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At a Glance

  • Anyword AI is a robust performance writing platform tailored for marketing teams, providing advanced tools like Copy Intelligence, brand voice management, and customizable AI models to enhance content creation and optimize messaging across various channels.
  • It empowers users with predictive performance scores, analytics, and a seamless Google Chrome extension for real-time content improvement.
  • Anyword offers a free trial, allowing users to explore its capabilities and benefit from its features, making it a great tool for creating impactful and conversion-driven copy.

Anyword AI is an advanced AI writing assistant designed to revolutionize the field of marketing copywriting by simplifying content creation, enhancing marketing performance, and ultimately boosting conversion rates.

It uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning technologies to assist marketing teams in creating high-performing, engaging, and on-brand content across various channels.

Read on to learn more about Anyword AI’s key features, pricing plans, pros & cons, comparison with alternatives and review to make an informed decision for your copywriting needs.


Anyword AI Key Features

Technical Feature Description
Predictive Performance Scoring Utilizes predictive algorithms to score and optimize content for ad copies, social media posts, website copy, and emails.
Target Audience Definition Smart feature defining detailed personas, including pain points, for precise communication across all marketing channels.
Copy Format Optimization Provides optimized copy formats for various channels such as Google, Meta & LinkedIn Ads, email, social media, landing pages, etc.
Blog Post Generation with SEO Helps you generate accurate, plagiarism-free blog posts with a focus on SEO optimization. Scores headlines for increased engagement and success.
Copy Intelligence Platform Includes Ad Intelligence, Website Intelligence, and Custom Copy Scoring AI for improving ad and website performance through data-driven insights.
Marketing Intelligence Analytics Anyword offers detailed performance analytics across Google, Meta, LinkedIn ads, email, website, and social media. Ensures consistent messaging alignment for better results.
Website Messaging Personalization Enables hyper-personalization of website messaging at scale, resulting in a 30% average increase in conversion rates with high-performing copy.
Performance Boost AI Chrome Extension Extends Anyword’s capabilities to various creation platforms and transforms ChatGPT into a powerful marketing tool.
Enterprise-Grade Compliance and Security Upholds SOC 2 and ISO regulations for data security. Provides seamless sign-in, secure team administration, and consistent reliability with 99.9% uptime.
AI Writer for SEO Content Empowers SEO experts and marketers to create SEO-optimized content at scale. Trained on billions of real marketing data points for accuracy and effectiveness.
Advanced Text Suggestions Anyword generates multiple text variations for engaging and converting content. Includes features like text personalization, keyword library, predictive performance score, and custom keywords.
Compatibility with Different Use Cases Suited for marketplaces, agencies, and marketing vendors. Enhances accessibility, creative team empowerment, and streamlined workflows. Adds value to products with AI-powered content creation.

Anyword Pricing Plans

Anyword Pricing

1. Starter Plan

It includes one seat, 100+ marketing templates, unlimited copy generation, predictive performance scores & analytics, a blog wizard with a plagiarism checker, train AI on your brand voice, high-performing talking points, and using Anyword on ChatGPT, Google Docs, Notion & more with Google Chrome extension.


It costs $39/month (Billed Yearly).

2. Data-Driven Plan

It includes everything in the Starter Plan plus; 3 seats, unlimited 1-Click Boost Performance & Content Improver.


It costs $79/month (Billed Yearly).

3. Business Plan

It includes everything in Data-Driven, plus: connect your marketing channels with unlimited rows (copy assets), unlimited access to Copy Intelligence with past performance copy analytics, rank your generated content against your existing content, automated website messaging A/B testing, extended brand voice capabilities, and an onboarding & account setup.


It costs $349/month (Billed Yearly).

4. Enterprise Plan

It includes everything in Business, plus: enterprise-grade security & SSO, private language model, custom marketing channel integrations, custom-built AI models, full API access, Admin & role management, security & legal review, unlimited workspaces, priority support, and dedicated customer success manager.


Custom pricing.

