9 Books Inspired by Storyworthy for Effective Communication

Storyworthy Review

Stories are the foundations of the entire world. Telling a story is about narrating a series of remarkable events and is one of the most underrated forms of art. Anyone who can narrate stories forcefully possesses a superpower that is always in short supply. Ideas come and fade out and transform over time, but stories stay forever.

All great prophets and leaders in different fields possess this superpower of storytelling. But, according to Matthew Dicks even an expert storyteller sometimes struggles to find ideas to tell the story. We tell stories that inspire us for most of our lives, whether a job interview, a presentation, or a talk with our partner.

We have listed down 9 similar books like “Storyworthy” that will hone your effective and simple communication skills.

1. The Power of Story:

The Power Of Story explores the role of storytelling in communication, culture, and personal development. The author Timothy D. Wilson discusses how stories can influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. He offers strategies for using storytelling to communicate effectively and improve our lives.


  • Understanding the power of stories in shaping our perceptions and behaviours is important.
  • The role of telling a story is to build relationships and create meaning.
  • How we can use storytelling to motivate and inspire ourselves and others.

2. Data Story By Nancy Durate:

The groundbreaking book Data Story uses data and storytelling to communicate information and inspire action. It involves presenting data in a clear, concise, and compelling way. By using visualizations and other techniques to help the audience understand and remember the key points.


  • Taking complex or overwhelming data and showing it as a story is easy to understand and resonates with the audience.
  • This can be done through narrative, characters, and plot, as well as through clear and effective visualizations.
  • A data store should be structured to guide the audience through the key points and helps them to see the relevance and importance of the data.
  • A DataStory should also be designed to inspire action, whether that action is to make a decision, take a specific course of action, or understand and remember the key points.
  • It is a powerful tool for communicating data and inspiring action and can be used in various contexts.

3. The Art and Business of Online Writing:

Nicolas Cole is one of the most viral columnists on the internet. After accomplishing his career as an online writer, he built a multi-million dollar ghostwriting company, publishing thousands of articles on the internet. In addition, the first-ever book on the subject of online writing was published in the year 2020.


  • Use interesting headlines and captivating introductions to grab readers’ attention.
  • Use formatting techniques like bullet points, subheadings, and short paragraphs to make the content easier to read and scan.
  • Write in a clear, concise, and compelling style that captivates readers.
  • Use storytelling elements like characters, plot, and conflict to make the content more interesting.
  • Use images, videos, and multimedia to add visual interest and break up the text.
  • Optimize the content for search engines to increase visibility and reach.
  • Promote the content through social media and other channels to drive traffic and engagement.

4. The Art of Storytelling:

John Welsh discusses the art of storytelling and its importance in various settings. It also includes parenting and professional fields. The book covers various topics related to the ancient history of stories. The role of storytelling in communication, how to structure a good story, and how to use a story as a tool for teaching and engaging others. It is aimed at parents and professionals who want to improve their storytelling skills. So we can use them effectively in their personal or professional roles in offices. Whether you are a businessman, professional, or student, this book will benefit you.


The important takeaways from the book are:

  • It includes practical methods for building dynamic tension and capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention.
  • You would learn expressive language, craft compelling characters, and refine your narrator’s point of view and your story’s plot structure.
  • It includes interactive activities and side coaching sessions, so you can tell your story naturally and make smart alterations.

5. Turn Words Into Wealth By Aurora Winter

This revolutionary book talks about how to market yourself and cultivate success. It is an insightful book about the importance of messaging. The book aims to help you turn your words into a powerful tool for making a successful enterprise, brand, and book while positively impacting the world. This eye-opening read reveals how powerful storytelling can lead to success, whether that success looks like publishing a book or effective modelling leadership.


The book provides a step-by-step guide for turning your words and ideas into multiple streams of income and impact. The book covers a range of topics related to creating a successful business, including:
  • Developing a clear vision and mission for your business
  • Identifying your target audience and market
  • Crafting a strong brand identity and message
  • Creating and publishing content (such as blog posts, articles, and books) to reach and capture your audience
  • Monetizing your platform through various income streams, such as consulting, coaching, speaking, and product sales
  • Using your platform and influence to make a positive impact in the world

6. Stories That Stick:

The well-known authors, Kindra hall and Smith argue that storytelling is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations that are often forgotten. It helps to connect them with their audience and achieve their goals. They offer a framework for their stories and provide examples of how businesses have successfully used storytelling to attract customers and drive results. The book covers the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in storytelling. It also talks about how to use it to create a lasting desire in the audience. The authors argue that storytelling is valuable for businesses looking to communicate effectively with and connect with their audience.


Kindra Hall gives the four unique stories we can use to differentiate, captivate, and elevate:

  1. First, the value story is to convince customers they need what you provide.
  2. The founder’s story persuades investors and customers that your organization is worth the investment.
  3. Finally, the purpose story aligns and inspires employees and internal customers.
  4. Finally, the customer story allows those who use your product or service to share their authentic experiences with others.

7. Storytelling with You:

The book makes you be heard, controls minds, and gets people to act. Whether you are presenting in a meeting or delivering a keynote on a stage, you play a critical role in sharing information. 

The book guides effectively planning, creating, and delivering a compelling presentation using storytelling techniques. The book covers the importance of storytelling in exhibitions, the elements of a good story, and how to structure a presentation to effectively control and persuade an audience. It also covers practical tips for delivering a presentation, including using visual aids and interacting with the audience. The book aims to help readers create and deliver informative but also engaging and memorable presentations.

8. Unleash the Power of Storytelling:

The bestselling book Unleash the power of storytelling takes a fun, no-nonsense approach. It will teach you the hard science behind why stories work. The role of emotion in fueling an inspiring story, how to cut clutter, how and where to find great stories. It is an inspiring book that teaches readers how to use the power of storytelling to persuade and influence others. The book explains that storytelling is a powerful tool that can be used to connect with others, communicate ideas, and inspire something new.


The key takeaways in the book are:

  • You can tell personal stories, case studies, and myths.
  • It talks about how you can craft and deliver effective reports.
  • Storytelling allows you to build trust, foster collaboration, and create a shared vision.
  • Finally, you can communicate complex ideas in an interesting, easy way to understand.

9. How Highly Effective People Speak:

The author discusses how highly effective people use psychology and communication techniques to influence others and achieve their goals. The book highlights the importance of understanding psychology and using effective communication techniques to influence and persuade others effectively.


Some key points from the book include:
  • Highly effective people understand the power of body language and use it to convey confidence and credibility.
  • They use storytelling to captivate and persuade their audience by using personal anecdotes or examples to illustrate their points.
  • Influential speakers use rhetorical devices such as repetition, rhetorical questions, and emotional appeals to persuade their audience.
  • They pay attention to their tone, pacing, and volume to effectively convey their message and grip their audience.

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