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  • Designhill is an online AI design marketplace to convey your brand identity and helps you visualize your creative visions and ideas without prior design experience.
  • Designhill helps businesses with diverse design categories, including online logo making, web designs, stationery designs, packaging designs, and more.
  • Here's the complete information regarding Designhill Features, a comparison table with alternatives, its pros & cons, a review, and pricing plans. is the ultimate online design marketplace where businesses and users can access top-notch custom designs at unbeatable prices.

It has diverse design categories, including online logo making, web designs, stationary designs, packaging designs, and more.

This innovative platform seamlessly combines the power of crowdsourcing with a creative haven for designers to showcase their artistic brilliance and continually enhance their craft using these tools.

Here are the key features of Designhill, along with its pricing & plans, pros & cons, comparison with its alternatives, and our review of the tool.


Designhill Key Features

Designhill, a leading creative marketplace, offers a range of AI-powered solutions to facilitate AI image generation and logo design. Here’s how Designhill supports users in their creative endeavors:

Features Table

Feature Description
Logo Creator Designhil allows you to create professional and unique logos with a vast library of icons, elements, colors, and fonts.


It helps users generate ideas, customize them according to their preferences, and get the desired logo.

The AI-powered algorithm assists in creating high-quality and impressive logos that align with the brand identity and resonate with the target audience.

Animated Logos In addition to static logos, Designhill offers the option to create animated logos that can add fun and attract attention.


There are eight types of animations to choose from.

Unlimited Logo Ideas The logo generator allows you to generate as many ideas as you want for free.


You can purchase and download the final logo when you find the one you like.

High-Resolution Vector Files Once you finalize your logo design, you can download high-resolution vector files for your branding needs in SVG, EPS, PNG, and JPEG formats.
Print-Ready Designs Designhill’s logo creator provides print-ready files that can be used in digital and printed versions without additional adjustments.
Full Ownership When you download your logo files, you become the sole owner, allowing you the flexibility to use them wherever you want.
Brand Guidelines The downloaded logo has brand guidelines that include font names and color information for ease of use and consistency in your branding efforts.
24/7 Customer Support Designhill offers 24/7 customer support for any queries or assistance you may need regarding your downloaded logo.
Color Variations The logo created using Designhill’s logo creator comes in both colored and transparent backgrounds to give you an idea of how your logo would look like. A black-and-white version is also provided.
100% Customizable The chosen logo can be fully edited using the tool. You can customize its color, font, icon, and other elements to suit your brand’s identity.
Time and Money Savings Designhill’s DIY logo maker is free to use, helping you save time and money.


No graphic design skills are required to create your logo.

Template Library Designhill provides a library of 100+ beautiful logo templates you can start with, saving you time and offering inspiration for your logo design.
AI-Powered Logo Generation The logo creator uses AI technology to generate hundreds of logo designs based on your preferences, ensuring you have a wide range of options.
Font and Color Selection Designhill emphasizes the importance of font and color selection for a logo.


It guides you in choosing the right font and color that aligns with your brand.

Consideration of Logo Types Designhill allows you to make different logotypes, such as letterforms, monograms, mascots, or combination logos, so you can choose the right type for your brand.
Streamlined Process Designhill’s logo creator offers a step-by-step process to create your logo, from entering your brand name to customizing the chosen design and downloading the final logo.
As Featured In Designhill has been featured in renowned publications, including Forbes, TNW, INC, Entrepreneur, and more.

Designhill Pros & Cons


  • Designhill offers various design services beyond logos, allowing users to fulfill various design needs.
  • Designhill’s Logo Maker platform allows users to quickly and affordably generate multiple logo ideas based on their preferences without professional help.
  • Users can collaborate with professional designers on Designhill to create unique and tailored logo designs through custom design services.
  • Designhill offers budget-friendly pricing plans, making professional logo design and other design services accessible and affordable.
  • Designhill delivers high-quality design outputs, ensuring users receive professional and visually appealing designs for their branding needs.
  • Designhill provides 24×7 customer support, a lifetime phone support in its Enterprise plan, ensuring prompt assistance and addressing users’ queries or concerns.


