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“Mario, the most famous character in the world’s largest entertainment business, is as colorful as he is because of the challenges of eight-bit technology: to compensate for poor pixilation definition, designer Shigeru Miyamoto gave the character a large nose to emphasize his humanity, a mustache to obviate the need for a mouth and facial expressions, overalls to make it easier to see his arms in relation to his body, and a cap to free him from the problems of animating hair; the most recognizable character in video game history was born of technical constraints.”

“In other words, we must all be prepared to answer to Uber’s children.”

“a constraint should be regarded as a stimulus for positive change—we can choose to use it as an impetus to explore something new and arrive at a breakthrough.”

“As Arianna Huffington has put it: “A world of too much data, too many choices, too many possibilities and too little time is forcing us to decide what we value.”2”

“When ambition is exponentially greater than resource, said Prahalad, that’s when real innovation happens.”

“For engineers, designers and other creative problem-solvers, a formal definition of the constraints within which they must work is essential to channel energies and expand creativity.”

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