts within the research literature.

On the other hand, MapDeduce handles various complicated document types, including purchase agreements, market research reports, and inspection reports, making it suitable for professionals in specific industries.

3. Other Features

Explainpaper and MapDeduce allow users to ask follow-up questions for further clarification, enhancing the learning experience.

While MapDeduce offers additional features like the ability to spot potential red-flag terms in contracts, generate summaries of entire uploaded papers, and analyze multiple documents simultaneously (available in the Pro plan).

Explainpaper provides users with unlimited highlight explanations in the Pro plan, giving researchers the advantage of accessing comprehensive explanations for any number of highlighted sections.

4. User Base

Explainpaper caters to researchers, students, and academics who seek a deeper comprehension of academic papers and research materials.

Whereas MapDeduce serves many professionals, including legal, financial, and business experts, who deal with complex documents and require efficient document analysis.

5. Pricing

Explainpaper offers a Free, Plus, and Pro plan, with additional features and benefits available at each tier.

MapDeduce provides a Free plan and a Plus plan for its users.

Use Cases



  • Academic Research
  • Legal and Contract Analysis
  • Learning and Study Aid
  • Market Research Insights
  • Literature Review
  • Financial Document Analysis
  • Professional Development
  • Business Document Understanding


Explainpaper is an AI tool that simplifies academic research papers by highlighting confusing text.

The introduction of GPT-4 in the Pro version of Explainpaper is a significant leap forward in the platform’s journey.

As researchers and students embrace this state-of-the-art AI model, Explainpaper cements its status as an indispensable resource for fostering a deeper interest and understanding of complex scientific knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Explainpaper is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users, particularly researchers, students, and academics better understand academic papers and research articles.
Yes, Explainpaper offers a Free plan that allows users to access essential features without any subscription fee. However, there are also paid plans, such as the Plus and Pro plans, which provide additional functionalities and benefits for users who require more advanced capabilities.
Explainpaper is specifically designed to assist users in understanding academic papers and research articles. You can upload academic papers in formats like PDF and other common document formats.
As of now, Explainpaper's explanations are primarily provided in English. However, the tool's capabilities are constantly evolving, and there may be plans to introduce support for other languages in the future.
The Pro plan of Explainpaper offers users the advantage of unlimited highlight explanations, allowing them to receive comprehensive explanations for any highlighted sections within the uploaded papers. This feature is exclusive to the Pro plan subscribers, ensuring a seamless learning experience without any limitations on the number of explanations they can access.

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