Essense AI – Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review


At a Glance

  • Essence AI is a tool that helps analyze thousands of pieces of feedback in seconds for a fraction of the cost of other tools.
  • This AI-powered tool provides data-driven decisions based on user research and feedback, making it a cost-effective solution to gain product insights in seconds.
  • Its unique feature lies in its ability to instantly analyze customer feedback without the need for predefined themes, providing businesses with immediate insights for data-driven decision-making.

Essense AI is an AI-powered platform that transforms qualitative customer feedback and competitor reviews into actionable insights.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, Essense enables companies to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and competitors, leading to informed decision-making, improved customer adoption and engagement, and better marketing strategies.

Read on to learn more about Essense AI key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives and review to make an informed decision for your business needs.


Essense AI Key Features

FeaturesUse Cases
Transforms Qualitative Customer Feedback into Actionable Insights– Focus on critical customer needs for product roadmap

– Prioritize features based on feedback

– Understand customer pain points and feature requests

– Analyze product competitiveness

Improve Customer Adoption and Engagement– Identify top customer pain points and requests

– Gain insights to enhance product adoption

Analyze Competitors and Understand Market Positioning– Evaluate product competitiveness

– Identify untapped market segments

Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions by Analyzing Customer and Prospect Feedback– Understand customer sentiments towards the product and brand

– Analyze competitors for a positioning advantage

– Identify untapped market segments

Produce Insightful Customer and Competitor Intelligence Reports in Minutes– Quickly understand client market positions compared to competitors

– Identify growth opportunities based on feedback

– Save time on qualitative research

Integrate Customer Feedback from Multiple Sources, Including HubSpot, App Store, and Google Play– Collect and analyze feedback from various sources to provide comprehensive insights

Essense AI Pricing Plans

Essense Pricing

1. Free Trial

Essense AI offers a two-week free trial, providing users with the opportunity to explore the platform’s functionalities without any initial cost. This trial period allows businesses to assess the platform’s suitability and effectiveness.

2. Starter

It offers unlimited team members, analyzes up to 5 data sources, analyzes up to 10,000 pieces of feedback per month, up to 500 insight questions per month, and Emails customer support.


It costs $99 per month

3. Growth

It also offers unlimited team members, analyzes up to 25 data sources, analyze up to 100,000 pieces of feedback per month, up to 5,000 insight questions per month, Email and Slack customer support.


$499 per month.

4. Enterprise

It offers unlimited team members, Analyses Reviews, Transcripts, Form Responses, and Conversations, custom limits on pieces of feedback and insight questions, support for custom data sources, and a Dedicated Account Executive for support.


Custom pricing.

Essense AI Pros & Cons


  • Automates customer feedback analysis.
  • User-friendly with an intuitive UI.
  • Provides instant insights for quick analysis.
  • Transparent pricing with subscription plans.
  • Offers a free trial with 200 feedback pieces.
  • Scalable options for growing businesses.


  • No internal storage.
  • Lacks a real-time clock.
  • May not support all needed data sources.
  • Limited customization for taxonomy setup.
  • Requires at least 500 feedback pieces per month.