  • Designhill limits the number of revisions that can be made to a design, which may restrict the extent of customization for users.
  • The output of Designhill’s Logo Maker platform heavily relies on the quality of user input, which may affect the final design generated by the tool.
  • Collaborating with professional designers online may lack the personal touch and direct communication of in-person interactions.
  • Participating in design contests on Designhill may lead to many competing entries, potentially making it challenging to stand out.
  • Designhill’s terms may limit the level of ownership users have over the final design, which may have implications for future usage and modifications.

Designhill Pricing & Plans

1. Basic Plan


It includes low-resolution logo files.


It costs a one-time fee of $6.05.

2. Premium Plan


The Premium package allows users to generate high-resolution logo files for their website, social media, print, packaging & branding, Make changes & re-download, Lifetime phone support, Full ownership, Vector EPS and SVG files, and Transparent background (Watermark-free), Black/White versions, Font names & colors, and Print-ready files.


It costs a one-time fee of $18.14.

3. Enterprise Plan (For Large Teams)


You can customize your logo with a professional designer, a High-resolution logo, Lifetime phone support, Full copyright ownership, Vector EPS and SVG files, Transparent background, Black/White versions, Font names & colors, and Print-ready files.


It costs a one-time fee of $44.77.

Designhill Comparison With Its Alternatives

Features Designhill Looka LogoAI
Logo Creation AI-generated proposals based on preferences. AI-powered logo creation with customization options. AI-generated designs based on inputs. AI-powered logo creation with customization options.
Customization Options
It is 100% customizable. Whichever logo you choose is fully editable. The tool can change its color, font, icon, and other elements.
Easy-to-use logo editor with unlimited edits and changes. Customizable logo layouts, fonts, symbols, and colors. Select and customize logo design with unlimited changes.
High-Quality Files Ready-to-use vector files for your final logo in SVG, EPS, PNG, and JPEG formats. Hi-res PNG and JPG files, Vector EPS and SVG files. High-resolution JPG, transparent PNG, PDF, and vector source files. High-resolution logo files, Web-ready files, and Print-ready files.
Ownership Full ownership for commercial and non-commercial use after purchase. Full ownership of the logo for any purpose. Full ownership of the logo for any purpose. Utilize purchased logo files royalty-free for commercial or non-commercial use.
Support 24×7 customer support. Lifetime technical support. N/A Customer support is available.
Price Basic Package: $6.05. Basic Logo Package: $20 (One-Time Purchase). Basic Plan: $29,


Pro Plan: $59,

Brand Plan: $99.

Basic Plan: $29,


Premium Plan: $69,

Enterprise Plan: $109.

Additional Features Print-ready files, Documents with font names and color codes, and Brand guidelines. Business card designs, Social media assets, Logo fonts, and colors. 1,190,795 Logo Ideas & Design Templates. Multiple logo variations, Royalty-free usage, Instant download.
Logo File Formats High-resolution PNG, Vector EPS, SVG. Hi-res PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, PDF. High-resolution JPG, transparent PNG, PDF, vector source files. High-resolution logo files, Web-ready files, and Print-ready files.
Logo Editing Limited post-purchase changes. Unlimited post-purchase changes. Edit logo name, symbol, and more within a specific time. Unlimited logo changes.
User-Friendly Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo Variations Multiple variations with transparent backgrounds and black/white versions Multiple variations, including colored and transparent backgrounds. N/A Multiple logo variations with dark, white, and colored backgrounds.

Designhill Review

Designhill is an exceptional design platform that offers a wide range of features and services for individuals and businesses looking to create professional logos and other design assets.

With its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing plans, and a plethora of design options, Designhill stands out as a top choice in the market.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking a simple logo or an experienced designer looking for collaboration opportunities, Designhill has something to offer everyone.

Designhill Features

Better Than Its Competitors

Designhill stands out for its affordability and budget-friendly pricing plans compared to its alternatives.

The Basic Package is suitable for individuals on a strict budget or beginners looking for a simple logo, while the Platinum Package provides high-resolution logo files and important file formats, making it ideal for professional logos.

Extensive Designer Community

Designhill has a pool of highly talented designers who work with users to bring their AI-generated images to life.

Users can collaborate with designers one-to-one, ensuring that their design work meets their specific requirements and expectations.