Anyword Pros & Cons


  • Efficient copy creation, saving time in content development
  • Effective for crafting blog posts, landing pages, and social media captions
  • User-friendly and intuitive, aiding in various writing tasks
  • Seamless integration with spell checkers
  • Impressive and natural content output, enhancing creativity


  • Limitations on word count may hinder extensive content generation.
  • The short duration of the free trial may limit exploration for potential users.
  • Occasional generation of inaccurate or inappropriate information requires manual correction.

Anyword Comparison With Alternatives

Feature Copy ai Simplified Copysmith TextCortex AI Anyword AI
AI Content Generation AI for various content needs, incl. articles, social media, product descriptions, etc. No-code app for designing, writing, and creating marketing copy with AI. Empowers content creation and marketing Tailor AI to unique style and needs for content creation, communication, and collaboration. AI Performance Writing solution for marketing teams. Analyzes and generates content based on brand, audience, and performance data.
Long-Form Articles Create SEO-friendly blog posts efficiently. Generate blogs, articles, and books quickly with AI. Write better long-form SEO content quickly with Copysmith. Personalized AI for efficient writing on various platforms, reducing creative block. Custom Scoring AI models trained on brand and performance data to improve long-form content.
Social Media Content Craft engaging social media posts. Simplify social media management and content creation. Save time creating and launching content in any browser. Powerful tool for unique communication style, offering immediate execution of ideas on 20,000+ platforms. Copy Intelligence platform for analyzing and creating social media content based on historical performance.
Product Descriptions Efficiently generate product descriptions and enhance SEO. Generate copy for product descriptions, ads, and more. WooCommerce integration for SEO-optimized descriptions. Build AI based on input, knowledge, and style for tailored product descriptions and marketing texts. Manage brand messaging, tone of voice, and target audiences in one place for consistent product descriptions.
Content Briefs Utilize content briefs for efficient content creation. Collaborative content generation with real-time scheduling. Generate hundreds of descriptions with a few keywords. Create a 100% personalized AI based on input, knowledge, and style for unique content generation. Copy Intelligence for analyzing and generating content based on briefs and historical data.
Ad Copy Craft persuasive ad copy for conversions and engagement. Write instant marketing copy, including ads. AI bulk generation for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more. Rework content with AI, featuring a customizable AI assistant for tailored marketing content. Performance Writing with content scoring, ensuring only high-performing variations are served.
Sales Copy Create effective sales copy for increased conversions. Suitable for improving and rewriting sales copy. Build and launch cohesive campaigns in record time. Combine reworking potency with AI generation capabilities for enhanced sales copy. Performance-based AI models trained on brand data for improved sales copy.
Workflow Automation Use AI to automate tasks for efficient results at scale. Collaborative team features for efficient content generation. Campaign builder for faster marketing content creation. AI algorithms trained for content creation, supporting marketers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and copywriters. Boost performance and improve copy across channels with Custom Scoring AI models.

Anyword Vs. TextCortext AI

TextCortex AI — #1 Anyword Alternative 🆚

Let’s cut to the chase, TextCortex AI is the #1 alternative to Anyword ai.
TextCortex AI has all the essential and advanced AI writing features compared to Anyword AI.
(Unlimited — AI Writing, Updates, Cross-Language Capabilities, Workflow, Community) 🔥


The best Anyword alternative in the AI marketing content field is TextCortext AI. In this comparison, we will evaluate them to enable you to make an informed decision between the two.

1. Target Audience

TextCortex AI appeals to a diverse user base, including marketers, SMEs, corporate teams, freelancers, academics, and individuals with ADHD & dyslexia.

Anyword AI is specifically tailored for marketing teams needing AI-driven performance writing solutions.

2. User Interface and Accessibility

TextCortex AI features a user-friendly interface accessible on over 30,000 platforms, including desktop, mobile, and browser extensions.

Anyword AI emphasizes ease of use with an intuitive interface, catering to marketers for efficient content creation and analysis.

3. Key Features

TextCortex AI personal Intelligence, Integrated Everywhere, Grammar & Spelling correction, Sentence Rewriting, Idea Expansion, and Cross-Language Capabilities.

Anyword AI copy Intelligence, Brand Voice Management, Custom AI Models, Performance Writing, Google Extension.

