Ellie AI – Features, Pricing, Alternatives and Review


At a Glance

  • Ellie.ai is a cloud-based platform that accelerates data product design, providing essential features like data modeling, business glossary, and collaboration tools.
  • It facilitates effective teamwork by enabling simultaneous visualization of product designs directly on the web, fostering clear communication between business and IT, and mastering data management.
  • The platform ensures logical and conceptual modeling, allowing teams to collaborate effectively and create actionable insights.

Ellie.ai is a cutting-edge AI platform integrating advanced data and AI technologies to provide an unparalleled user experience in data management and collaboration.

As an enterprise-focused tool, Ellie.ai employs sophisticated models and expert-designed features to advance how businesses design, collaborate, and manage data documentation.

Ellie.ai is not just software but a comprehensive solution that values data culture, empowering users to advance their technological capabilities integration, and derive maximum value from their data processes.

With a customer-centric approach to pricing, businesses can access Ellie.ai to revolutionize data product design and collaboration in their data workflows and enhance their overall productivity.

Read on to learn more about Ellie.ai’s key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives, and review to make an informed decision for your data management needs.


Ellie AI Key Features

Features Description
 Collaboration Cloud-native, browser-based application facilitating seamless collaboration with multiple users. Shareable links enable productive and synchronized collaboration during data modeling.
Conceptual Data Modeling Efficiently capture business reality with enterprise-friendly entity relationship diagrams. Drag-and-drop capabilities allow real-time collaboration and an integrated glossary promotes clear understanding.
Business Glossary Keep enterprise terminology organized with a comprehensive Business Glossary. Track customizable metadata, attributes, and relationships across models. Link entities to logical models to connect business context with technical designs.
Logical Data Modeling Detailed data structures define primary and foreign keys, attributes, entities, and relationships. Link logical entities with business glossary terms automatically generate logical models from conceptual designs.
Design Reusability Reuse entities across models, create model copies, and organize models in collections for superior manageability and control. Customize entity types, attributes, and description fields to fit the organization’s unique needs.
Import, Export, Open API Support for importing and exporting conceptual and logical models and the business glossary. Open API allows users to create custom workflows in their existing tech stack and share knowledge through the user interface.
Integrations Partner integrations with WhereScape, Vaultspeed, and Datavault Builder enhance enterprise capabilities. Open-source code snippets for advanced workflows and future integrations with popular Data Catalogs anticipated.
Enterprise Management Advanced user management integration with Okta and accessibility via the Okta Integration Network (OIN). Support for Azure Active Directory ensures secure and effortless accessibility for the enterprise team.

Ellie.ai Pricing Plans

Instead of offering straight pricing plans, being a service provider for enterprises, Ellie offers a free 30-day trial to see whether Ellie suits your needs. No additional fees, commitment, or installation of software are required.

Ellie AI Pros & Cons


  • Efficiently models Master Data, ensuring synchronization and clarity in core business entities.
  • Facilitates the design and visualization of enterprise information architecture.
  • Simplifies complex data modeling, fostering collaboration between IT and Business stakeholders.
  • Allows the creation of multi-layered maps of meaning for versatile use in product design and data modeling.
  • Users benefit from regular updates, ensuring access to the latest improvements.
  • Helps big organizations with extensive processes by visualizing business processes, eliminating confusion, and clarifying responsibilities, bringing tangible business value.


  • Some users find it challenging to model complex business processes with multiple roles and workflows, suggesting a need for simplification.

Ellie AI Comparison with Alternatives

Features Ellie.ai DataRobot Tableau Cognite Data Fusion® Polymer
Core Competency Data Product Design, Data Modeling, Collaboration AI Platform for Value-Driven AI, Generative AI Visual Analytics Platform Data Contextualization, Industrial Knowledge Graph BI without the complicated setup and steep learning curves, Visualizations, Dashboards
Unique Feature Cloud-native, Conceptual Canvas Upgrade AI Console, AI Registry, AI Workbench, Generative AI Tableau Pulse, Einstein Copilot Automated Contextualization, Industrial DataOps AI-guided dashboard creation, Insight automation, Easy setup
Use Cases Data Vault & Warehousing, Data Governance & Catalogs, Data Mesh, Data Culture AI Value Acceleration, AI Governance Platforms Visual Data Exploration, AI/ML Integration, Data Management, Collaboration Programmatic Knowledge Graph Population, Automated Use Case Data Schema E-commerce, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Actionable insights, Easy data exploration
Data Handling Not specified 83% Faster Deployment, Deep Ecosystem Integrations Cloud, On-Premises, Salesforce CRM Integration Machine Learning, Rules Engines, Domain Expertise Connectors for Shopify, Stripe, GA4, Google Ads, Facebook, Excel, Sheets, Zendesk
Integrations Partner integrations with Wherescape, Vaultspeed, Datavault Builder, Open-source code snippets OpenAI, AWS, Hugging Face, Apache Airflow, MLflow, etc. Native Salesforce CRM Integration Automated Contextualization Services Shopify, Stripe, GA4, Google Ads, Facebook, Excel, Sheets, Zendesk
Enterprise Management Advanced user management integration with Okta, Okta Integration Network (OIN), Azure Active Directory support AI Console, AI Registry, AI Workbench Connects to Salesforce CRM, Governance, Data Management Industrial Knowledge Graph, DataOps suitable for diverse business functions, including E-Commerce, Marketing, Sales, and Operations
Collaboration Cloud-native, browser-based application for seamless collaboration, Shareable links for real-time collaboration during data modeling AI Workbench, Team Collaboration in Scaling AI Tableau Community, Visual Collaboration Automated Contextualization, Collaboration Tools Shareable dashboards, Embedding, Collaboration features
Data Visibility Visualize real-world business and data processes with conceptual data models. Full Visibility and Oversight with AI Registry Visual Storytelling, Collaboration Structured Industrial Data, Data Visualization Shareable dashboards, Embedded data anywhere, Presentations, Embedding