Essense AI Comparison With Alternatives

FeatureEssense AIEnterpretViableunitQBirdeye
Unique FeatureAI models for feedback analysisAdaptive AI models tailored to feedback architectureGenerative Analysis Platform to guide analysisAI insights and alerts for quality assessmentOnline reputation management and multi-channel engagement
Customer Feedback UnificationYes, unifies feedback from multiple sources, including social media, support tickets, and moreCentralizes all customer feedback sources, including social media, sales calls, support tickets, community forumsUnifies feedback across all data types, integrated through powerful native integrationsAggregates feedback from various channels, such as social, reviews, usage data, and moreCaptures, understands, and improves customer feedback in real-time from various sources
Feedback OrganizationAutomatically categorizes feedbackUses a unified feedback taxonomyCustomizes analysis to unique business objectivesVisualizes user feedback grouped into granular categories, translated from 50+ sourcesAggregates, organizes, and responds to reviews, messages, and more
AI Models for Feedback AnalysisEmpowers product owners with AI modelsProvides AI models tailored to feedback architectureOffers a Generative Analysis Platform to guide analysisOffers real-time AI insights for quality assessmentEnhances customer experience with AI-powered insights
Data IntegrationIntegrates data from various platforms, making it compatible with social, reviews, and support dataOffers CSV import or API integration for feedbackIntegrates directly with feedback channels and leading platforms, including Zendesk, Intercom, and moreAggregates data from multiple sources, including surveys, call transcripts, and app storesIntegrates with a wide range of apps and services for enhanced functionality
Granularity of InsightsOffers granular insights beyond high-level topicsExplores granular reasons behind feedback trendsAdds meaningful context to raw feedback for insightful narrativesOffers insights automatically grouped into categories like urgency, churn risk, and user traitsProvides actionable insights with AI
User SegmentationAllows comparing different user segments, e.g., Power Users vs. Casual UsersCompares user segments, e.g., Closed Lost vs. Closed Won DealsAddresses pressing operational challenges with analysisAllows users to share details about their experiencesOffers insights for various industries and user demographics
Search FunctionalityOffers a user-friendly analytics suiteOffers powerful semantic search capabilitiesCustomizes analysis and offers semantic search for easy feedback retrievalOffers AI alerts and AI-driven insights across various languagesFacilitates messaging, webchat, social engagement, and more
Ease of UseUser-friendly with a pleasant UITailored for non-technical operatorsOffers an easy-to-use platform for AI-powered insights with no data leakageProvides real-time user insights and quality alertsSimplifies engagement across various digital channels
CollaborationSupports collaboration for analysis, empowering product ownersCollaborative features to engage your team, ensuring feedback is shareableActs as a strategic co-pilot and encourages a customer-centric strategyProvides insights for product, engineering, and CX teamsEnables teamwork with multi-location businesses
PricingSTARTER; $99/mo, GROWTH; $499/mo, ENTERPRISE, CustomVaries based on data volume and required integrationsSTARTUP; $600/mo, GROWTH; $1,000/mo, ENTERPRISE, CustomGet a DemoRequires a few details to provide your customized pricing
IntegrationsIntegrates with various feedback channels, including social media, sales calls, and community forumsFlexible integrations through CSV or API, making it compatible with feedback from surveys, call transcripts, and app storesIntegrates directly with feedback channels and leading platforms, including Zendesk, Intercom, and moreIntegrates with a wide range of feedback sources, including surveys, call transcripts, and app storesIntegrates with numerous apps and platforms for seamless operations, including Eclinical Works, Hubspot, and more
SecuritySecure with SOC-2 Type II certificationBuilt for enterprise-level security, ensuring secure data handlingEnsures data security and privacy standards, meeting GDPR and CCPAMeets strict standards for security and privacy, including HIPAA and CCPAMaintains secure and compliant services, adhering to GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA

Essense Vs Enterpret


Enterpret — #1 Essense AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, Enterpret is the #1 alternative to Essense ai.
Enterpret has all the essential and advanced AI feedback analysis features compared to Essense AI.
(Unlimited — AI Feedback Analysis, Insights, Framework, Workflow, Community) 🔥

Essense AI and Enterpret are two AI-driven platforms designed to provide customer feedback analysis and insights. Let’s explore the differences between the two based on various factors and consider the additional insights:

1. Unique Feature

Essense AI offers AI models for feedback analysis that empower product owners.

Essense’s unique selling point is its intuitive user interface, instant insights, and transparent pricing.

Enterpret provides adaptive AI models tailored to feedback architecture.

2. User Interface (UI)

Essense AI is known for its intuitive and straightforward user interface.

Essense’s UI allows users to quickly navigate the platform, saving onboarding time.

Enterpret’s user interface may be more complex, with numerous features and tabs, requiring a learning curve for users.

3. Insights

Essense AI offers instant insights by scanning customer reviews and determining current customer concerns.

Enterpret requires waiting for taxonomy setup before analysis, making it potentially less flexible for users to align themes with their structure.