4. Content Analysis and Customization

TextCortex AI enables users to overcome creative blocks, reduce writing time, and offers a customizable, cross-device platform for various writing and research needs.

Anyword AI focuses on analyzing and optimizing marketing content, providing tools for discovering effective messaging, managing brand voice, and customizing AI models.

5. Integration and Compatibility

TextCortex AI can be integrated across various platforms, making it versatile for users working on different applications.

Anyword AI is designed to seamlessly integrate with popular platforms such as Google Docs, ChatGPT, Notion, and more, providing marketing teams flexibility in content creation.

6. Performance Metrics

TextCortex AI emphasizes saving time and enhancing creativity, with users noting improvements in writing effectiveness.

Anyword AI showcases success in marketing metrics, with reported increases in clicks, conversions, and overall business results.

7. Pricing Models

Textcortex Pricing

TextCortex AI Pricing Plans

FREE Plan: With $0/month, this plan provides basic features, making it an accessible option for anyone exploring AI writing tools without financial commitment.

LITE Plan: At $23.99/month, this plan caters to moderate creators, offering a balance of features and affordability, suitable for students and copywriters with regular content requirements.

UNLIMITED Plan: Priced at $83.99/month, this plan is tailored for power users seeking limitless access to features, making it ideal for marketers and content writers with extensive needs.

Anyword AI Pricing Plans

Starter Plan: At $39/month (billed yearly), this plan targets solo marketers and freelancers, providing essential features and templates, making it an affordable entry point.

Data-Driven Plan: Priced at $79/month (billed yearly), this plan is designed for marketing teams, offering enhanced features for content improvement and performance analysis.

Business Plan: Starting from $349/month (billed yearly), this plan is focused on delivering better performance across channels, making it suitable for larger marketing teams with advanced needs.

Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing caters to teams with specific requirements, offering a comprehensive suite of features, making it suitable for large enterprises seeking tailored AI solutions.

8. Overall Impression

TextCortex AI is a versatile tool catering to a broad user spectrum, focusing on personalization, creativity, and time efficiency.

Anyword AI is a specialized solution honed for marketing teams, concentrating on improving content performance and brand consistency.

Anyword Review

Anyword AI emerges as a revolutionary AI writing tool meticulously built to help you scale on-brand content that brings business results.

It is an excellent AI copywriting software that helps marketers generate content in one place with the help of artificial intelligence.

This comprehensive review delves into the intricate features that make Anyword a powerhouse in data-driven content creation, performance optimization, and integration within diverse marketing workflows.

1. Data-Driven Editor

Anyword’s Data-Driven Editor is at the forefront, harnessing the potential of predictive performance scoring across ads, social media, website copy, and emails. It stands out for instantly creating content fortified by performance scores, demographic insights, and alignment with brand guidelines.

2. Target Audience Feature

The platform showcases remarkable intelligence through its Target Audience Feature, precisely defining personas down to pain points. This feature ensures nuanced communication with tailored language across all marketing channels.

3. Copy Optimization for Every Channel

Anyword streamlines the content creation process by saving time with optimized marketing copy with the help of AI models for various platforms such as Google, Meta, LinkedIn Ads, email, social media, and landing page copies. Its arsenal includes 85+ data-driven methods for writing copy that converts.

4. Blog Wizard

Its Blog Wizard generates accurate, plagiarism-free, long-form blog posts with a strong emphasis on SEO optimization.

The scored headlines feature adds a layer of sophistication, facilitating engaging content creation.

5. Copy Intelligence Platform

Its Copy Intelligence Platform encompasses Ad Intelligence, Website Intelligence, and Custom Copy Scoring AI.

It enhances ad performance, analyzes website content through predictive scores, and allows companies to train models based on their specific data for superior performance.

6. Marketing Intelligence Across All Channels

Anyword is committed to providing comprehensive analytics across various channels, including Google, Meta, LinkedIn ads, email, website, and social media.

It ensures compelling copy with consistent messaging alignment, a crucial aspect of a cohesive and impactful marketing strategy.

