6 Must-Read Books Like Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist Review

“Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon is a must-read for artists seeking inspiration and guidance in the digital age. This New York Times bestselling book is a valuable resource for unlocking creativity and turning it into a productive and fulfilling pursuit. In addition to being short, to the point, and filled with diagrams, Kleon provides practical advice on the creative process and promoting art through online marketing.

This book, along with other engaging nonfiction works listed in this article, will educate and help artists overcome obstacles to reach their full potential.

1. The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity

The book was first published in 1992 by an American author Julia Cameron. It is a self-help book that teaches techniques and exercises which guide us to unlock creativity. The book’s theme is a correlation between artistic creativity and a spiritual relationship with God. According to Cameron, by setting out on our creative pursuits, we also choose the path that leads to the higher realm of spirituality.

The best thing about the book is a 12-week artistic, creative recovery program of workshops. The readers can apply these principles in removing obstacles to unearth their inner best artists and explore their spirituality by leading a fulfilling life.

2. The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield:

This book explains and reveals the perils of inner paralysis, inertia, and pitfalls of procrastination that creative people face. It aims at the identification and self-awareness to recognize evil forces that repel us every day from focusing and completing our creative works and helps us to live our unlived lives.

The writer clarifies that the greatest mind demon has prevented countless people from living their desired, accomplished lives, which is resistance. Numerous unfinished works of art, abandoned health and fitness regimens, incomplete books, and unfulfilled dreams are dead in front of this most treacherous and evil demon, “Resistance.” The book offers valuable advice to keep going by beating resistance every day.

3. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert:

Gilbert helps us to act on our creative impulse that inspires everyone. She offers the idea of harnessing the “Big Magic,” a mystical and spiritual force of creativity that brings us joy and purpose. The book expresses a unique glimpse of creative thinking and elaborates on how to work effectively with “Creative Sorcery.” A breakthrough book that helps us discover the Big Magic essential to tap the inspiration and motivation to reach our full potential by keeping our creative momentum over the long term.

4. On Writing By Stephen King:

Stephen King shares his journey of struggle as a writer before he earned international recognition. The book offers tips for writing good fiction by honing your writing skills to effectively create a story and characters. The book is an inspirational memoir and practical advice by the bestselling author of all times. On Writing is a must-read for every aspiring writer to learn the craft of writing and how to succeed by promoting your work in the writing business in the best way.

5. The Bullet Journal Method By Rider Carroll:

If you think your life is a mess and you are tired of struggling to maintain focus, Rider Carroll’s Bullet Journal Method is your salvation. The author improved his organizational techniques and presented the method of keeping a journal to record his achievements. The journal is a single notebook system to structure life, set goals, and clarify what is important to us. It is a tried and tested method that helps the writer overcome his shortcomings and gain excellence.

6. On Writing Well by William Zinsser:

With more than a million copies sold, On Writing Well offers sound advice with clarity on writing non-fiction. This book is for everybody who wants to learn the art of writing in the age of e-mail and the internet. Zinsser offers fundamental principles about people or places, science and technology, business, sports, and the arts. Whether you want to know the art of everyday writing in offices or about yourself in the increasingly popular memoir genre, the book outlines the wisdom behind effective writing.

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