Ellie.ai Vs DataRobot

Data Robot

DataRobot — #1 Ellie AI Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, DataRobot is the #1 alternative to Ellie ai.
DataRobot has all the essential and advanced AI data modeling features compared to Ellie AI.
(Unlimited — AI Data Visualization, Marketing Insights, Data Modeling, Integrations, Community) 🔥

1. Data Product Design

Ellie offers a visual tool for businesses to articulate their data needs, facilitating collaboration between business and IT.

DataRobot focuses on generative and predictive AI, allowing users to efficiently design and deploy AI models.

2. Collaboration

Ellie promotes seamless collaboration with powerful AI by visualizing product designs via shared links.

DataRobot provides components like AI Console, AI Registry, and AI Workbench for unified AI landscape and workflow visibility.

3. Data Modeling

Ellie helps users design data products approximately 40% faster, emphasizing reusability.

DataRobot leverages AI for data modeling, boasting one million+ successfully delivered AI projects.

4. Use Cases

Ellie ensures correct fundamentals of data vault & warehousing, data governance & catalogs, data mesh, and data culture.

DataRobot covers various industries, focusing on generative and predictive AI with use cases such as marketing insights and affordable housing.

5. Deployment and Scalability

Ellie is cloud-based, easy to use, and claims to be up and running in just 5 minutes. Drives data culture with an average 6:1 business-to-data user ratio.

DataRobot offers components for the confident scaling of AI, driving business value with unparalleled enterprise monitoring and control.

7. AI Ecosystem and Integrations

Ellie partners integrations with WhereScape, Vaultspeed, Datavault Builder, Open-source code snippets

DataRobot boasts deep ecosystem integrations with various partners, offering the most open AI platform.

8. Real-world Value

Ellie reports a 35% higher rate of data product success.

DataRobot cites statistics like 83% faster deployment, 4.6X return on investment, and 80% lower cost.

Ellie.ai Review

Ellie.ai is a comprehensive platform that simplifies complex data modeling, focusing on key areas such as Data Vault and warehousing, Data Governance and catalogs, Data Mesh, and Data Culture. Here’s a detailed review of Ellie.ai based on its core features:

1. Data Vault & Warehousing

The platform assists in creating a solid blueprint for data warehouses, allowing users to seamlessly export their discoveries into other tools.

Ellie.ai promotes business-focused data modeling, making data more accessible and understandable for users.

The reusability feature enhances efficiency, and the integration with automation tools streamlines workflows.

2. Data Governance & Catalogs

The platform helps identify and define core data entities, create relationship maps, and provide high-level visibility.

By focusing on content over technical details, Ellie.ai ensures that users can comprehend the fundamentals of their company’s data without getting distracted by technical metadata.

The human-friendly data catalogs contribute to a more user-friendly and efficient data governance process, helping companies get the following benefits;

  • Streamlined entity identification and definition.
  • Improved visibility and focus on business content.
  • Human-friendly data catalogs for enhanced user experience.

3. Data Mesh

Ellie.ai aligns well with the emerging Data Mesh paradigm, offering tools to quickly design core business data entities within domains.

The platform enables cross-domain collaboration, centralized glossary creation, and identification of business entities with clear value.

By adopting business-driven data modeling, Ellie.ai supports the creation of technology-agnostic Data Products, contributing to the success of the Data Mesh approach and helping organizations get the following benefits:

  • Fast and efficient design of core business data entities.
  • Facilitates cross-domain collaboration.
  • Supports the creation of technology-agnostic Data Products.

4. Data Culture

Bridging the gap between data and business teams is a common challenge, and Ellie.ai addresses this by promoting data literacy and collaboration.

The platform encourages productive data conversations by providing tools for driving understanding between data and non-data experts.

High-level visual and conceptual data models and a business glossary ensure a common language across the organization, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.


Ellie.ai is a versatile platform simplifies complex data modeling and promotes effective collaboration between IT and business stakeholders.

Its focus on business-driven data modeling, reusability, and integration capabilities positions it as a valuable tool for enterprise data architecture aiming to streamline its data management processes.

The platform’s adaptability to emerging paradigms like Data Mesh and its emphasis on data culture make it a forward-looking solution in the data management landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ellie.ai offers a unique blend of user-friendly Data Product Design, efficient Data Modeling, and seamless collaboration features. Its cloud-based platform accelerates business intelligence efforts, making it accessible and effective for business and data users to make data-driven decisions.
Ellie.ai promotes a data-driven culture by enabling businesses to design approximately 40% faster data products. With a success rate 35% higher than traditional methods, Ellie.ai facilitates collaboration between business and data teams, driving a 6:1 business-to-data user ratio.
Ellie.ai caters to various data product design use cases, including Data Vault and warehousing, Data Governance and catalogs, Data Mesh, and Data Culture. It ensures that the fundamentals of data warehouse design are maintained, rules and policies for data governance are agreed upon, core business data entities are efficiently designed, and data culture is seamlessly incorporated.
Getting started with Ellie.ai is quick and straightforward. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial without additional fees or commitments. The cloud-based platform requires no installations or downloads. Simply fill out the form, schedule a check-up, and receive an email link to your Ellie.ai account to explore its features and benefits.

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