This collaboration with skilled designers enhances the quality and creativity of the final product.

Designhill’s AI Marketing Solutions

Designhill offers AI-based marketing solutions to promote products or services and make your brand identity.

Through AI-generated images and tailored content creation, you can enhance your brand’s online presence with effective e-commerce practices, engage its target audience, and drive better SEO results.

These solutions leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create impactful marketing campaigns and elevate the brand’s visibility in the competitive market.

Designing Contests

Designhill is the best for when you want to crowdsource ideas that connect individuals with a community of talented designers.

The AI tool offers a marketplace where you can launch design contests or projects and receive multiple design submissions that convey your brand identity from different designers.

Multiple designers submit entries for you to rate and review before you award a winner.

Logo Maker

Compared to its alternatives, Designhill offers a unique feature called the Logo Maker, a quick and affordable option for logo designs.

The tool helps you generate multiple logo ideas based on their preferences without working with professional designers.

Custom Logo Design

Designhill also provides a Custom Logo Design service where users can collaborate with professional designers to create unique and tailored logo designs, offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee in logo design contests.

With its range of features, affordable pricing plans, and customer support, Designhill provides a compelling option for individuals and businesses looking to create professional logos.

Brand Kit

Designhill offers a simple and convenient process for obtaining a Brand Kit.

When creating a logo with Designhill, you can include a brand kit subscription during checkout.

Alternatively, you can purchase the logo first and add a Brand Kit subscription later, whenever you prefer.


Designhill’s design services come with certain limitations that users should know. These include restrictions on design revisions and customization options.

  • Clear and specific user input is crucial for achieving the desired outcome.
  • Design contests on Designhill can be highly competitive, requiring users to stand out among numerous submissions.
  • Understanding the ownership limitations outlined in Designhill’s terms and conditions is important for future design usage and modifications.

Designhill’s Alternative: 99designs

99designs — #1 Designhill Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, 99design is the #1 alternative to Designhill.
99design has all the essential and advanced AI writing features compared to Designhill.
(Unlimited — Logo Designs, Templates, Support, Community) 🔥

Designhill and 99designs are popular platforms for custom design work, including logo design.

Designhill offers a flexible “Set Your Own Price” option for one-to-one projects, allowing you to negotiate terms with the designer directly.

The price of its basic package is $249, while that of 99designs stands at $299.

Both of them provide 24/7 customer support, a large pool of expert designers to choose from, and a budget-friendly approach.

However, 99designs focuses on design contests where you set a fixed price and receive multiple design submissions.

It offers different pricing tiers with varying numbers of designs and additional features like dedicated account managers.

99designs provides a broader range of designers and a structured contest format.

In summary, Designhill offers more flexibility and a versatile design solution, while 99designs provides a broader range of designers and more design submissions per contest.

Consider your specific needs, budget, and desired level of control to determine which platform aligns better with your requirements.


AI image generation transforms how businesses and individuals create new and unique content.

With the help of AI image generators and tools like Designhill’s AI Logo Maker, users can unlock their creative potential, generate high-quality artificial images, and establish a strong brand identity.

The accessibility, ease of use, and creative possibilities offered by AI image generation make it a valuable resource for designers, business owners, and content creators looking to make a visual impact in today’s digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Designhill Affiliate Program presents a chance for marketers and affiliates to collaborate with the leading creative platform in the world and generate income.
Designhill Studio is an online free DIY Graphic Design tool.
Designhill's digital logo maker is the perfect tool for budget-conscious people who want a professional logo for their business. This free DIY tool is a quick and affordable alternative to getting your business logo.
To start on Designhill as a designer, follow these simple steps: a) Sign up and register on Designhill's platform. b) Build your profile and showcase your portfolio, highlighting your past work and expertise. c) Explore Designhill's range of services and choose the ones that best suit your preferences. Whether you prefer participating in design contests, getting hired for one-to-one projects, or selling custom design services. Designhill offers various avenues to showcase your skills and grow your design business.
With our logo maker tool, you can create and customize your logo without cost. No charges are associated with using the tool, and all templates, icons, and shapes are accessible for free to every user. Once content with your logo design, you can select the package that best aligns with your requirements and preferences.

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