7. Personalization of Website Messaging

A key differentiator, Anyword’s AI platform enables hyper-personalization of website messaging at scale.

This functionality, coupled with high-performing copy, results in a significant average increase of 30% in conversion rates.

8. Performance Boost AI Chrome Extension

Taking its capabilities beyond the native environment, the Chrome Extension seamlessly integrates brand, audience, and performance data into various creation platforms.

9. Enterprise-Grade Compliance and Security

Anyword upholds the highest data security standards, complying with SOC 2 and ISO regulations.

It provides a simple sign-in experience and secure team administration and boasts an impressive 99.9% uptime, ensuring consistent reliability.

10. Impactful Use Cases

Anyword provides a myriad of marketing needs through specialized tools such as the Blog Post Generator, Amazon Product Description Generator, Email Copy Generator, Landing Page Tool, Product Description Generator, Ad Copy Generator like Facebook ads, AI Writer Tool, Sentence Rewriter, Free Social Post Generator, Meta Description Generator, Instagram Caption Generator, Facebook Post Generator, Paraphrasing Tool, Paragraph Generator, and LinkedIn Post Generator.

Performance Impact of Anyword AI

Anyword AI greatly improves the sales teams’ performance in any business by simplifying copywriting and marketing. Here’s how it does it:

1. Improved Conversion Rates

Users witness an average 30% increase in conversion rates across major platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Native Ads.

The copywriter emphasizes that better copy contributes to a substantial 15-30% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) boost.

2. A/B Testing Efficiency

Anyword streamlines A/B testing by identifying the top 5 ad copy variations before going live.

Predictive performance scores, informed by millions of successful ads, enhance the efficiency of testing procedures.

3. On-Brand Content Creation

Anyword instantly generates on-brand, plagiarism-free content for ads, blog posts, emails, and landing pages.

It ensures compliance and channel safety before content goes live.

4. Website Conversion Boost

Predictive performance scores empower marketers to create optimized messages aligned with visitor intent, resulting in a significant 30% increase in website conversions.

Simultaneous testing of multiple messaging variations maintains site speed.

5. Ultimate AI Writer

Anyword empowers content marketers to create highly targeted content writing at scale.

Trained on millions of top-performing content assets, the AI ensures original and effective content creation.

6. Data-Driven Social Posts

The platform creates social media posts with 20% more reach and engagement.

Customization of messaging to specific audience personas enhances the effectiveness of social media marketing.

7. Authentic Blog Content

Anyword’s Blog Wizard generates authentic and SEO-optimized blogs that sound human-written.

The tool’s ability to summarize existing web pages ensures original and plagiarism-free content creation.

8. Content Creation at Scale

The platform excels in generating optimized, plagiarism-free content for various channels, including ads, landing pages, SEO blogs, emails, and more.

The provision of templates and ideas ensures customization for specific audiences.

9. Anyword Enterprise

Tailored for enterprise-grade performance, Anyword’s enterprise features, including Copy Intelligence, Website Intelligence, Custom Copy Scoring AI, Brand Voice, and Target Audiences, have earned the trust of leading companies globally.

10. AI Writer for SEO

Specifically catering to SEO experts and marketers, Anyword’s AI Writer for SEO empowers the creation of SEO-optimized content at scale. The training on billions of real marketing data points ensures accuracy and effectiveness.


Anyword is an AI writing solution trusted by marketing teams and an exceptional AI copywriting tool.

This innovative AI tool crafts engaging social media content and various marketing copies.

As an AI copywriting software, Anyword can help you create copy that resonates with your audience, making it a valuable resource for marketers and content creators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anyword is an AI writer that generates high-quality content and copy of all kinds, including long-form articles, blog posts, ad copy, social media posts, and so much more.
Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial with a limit of 2,500 words. You can sign up for a free trial to experience the power of our Gen AI Performance Writing and then decide which plan is right for you.
Anyword is an AI writing tool that helps marketers better target their messages to the right audience. It writes and evaluates copy for landing pages, email subject lines, social media posts, etc. The platform's data-driven authoring tools help you to create top-notch content for various platforms and formats.

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