4. Pricing

Essense AI offers transparent pricing with three subscription plans that can be compared directly on their website. Users can start with a free trial that allows analyzing 200 pieces of feedback each month, making it suitable for businesses at various stages.

Enterpret lacks clear pricing information on its website, requiring users to negotiate individual deals.

Enterpret demands a minimum of 500 pieces of feedback per month, which may not be suitable for businesses in the early stages.

Essense AI Review

Essense AI is a powerful tool for businesses seeking a deeper understanding of their customers, their needs, and market competitors.

This comprehensive review will highlight Essense AI’s key features, how to get started with the platform, its applications in Generative AI, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) software.

1. User Feedback Analysis

Essense AI utilizes advanced AI to transform unstructured customer feedback into actionable insights.

It includes analyzing reviews, feature requests, and pain points, providing a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments and preferences.

2. Product Roadmap Prioritization

Essence empowers product owners to make data-driven decisions based on user feedback with AI.

This strategic approach ensures that businesses focus on addressing the most critical customer needs, ultimately improving overall product development.

3. Competitive Intelligence

Essense AI provides in-depth competitor analysis, allowing businesses to identify untapped market segments and evaluate the competitiveness of their products compared to industry rivals.

4. Brand Sentiment Analysis

The platform goes beyond customer feedback and analyzes brand sentiment across customer reviews and social media platforms, which aids in understanding how customers perceive the brand and the reception of products or services.

5. Consultancy and Agency Support

Essense AI streamlines the process of generating customer or competitor intelligence reports, which is beneficial for consultancy and agency clients who get actionable insights to apply immediately.

6. Integration with Multiple Data Sources

Essense AI offers seamless integration with various data sources, including HubSpot, App Store, Google Play, Steam, and more.

This broad spectrum of integrations allows businesses to collect and analyze feedback from multiple platforms, creating a comprehensive overview of customer sentiments.

7. Net Promoter Score Software

Essense AI offers tools for conducting NPS surveys, categorizing respondents, visualizing findings, and calculating NPS scores.

What truly sets Essense apart is its sentiment analysis capabilities that delve deeper into NPS score drivers which enables the extraction of actionable insights aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction.

8. Analyzing Oculus Store Reviews

Essense AI extends its utility to VR developers by offering an in-depth analysis of user feedback from the Oculus Store.

VR developers can extract valuable insights to drive improvements in their applications, making data-driven decisions for better customer experiences.

9. Analyzing Zendesk Tickets

For businesses using Zendesk for support operations, Essense AI facilitates a comprehensive analysis of support tickets.

This capability not only enhances customer service operations but also provides invaluable customer insights for informed decision-making.

Getting Started with Essense AI

1. Sign Up

Getting started with Essense AI is straightforward. Users can register on the platform, allowing them to access its full suite of analytical capabilities.

2. Connect Data Source

After registration, users can link their preferred data sources for analysis.

Essense AI’s ability to integrate data from various platforms ensures a holistic understanding of customer sentiments.

3. Select Time

Users can choose when to analyze, whether a day, week, month, or year, which enables businesses to focus on specific data sets.

4. Collaboration

Essense AI helps your business collaborate on your analysis with others in your organization. Team members can be invited to participate in the analysis process.


Essense empowers product owners, enabling them to effortlessly analyze thousands of reviews in minutes.

This cost-effective alternative to other AI tools helps you analyze feedback at scale, providing actionable insights that significantly reduce the time spent on assessing feedback for your product.

Essense also collaborates with others in your organization, offering an incredibly straightforward way to analyze user feedback at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Essense AI can analyze various types of feedback data, including text from customer reviews, survey responses, and social media comments.
Yes, Essense AI offers a free trial that allows users to analyze up to 200 pieces of feedback per month without any cost.
Essense AI prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring that all customer data is handled securely and in compliance with privacy standards. It does not store data internally.
Yes, Essense AI can be integrated with various software and platforms to collect feedback data, making it a versatile solution for businesses.

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